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March 09, 2007

Shocking Shockingness, Illustrated!

I could not pass up the opportunity to augment Promising Ingenue's post about Judi Evans' return to Days as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis with the following photo:

That is the doofiest Wally Kurth ever has or ever could look.  The poor dear.  And Judi looks like his middle school teacher, taking advantage of the slightly slow boy with dimples. Anyway, yay for the return of Adrienne!  Let's hope she doesn't bring her old hair or wardrobe back to Salem.  Poor Judi Evans has been through enough of bad coifs and ensembles lately, with the unfortunate Bonnie years.  I think it also goes without saying that if Adrienne is accompanied by a talking dog, or not by four adorable Kiriakis kids, there is going to be hell to pay.


I am excited too! I am wondering how she will do given it's been so long since she has played Adrienne! Her last role before this was Paulina (AW) right which was definitely a different character.

Oh, so looking forward to Steve/Adrienne scenes!

*SQUEEE* I had no idea she was coming back as Adrienne. I dont really watch DAYS anymore but I will tune back in for this.

i am so, so very excited about this. best news for days since shelle got stranded and are OFF MY SET!

I too am looking forward to the return of the Johnson kids. In the meantime, this photo - stupidity and all - and Ned's momentary reappearance on GH have me remembering how much I liked, and missed, Wally's dimples.

Yeah , she's been playing the bad girl for so long now, it will be interesting to see how she handles the return to the blubbering, super sweet heroine role!

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