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April 10, 2007

Worst Diction in Daytime

It's not my birthday, but you'd never know it, because today during Sonny's "your actions have consequences" speech to Michael (Sonny rounds out his rap sheet by committing every crime in existence, with the final addition of felonious hypocrisy), he said both "munnipellate" and "dee'-vorce."  Hee!  I'm totally taking that as a shout-out.

This is completely unrelated, but their scene in the elevator today got me thinking . . . How hot would Greg Vaughn and Kelly Monaco be together?  Lucky and Sam need to find out the big secret about Liz's pregnancy (oops, is that a spoiler?  have they mentioned it on the air yet?) and bond over how heartbroken they are.  This kind of bonding will require Lucky to be shirtless.

- Evil But Twinless


Sam and Lucky would be hot. Actually, at this point, Anybody and Lucky would be hot. If Lucky doesn't get to have angry, no strings, getting-back-at-Liz-because-she's-a-total-liar sex with some hot chick after the big reveal, I'll cry. He deserves some fun.

Lucky and Sam would be TOTALLY HOT!!! I think that Sam's 'bad girl' vibe is exactly what Lucky needs -- maybe that would loosen him up a bit. They could certainly get into some mischief together -- and who better to help Sam explore her checkered past and perhaps unearth why she is surrounded by so much death and murder. Lucky needs to be shirtless, sexy and supportive with Sam. Mmmmm. We've had Liason and JaSam, now it's time for Sam and Lucky... Sucky?

While anything that involved Lucky (or ANYONE, besides Sonny) being shirtless is something I can get behind, I'm sorry, I just don't like Sam. Girl bugs, what with her always crying and whining about not being able to have babies and stuff. And Kelly Monaco is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but can't act worth a damn. Plus, I watched when Liz first came on and I still love her from then and just wish they weren't totally assassinating her character with this whole storyline, because I think she DOES love Lucky, and they're adorable together, but of course no one canNOT actually be in love with Jasus and... god, that's a run-on sentence! *hehehe* I'll shut up now.

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