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April 12, 2007

Punching My Ticket to Hell

Hope: [Y]ou shot John.
E.J.:  Oh yes, um, let me ask you something, how is John?  I hear that maybe he's going to be able to add "breathing on his own" to his list of accomplishments.
:: ducks slap from Hope, laughs sexily::

That is cruel.  That is tasteless.  That is beyond the pale of decency, to make fun of someone's comatose loved one.  And I cannot even explain how hilarious it was.  I laughed out loud; I may even have guffawed.  It was easily the funniest thing I've seen on daytime since Alexis on GH got really stoned.

James Scott's delivery was perfect.  It was delicious soapy villainy and I demand more of it.  Days has a woefully inadequate supply of over-the-top evilness these days.  Victor needs to come back in full force with his perfectly groomed mustache and total lack of scruples.  It's a crime that he's stuck with idiotic stuff like secret face transplants and faux-Claire-napping.  Vic and E.J. can pair up to mock the trials and tribulations of the more upstanding Salem residents and make inappropriate jokes at their expense.  In fact, I think I would enjoy this show ten times more if it were like that MST3K show Comedy Central used to run in the middle of the night, with E.J. and Victor watching Days in a fake movie theater, providing bitchy commentary.

It's possible I was also a little extra entertained by the line because I could hear Promising Ingénue laughing from several states away.  It's only fair that John's Very Serious and Not at All Humorous Medical Condition finally provide her with some amusement after it left her feeling so violated.

- Evil But Twinless


As my favorite aunt used to say, "You're going to hell with gasoline drawers on." And so and am I. That was hilarious....Sigh....I love EJ.

yes it was divinely wicked and I laughed -- looked like KA (herself) may have too. Wonder if there are out-takes on that scene!

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