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April 22, 2007

Funny and Unfunny

You guys, I think I'm becoming a Philip fan. It's only taken, you know, over a decade, but I finally like him. It was this scene that did it:

Kate: Oh, my god. Oh, excuse me, do you happen to know the couple that's in this suite?

Hotel Man: Oh, late 20s or so. Average sort of guy with a hot blonde.

Philip: That's them.

Kate: He's not average.

Hilarious! And I think it was actually meant to be hilarious, which made it a ray of light in the sea of unintentional hilarity that is Days of Our Lives. Stephanie's outfit? Unintentional funny.

Like Evil But Twinless recently said: A recast isn't going to fix what's wrong with Steve and Kayla's storyline. The character of Stephanie is just poorly written, it has nothing to do with who is playing her. So this version of Stephanie sleeps with thugs and gets tattoos. On one level, it's an obvious step up from mooning over your uncle, but on the other...um, there's no way for me to finish that sentence. So, uh, congratulations for keeping it out of the family? I guess? Sami tackling EJ to give him the Kiss of Death was so unfunny that it swerved back into the land of funny before rapidly becoming unfunny again.

Every time I think about it, I laugh, but then the laughter turns to tears...

Screencaps courtesy of
Days of Our Lives 2

- Promising Ingénue


I'm beginning to love Phillip too. And that line on the average guy with hot blond was priceless in Phillip's delivery of his reply as well as Kate's too.

I'm going to wait before I go off into horrid detail on Stephanie. One episode is not enough for me to hate her. I hope she will win me over on Monday.

It's true that Kate represents a really dusty soap staple - the former wrong-side-of-the-tracks girl who made it out rich and with few or no scruples - but she was one of the few things I really liked about '90s Days, in so small part because, even when the show's at its worst, she still seems to get the better lines. So it's a real shame that all she seems to do anymore is ride the coattails of other people's storylines (Sami's, John's, or one of her 30 or so children's).

I want to like Phillip, and in rare moments when he’s being human rather than Hulk Phillip, I do like him. He just needs to lose the kicking in doors, locking women in trunks and generally throwing them around when he doesn’t get what he wants in order to fully win me over.

On Stephanie, I agree that a recast won’t fix the story, though I didn’t mind the new actress and if they’re bringing the character back with a little overdone assertiveness as opposed to the I want my parents together whining of version 2.0, then I’ll be happier.

I didn’t so much laugh or cry at the killer lipstick kiss mainly because I was so surprised it actually happened. I had expected Sami to have to kiss half the town before she ever got anywhere near EJ’s lips.

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