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April 09, 2007

The Day's Most Accurate Dialogue

Jax, referring to himself, Carly, and Sonny: Ah yes, the perpetual triangle.  It gets a little tiresome after a while, you know?

Word up, Jasper.

Amelia, referring to Jax, Carly, and Sonny: It sounds like Carly is hopelessly hung up on Sonny.  And again, this is just me, but I can't understand any woman in her right mind picking a gangster over one of the good guys.

That kind of logic has no place in Port Charles, missy.  But in honor of your truth-telling and attempts to scuttle Jax and Carly's 17th attempted reunion, we pledge to no longer derogatorily refer to your portrayer's forehead.  At least for a little while. In other accurate dialogue news, I would like a "Your mommy issues trump my daddy issues" t-shirt, please.

- Evil But Twinless


Believe me, Amelia, it's not just you. Let's see ... hot, rich, devoted, kind man whose work doesn't involve having to have a hitman or a greasy, Napoleonic, obsessive, controlling midget who shot you in the head while you were giving birth to his child.

And, for saying that, I won't imagine an Annette and Frankie double feature playing on your portrayer's forehead for a whole day.

I no longer watch the show, but still find the snark hilariously addictive, particularly since without watching I can still probably tell you what's going on at any given day. Sonny and Carly are broken up, Sonny and Carly and making with the longing-glances and Sonny and Carly are back together... wash, rinse, repeat.

Anyway, that's not what I originally meant to post. What I originally meant to say was, please tell me that t-shirt tidbit was spoken by Alexis to Ric. Pretty please? I'll let you shoot me in the head while I give birth to your child.

caitlin, it so was! Ric was the latest person to berate the cancer patient (as you do), and they got into an actually rather entertaining back and forth about their myriad relationship issues. Of course, Nancy Lee Grahn's delivery of the line was spot on.

ms chicklet, the GH writers feel sorry for you that your priorities are so screwed up and that you don't understand that True Love necessarily involves near-manslaughter and/or organized crime.

Jax and Amelia are really getting on a roll aren't they? First comments that Sam shouldn't forgo her career because of Jason's job, and now this?

Hmm, I sense the presence of a rogue in the writer's room trying to see if Guza is actually paying attention.

zarathelawyer, my theory is some intern writers have written a few scenes, and these interns have yet to be fully brainwashed by Guza and Co.

I totally agree with Sarah. Every so often, I witness a glint of not-too-bad, dare I say it, even good writing. But, it is a only a fleeting moment and quickly followed by a groaner. I wonder if some intern was given a 'throw away' scene when Mr. Guza left early to have dinner in West Hollywood. Or, perhaps some director just said "absolutely not" and tweaked some dialogue. Either way, Brian Frons & Bobby Guza don't allow this insubordination and the culprits are quickly censured. It seems that it would take a Herculean writing & production feat to slay the Frons/Guza/Phelps Hydra that has devoured General Hospital. *Sigh*

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