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April 14, 2007

Days of Our Lives Week in Review: I Have Questions

Days is still staking out the middle ground with me, where it's not too bad and not too good, but not quite just right.  It's kind of Goldilocks-ian.  Anyway, since it's for the most part mediocre, my mind tends to wander a bit.  For example:

Kate's hair continues to freak me out.  Does she think she's punk rock?  That's so sad.  She is Avril Levigne in 40 years.  That new Avril song is kind of catchy.  I think I'll get it off iTunes.  But objectively it's terrible.  Do I have no taste in music?  Am I one step away from unironically voting for Sanjaya?  I wonder what Simon Cowell would think of Kate's hair?  Paula Abdul is probably crazy enough to monogram her bras, too.

And so on.   I think it's clear I'm naturally inquisitive (and not at all crazy!).  So in no particular order, here are my questions from this week: Why can't there be more moments like this?  That's going in this year's "best of" post, no question.  We're still laughing.


How ugly is the portrait in Stephen Nichols' attic?

I must repeat, the dude is 56 years old!!! Oh, and why didn't I know about this lye soap trick when I was in school?


Why don't I come back from vacation looking ten years younger?

That’s not Marlena getting a call about Kayla (“oh no, GASP, not Kayla, GASP”), that’s Deidre calling her surgeon to thank him.  Every time she's off the show for a couple of weeks she comes back looking very, um, refreshed.   Yet somehow she still actually looks great, instead of like thisHow?  By which I mean, how much does it cost, and how do I get in contact with this doctor/voodoo priest?


How can one little hat so disturb the sexy?

That look is giving me agita.  I need to calm down.

That's better.



Has anyone in Salem ever driven a car and not run off the road?


I bet GEICO refuses to insure anyone there.  Just like Massachusetts.

Why didn't the Sprint guy tell me when I got this exact phone that I could see into other people's living rooms with it, if only I could enlist the help of a slightly delayed, follicularly-challenged teenager?

A year later and I'm still giddy that I can read my email while I'm shoe-shopping.  I definitely need to explore the additional features.

And about that teenager . . . Why, when he has all the money in the world and otherwise seems to be kind of a criminal mastermind, would E.J. enlist freaking Will to play Robin to his Batman with this homemade Big Brother experiment?

I think a Nintendo Wii was somehow involved.  Stefano would not approve.


And finally . . . Why can't Shawn take more showers?

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.

- Evil But Twinless


awwww. I thought EJ looked cute in the hat!! And the Irish accent was adorable.

"a slightly delayed, follicularly-challenged teenager?"

That was the funniest thing I've read in weeks.


Hilarious. But I had a hard time reading the rest of the blog because of the hotness of SN.

That one shot of EJ and Phillip looks like it comes from an outtake of a sketch comedy skit about bad white boy rappers.

Stephen Nichols REALLY is 56? Damn. Just... damn.

I really hate you Days viewers. You get shirtless men all the time! GH only gets black t-shirts. Damn Burton and his "ethics" which somehow translate into a moratorium on mancandy!

I have a few questions of my own.

Why is Nick always pouting or sucking on a lemon drop?

Why do Kayla and Steve go to the same hairdresser?

How many layers of clothing does one woman need?

That last question was for Kate.

Eww. Get Stephen Nichols off my screen already. And may he take Mary Beth with him. They're such a bore.

I ABSOLUTELY agree with Frank -- everything he said. And, to echo, Stephen Nichols...DAYAM!!!

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