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April 21, 2007

Fashion Emergency: America Needs Our Help!

So I had a crazy week at work and I figured I'd have a leisurely Friday night, hanging out and catching up on email.   All was going well -- Bluefly is having a sale and a Nigerian fellow is going to share part of his fortune with me! -- until I got to the ABC Daytime weekly update.  (Do not even get that look on your face; I have to read it for the blog.  It's research!)  Anyway, each week they include a poll.  Last week the poll question was "Whose GH character's closet would you most like to raid?"  (I know this makes me one of those people, but "whose" should have been "which.")  Anyway, the choices were Sam, Carly, and Liz.  The results were:
  • Sam   28%
  • Carly  60%
  • Liz  12%

What?  Whatwhatwhat?!  Carly?!  Unless people understood "raid" in the most radical military sense, in which all that is encountered is seized and destroyed, this is completely unacceptable!  I cannot live in an America that thinks Carly is well-dressed.  Is this why gauchos came back, high-waisted jeans are trendy again, and Chloe Sevigny is known as a fashion icon? I completely understand not wanting Sam's wardrobe, particularly since it's all covered in mulitple mobsters' cooties in addition to being fug, but Liz has great clothes!  There was that unfortunate series of plaid coat incidents, but other than that she almost always looks great, and I'd be willing to do a lot of borderline-illegal things to have a handbag collection like the wardrobe department gives her.  (I'm pretty sure the reason she as an ER nurse with a detective husband is totally broke all the time is because of what she spends at the Coach store every month.  Either that or it's just terrible writing and/or attention to detail by the powers that be.  And we know neither of those things happens on General Hospital.) But I digress, as I tend to do when thinking about pretty accessories.  The point is, clearly the majority of America has terrible taste.  Or on the off chance that most Americans don't vote in weekly network email polls about soaps, the majority of GH viewers have terrible taste.  Suddenly the domination of the mob storylines begins to make sense . . .

- Evil But Twinless


This also makes me wonder just how many of those voters are also unnecessarily eschewing the wearing of bras...

And there's nothing wrong with being distracted by Liz's handbags, that's just a normal fashionable reaction, unlike that of some voters I could mention.

Let's be frank: most of the country DOES have bad taste! How else do you explain the 70s? Or the 80s? Or the early 90120 90s? Or that boho thing that had the Olsens going out as bag ladies? Now, it's the turn of shapeless tops and epilepsy-inducing patterns.

Also, did you see what Liz was wearing today? My girl was not looking good. I blame the clusterfuck that is BabyMamaDrama, though. The poor thing is so badly written, she doesn't know WHAT she's doing these days!

OK, so I followed your 'plaid coat' link (I am a new discoverer of your rad, cool, kickass website and have yet to read all your old posts) and read the entire article from January 21, 2007 "Serious Ugly." I just have to comment on the following: "See how pretty Kelly Monaco looks when here makeup isn't applied with heavy machinery and when she doesn't wear gross leather? ... I am a big fan of Sam's makeunders."
YESYESYESYESYES. Am I the ONLY ONE who notices that when Steve Burton has to kiss an overly-madeup Kelly Monaco, he WIPES HIS MOUTH!!! Seriously, he did it after Thursday's episode when he visited the set of 'Everyday Ho's' ...ooops, 'Everyday Heroes' and he kissed Sam. Rewind your TiVo's and watch: he wiped off the transferred lipstick. I would have just let it go, but he did it two weeks ago when Sam kissed Jason before she left 'in the limo' to 'meet the press' in NYC. Dig out your old eppies and check it out! Has ANYONE else noticed this?!?! Am I the only ONE? Or did you all cover this in a previous blog.... I am going to keep track of all the times Stevarino wipes off Kelly's kisses -- it's just as much fun as watching the cast occasionally try to not crack up on screen (usually when Tony G. is on the scene.) Guess the reduced budget doesn't allow for many re-takes. Hey, the writing is so awful, and Patrick's scenes are so few (not to mention he wears WAY to much clothing), I have to get enjoyment where I can...

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