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March 26, 2007

What Just Happened?! Revisited

Okay, so the fight that Robin picked with Patrick on Friday's episode was not the result of some behind-the-scenes threat by Craig on Robin and her loved ones.  It was just Robin being INSANE and making no sense whatsoever, breaking up with Patrick for reasons that up until that point she'd made no mention of. (Yeah, I know she said she didn't want to break up - in spite of the whole being doomed, hating each other thing - but let's face it, that was a break up.) I do slightly enjoy watching Patrick hotly sulk, but that's only going to fun for so long. Well, that's a lie - I think I could watch him hotly sulk - or hotly anything, really - for the entirety of every episode for the indefinite future, but let's pretend for the sake of argument that that would get old. They better give him something interesting to do, soon, and start him and Robin down the road to reconciliation. In case they don't, we are preparing our stilettos and drawing up a list of shins as we speak.


Continuing the What Just Happened?! theme, did Jason apologize to A.J.['s crypt] today? Did he admit that Carly stole A.J.'s child, that that was unfair, and that he shouldn't have interfered to keep Michael from A.J.?! (Now, there is much to be said about creepy Michael and the benefits of not actually being involved in his life, and also about how many kudos you should get for apologizing for possibly unforgivable shenanigans a couple of years after your brother died, but I'm in a generous mood.) You guys, this is serious, I really am starting to like Jason again. And this is with the current hair. We are in serious trouble if Steve Burton gets a haircut. I could be all "Jason hotly gave Sam a handkerchief to dry her tears and hotly told her he's fine if they don't have kids, then hotly took a call on his cell from Sonny so he hotly left the penthouse and hotly shot someone in the head for money."


Once again, on the What Just Happened?! tip, Carly's hair. Carly and Sonny hooking up again...whatever. I could not possibly care less. But her hair. Were those, I can hardly type this, bows of hair?  Knots of hair?  What was going on there?


Finally, on another topic, you know this storyline with Sonny the mobster hand-picking a candidate to send to the police academy so that he can have someone undercover in the department?  Someone who seems likely to one day betray him?  That would make a great movie! Especially if it had a fantastic script, a stellar cast, and a high-profile director known for telling intricate and compelling mob stories.  If only someone in the movie business had thought of it before the geniuses at General Hospital.  Now it would just seem like an opportunistic rip-off by creatively bankrupt hacks that would pale by comparison.

Screencap courtesy of Clarissa.

- Evil  But Twinless


If my beloved Leo had to collide in some way with Sonny Corinthos, for whatever reason, why couldn't it be in a GH ripoff of Titanic, with a similarly deadly outcome?!

If you start describing everything Jason does with the hot qualifier, I might need to cut off your alcohol supply. Fair warning!

Take heart,as far as I'm concerned it's not real growth when you recognize that realize you hurt someone because someone else is now doing the exact same thing to you. It's typical Borg behavior from Jason. Not true emotional maturity. And this is from someone who has always thought Steven Burton was hot--even when Jason was and at his assiest. If you need more, just remind yourself that they're making Jason the hero in the Liz lie--he's saving poor pitiful Lucky. Unlike AJ who didn't actually want to give his child up, but Jason's doing what AJ was too selfish to do--without meathooks and threats, walk away from his child. That should cause the bile to rise quite nicely.

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