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March 07, 2007

Shocking Shockingness!

I'll start off with the most IMPORTANT AND GROUNDBREAKING piece of news in soap opera history: Liz is apparently pregnant with Jason's baby on General Hospital. I KNOW! Shocking, isn't it? I wish they'd mention it more on the show...

In other shocking soap news, look for Judi Evans to make her triumphant return to Days of Our Lives as the character she used to play who didn't make me want to bash my head against a brick wall. Hurray and hurrah! I love the Johnson family, and the thought of all three of them on the show together again is enough to make me giddy.

Another Days cast member recently handed her walking papers is headed back to soaps, but this time it's The Young and the Restless to recast the unrecastable Victoria Rowell:

Hot on the heels on fan favorite Victoria Rowell (Drucilla, Young And The Restless) announcing that she is leaving the show, comes rumors that Renee Jones (ex-Lexie, Days Of Our Lives) has been picked to replace her in the role of Drucilla.

That's just weird. I hope it's just a rumor, because, again, nobody can play Dru and also, Renee Jones? For real? I just can't imagine her playing anything but the world's most incompetent doctor and the show's second most pornographic actress.

- Promising Ingénue


Yay for the Adrienne Johnson return!!!
Any news on Wally Kurth returning as Justin?

Yay, Steve can interact with his family! And I didn't hate Judi Evans as Adrienne, so this could be good. I love Wally Kurth, but I think maybe they should re-cast Justin. Wally and Judi were never an especially hot couple, and I think they would be even more mismatched now. She needs someone older, I think, which I know is weird since she's younger than he is.

I wonder whether this means they're finally going to bring some new kids onto the canvas? The four Kiriakis kids could be fun.

I didn't hate Bonnie, and actually loved Mimi, until they screwed her up... though I often wondered why they couldn't get a speech therapist in there to help with the marble mouthed thing she had going on.

Hopefully Jo and Vern will show up too (though some of my earliest Jo and Days memories involve the late, great, and frankly irreplaceable Joy Garrett),
and maybe Adrienne can get together with Roman (yawn) or start a weird love triangle with Abe and Celeste. That could be fun...

Seriously though, why hate on Liz and the baby. They haven't done anything with her for years, and maybe she'll be the impetus to get Jason away from the Sonny/Carly snooze fest and into some full blown Quartermaine action. Getting Jason back with the Qs has so many possibilities for Tracy and Edward and Monica...

Wait. This is General Hospital. They'll screw it up somehow.

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