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March 21, 2007

Somebody Hold Me, or Shoot Me in the Head . . .

. . . because today, during his conversation with Alexis, I enjoyed Sonny.  Sonny.  It must be the power of Nancy Lee Grahn.  Or that head scarf.  There are no other rational explanations.

Carly, on the other hand...man, that is one unlikeable woman.  Where did her few remaining appealing personality traits go?  There is zero nuance left with her.  The BS of sleeping with Jax to even the playing field with Sonny so that Jax can move on?  Buh?  She doesn't want to get caught in a "vicious cycle" with Jax?  Why, because she prefers the dizziness from the one she's in with Sonny?  Though if this finally puts an end to Jax giving this wench the puppy dog eyes, I will throw a party.  Only hot Australian guys with codependency issues welcome!  Though his "I wish I knew how to quit you"-esque speech today doesn't bode too well for my party plans.

The day's most awesome dialogue?  Luke to Tracy:  "Having another heart-to-heart with the furniture, Spanky?"  God bless Tony Geary, Jane Elliott, and Stuart Damon for making the most out of this horrific Spirit of Alan in Sneakers and a Sweatsuit nonsense.

Finally, and obviously most importantly, I hate to harp on this (no I don't) but either Steve Burton needs to see a barber, or Jason needs to get shot in the head (can that happen if you're not giving birth to Sonny's child?) and spend some time in those omnipresent soap opera head bandages, because his hair is giving me PTSD.

- Evil But Twinless


No matter how hard I try, Carly remains unlikeable... I've given up. BTW, who takes a potential "client" to Jake's for pool and beer?

I thought the best line of the show was when Tracy said to Alan "WHAT are you wearing... and WHAT is with those sneakers?" Ever since this sl started... I have been asking myself that very question lmao!

Yes, yes, Alan's tracksuit, Jason's hair, Monica's face, the Quartermaine's are falling down all over the place in the hair/make-up/wardrobe department.

And as for Carly, never liked her, never will. Sometimes have loved to hate her - which is a positive - but never actually liked her and this was a spectacularly bad episode in that regard.

i don't think you can get shot in the head unless sonny is firing the gun. carly, now lorenzo. anyone else we know have bullet fragments in their skulls lately? i am all for jason getting a haircut, carly shutting up, and sonny only being allowed to appear on camera with alexis in a leticia-esque walk on role in the capacity of her eldest daughter's father.

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