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April 12, 2007

Forget Sonny, Carly's True Love Is Ugly Fashion

Laura Wright seems to be a talented actress, and she's a lovely-looking woman with fantastic hair. So she must have perpetrated some unspeakable evil on the wardrobe department at General Hospital, because those bitches hate her. Hate. Her.  There is no other explanation for her wardrobe on the show. She should file a lawsuit for intentional infliction of bad fashion. She would have no shortage of evidence.  The other day she added this baggy...thing to the bunch:

No, she's not pregnant.  And that was just the latest in a long line of unflattering, ill-fitting tops of late.

We've considered even adding a separate post label for "Carly's Ugly Tops," because they are as much a consistent part of GH as the mob storylines.  Okay, that's a lie, because nothing is  as consistently a part of GH as the mob storylines.  But Carly's ugly tops have seen more screentime than Dr. Patrick Drake, Tracy Quartermaine, and all the Scorpios combined, which is a crime. Let's review:

Laura Wright is a tall, thin woman.  How bad a stylist do you have to be not to be able to dress her?  Have the writers taken over the wardrobe department?  I suppose if you think that mobsters are heroes you'd think that a woman with that body should wear tents.  It's all starting to make sense, this bizarro world they've got going on behind the scenes at GH.

(Footnote: How can I put this delicately . . . why do they send her out on national TV without a good bra?  Or just any old one at all? I'm telling you, Laura Wright better watch out because these wenches are out to ruin her.)

And because the powers that be at GH like nothing better than repetitive sexism, the men on this show are almost always dressed immaculately.  Jax looks like he walked off a GQ cover every day.  With the exception of the sweater vest incident, Patrick is the picture of casual hotness.  Other than Sonny's abuse of a tracksuit, I can't recall any of the GH men's ensembles making me gasp in horror.  Sure, Jason's been wearing the same t-shirt and leather jacket since 1998, but he's been wearing the same facial expression since then too so it's kind of like a theme.

courtesy of General Hospital Happenings and Clarissa.

- Evil But Twinless


Carly's tops are the true ugly, though I thought they were out-uglied earlier in the week by Sam's grey tent t-shirt which looked like she stole a t-shirt out of Jason's wardrobe and then took it to Carly's stylist for a little alteration.

I actually thought what she was wearing today, just a plain black shirt and jeans, was nice. Combined with gently pulled-back hair, she looked better than she has... well, since I've started watching again. Sometimes simple is best.

"Sure, Jason's been wearing the same t-shirt and leather jacket since 1998, but he's been wearing the same facial expression since then too so it's kind of like a theme." The truth hurts! LOL.

I have to agree on the fugliness of what she's wearing, having said that I'm sure I read somewhere that recently NLG & LW had gone with wardrobe to help select what they were wearing. Which means either LW's fashion choices have yet to appear on screen, she thinks this is the way Carly would dress, or that is really what LW thinks looks good. So I don't think wardrobe can always be blamed for the fugliness of what some people wear - just most of the time. ;)

Hey, Carly ain't the only one with wardrobe problems: Sam is dressing more and more like a hooker. Low cut (lots of cleavage), short skirts and tight, tight, tight. Wardrobe is really having fun with the 'Ho Look' on Sam. However, they need to communicate with make-up, because most of the time, Kelly's chest is freckled & tan (and we can see plenty of it) and her face is over made up. Speaking of make-up, has anyone else noticed that Steve Burton is carefully avoiding kissing Kelly when she has the lipstick piled on or, as he did the other day, he wiped off his mouth after kissing her. I had to re-wind Tivo to see it again! Good times.

off topic, but elizabeth's ugly t-shirt dress: http://edressme.com/dresses107803y525.html#

Actually, Laura Wright has interviewed that she doesn't think she needs a bra. Because apparently only big tatas are susceptible to the effects of gravity and childbearing. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

I like Carlys wardrobe

she haves an awful sense of fashion, what a shame.

This TV show was created by husband-and-wife soap writers Frank and Doris Hursley, who originally set it in a general hospital in an the unnamed fictional city, I think that the fashion in the episodes is no the best one,they can improve it !!!212dd

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