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April 30, 2007

If GH Can Keep Repeating Itself, So Can I

Promising Ingenue and I have both already ranted about this, but seriously, what is up with Liz?  I, too, used to love her (PI and I routinely exchanged emails questioning the fairness of the universe given how much of its gorgeousness Rebecca Herbst used up, and since we are shallow I guess we became enamored of her character as well . . . plus, you know, Liz and OriginalLucky were freaking awesome), but she is ticking me off. Standing at the edge of the dance floor none-too-subtly rubbing her pregnant stomach while watching her hitman/confidante/babydaddy dance with the bride was tacky enough:

And then she had to go and shoot the two of them the bitchface:

A fan though I am of the bitchface, it was totally rude and inappropriate here.

Finally we found out what else besides a fondness for mentally delayed hired killers Sam and Liz have in common, though, because Sam came back with a great bitchface herself:

These two would totally be BFF, if it weren’t for all the cheating, lying, having-your-boyfriend's-baby, and stuff. Isn’t that always the way?

Back to Liz.  To quote Tom Cruise (and why don’t we all do that more often?), put your manners back in! [Okay, off-topic, but I just had this idea – totally unrelated to Tom Cruise! – for a soap plot in which a crazy cult dressed as a celebrity-laden “religion” tries to take over the town, worshipping aliens and promising wealth and a vitamin-based cure for everything. Imagine the possibilities!]

Anyway, back on topic, I understand that Liz is confused and wistful and hormonal and whatever, but dude, stop being rude! Be polite at a fancy wedding by not obviously lusting after your hitman/confidante/babydaddy in front of his girlfriend and your husband. Everybody knows that’s the etiquette!


I know it’s her wedding day, but the Carly-pimping can stop any time now.   

Max:  Well, it’s tough to see Carly marry another man.  You know she’s such an amazing, unique, special person.      

Alexis and Robin:

Translation:  You crazy.  Also, Cameron says bitch, please.


Kids, our word of the day is . . .

. . . BRA.

(Seriously, the wardrobe department hates her.)


There was this one thing that happened today that I'm not going to discuss because Promising Ingenue already did and it made me feel throwy-uppy all over again. But there was this other thing that happened that as opposed to grossing me out just has me puzzled. I totally can’t explain it. I’m hoping you guys can help. Jason was dancing with Carly, and his mouth, it did this thing where it…turned up at the sides? And you could see his teeth? And his eyes brightened?

What is happening?  Data source error!  Data source error!


Has Carly taken up yoga? Because she's got two Downward Facing Dogs under that halter top.

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