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April 30, 2007

The Day's Most Awesome Dialogue

Okay, Sharon, you started to earn back some of the good will you lost when you continued to moon over Brad.

Sharon: And people wonder whether I miss being in the Newman family. You know, I'd take the public scrutiny over being Jack's wife over that any day. Because the press couldn't possibly be any nastier than the two of you.
Nikki: Oh, nice.
Victoria: Oh, look, there she goes, being the victim again.
Sharon: You know, I always wondered what would be the perfect way to get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Nick. I'm looking at it! I hope she enjoys taking over the role of the reviled daughter-in-law.

Love it. I also loved Nikki's stripper past being broadcast all over the internet, and the image of Victor being the quintessential old man, studying the newfangled world wide web.

Not that Victoria and Nikki don't have perfectly good reasons to loathe Sharon at this point in time, what with the whole sleeping with Victoria's husband thing, but Nikki, especially, has always been straight bitch to her just for the hell of it. I simply adore seeing Sharon with a backbone. I want her and Jack to be beautiful and snarky and happy together for a long time.

I also adore Melody Thomas Scott's new look! She looks hot, yo.


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