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« The Day's Dumbest Dialogue - Yes, GH Again | Main | My Brain Hurts »

April 04, 2007

(Yester)Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Liz, to Jason: I feel like a hypocrite because I promised you that this child would be better off with me and Lucky because our lives are safer but now I've just realized that Lucky's job is almost as dangerous as yours.


Okay, the GH writers have just completely lost their minds now.  Jason is a MOBSTER.  In the MAFIA.  Also known as ORGANIZED CRIME.  He is a HITMAN.  He KILLS PEOPLE FOR MONEY.  His "job" is killing people and keeping other killers from killing him and the guy he works for.  I don't know what the rest of his "job" is because despite making it clear that they are mobsters these writers with their f'ed up scruples also always want us to know Sonny and Jason aren't involved in drugs, or prostitution, or pretty much anything else that by definition they would have to be involved with, but the big part of Jason's job is KILLING PEOPLE FOR MONEY.  He has been shot like seventeen times already.  He is in serious danger every single day.

On the other hand, yes, police officers are often in some danger.  But Lucky is a detective, first of all, not on patrol, and plus . . . well, I don't even need a "plus," because JASON IS A HITMAN!  For god's sake, how delusional do you have to be to think that the danger associated with being a paid mafia hitman and a detective are THE SAME?  I don't even mind if they put Liz with Jason, but this lazy writing is how they'll get there?  This show is so messed up, I can't even handle it. Oh, but the Maxie/Coop kiss was hot.

- Evil But Twinless


Yeah. I definitely like Maxie and Cooper. That kiss was hot. And I like the way he fought for her honour. Anyway i just started watching this show and rely on your blog to tell me how to feel about some of the characters.

For instance, i like Sonny, but apparently i shouldn't. And I can't stand Lulu. But apparently i should.

What's with her punching everyone out all the time. On the other hand, i love Kristen Storms. And she was a bit chubby on Days, so I hope she doesn't have weight issues. Like Allison Sweeney, she's quite gorgeous either way.

I don't know why I don't watch this show. It sounds just lovely.

I should probably add I forgot to take my medication today.

I don't know if you were on one of your GH breaks at the time, but there was a scene when Carly informed Michael that Sonny and Jason were like soldiers. It was an alarmingly insane moment in history.

I remember that soldier comparison from Carly. Vomit City! Then after the cruel killing of Alan Carly said Michael had empathy and went on and on about how special that made him. WTF? TIIC and the writers need a clue more than starving people need food. Carly can't spell, identify, or define empathy. Today we were subjected to more endless worship of St. Jasus and his loyal whore Carzilla. He admitted guilt for robbing AJ of being his son's father yada yada yada. Then Carly waxed poetic about who Jason was after the accident. Weird, especially about emotional stuff. She blamed Alan for being a bad father. Right, wanting your child not to be hitman for the mob is so outrageous and controlling. They both ignore history, Robin was his heart and taught him about love, friendship, responsibility etc... Carzilla taught him how to lie manipulate and cheat. Which by the way, he used to HATE! And Emily seems like a freakin genius because at least she isn't dumb enough to fall for Craig's rediculous plot. Meanwhile Robin is sad, and being wasted once again!!! She is brilliant , brave, honest and loving. She is also quirky, bossy, and adorable. Maybe she would call Mac, her parents, Aiden, or Uncle Sean and get some help taking out Craig! I mean hello, why ruin a wonderful complex character like Robin? And poor Patty. So gorgeous and wasted. How bout our boy the neurosurgeon outsmart dim Emily and get a clue? Robin a cheater? Switching bed partners like Old Patrick? Wake up this show blows!!! Maxie needs a snack, feed the actors please. Write them like crap, but don't deny them food. And Jax is now a pathetic loser. Carly completely blaming him for whatever, while it's all cool she married and boffed Sonny in his absence. Saving his brother, which she insisted he do. St. Jasus hair, shave it all off! Sam a media darling? On what planet, a hero. She's a known con artist, mob moll, and killer. Alexis needs a story, she is too wonderful for the abuse she suffers on GH. Maybe she can get a job on House, in house council? Patrick and Robin need a new show too. House, hell even Grey's or ER. My hopes for Night Shift aren't high. I've been a pretty loyal viewer since childhood. Now I view a once pleasurable entertainment source as an addiction, like crack. Only the first hit was really enjoyable. The hell of the addiction is all I'm left with.

Oh sweetie! Don't you know it yet? Cops are evil and mobsters the bravest, strongest, most kind hearted people on the planet. :)

I was not watching during the soldier reference. My god. Are these writers John Gotti's kids?

I'm always gratified to know I'm not the only one who wants to throw stuff at the TV when the mafia-pimping starts.

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