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April 13, 2007

You Don't Bring Me Good Montage Anymore

How terrible was that closing montage on GH today? 

Sonny and Jason shooting at a bunch of people and getting shot at (Will these two characters who are on every single day and around whom the show revolves survive?!  Who can predict?!  I must tune in tomorrow to find out!  The suspense is killing me!), interspersed with Jax and Carly's re-engagement (Will this obviously doomed couple get married and be happy forever and ever?!  Who can predict?!) and Sam's photoshoot (which appeared to involve an inappropriate level of glee for an improbable show about serious heroic...ish incidents in which people nearly die).

Sigh. I knew clink-boom.*   Clink-boom was a friend of mine.  Derivative shoot-out montage, you're no clink-boom.

Forget The Departed, these writers can't even rip-off their own stuff well.

* This video evidence reminds me:  Ingo, please start using a higher SPF.  Thanks!

- Evil But Twinless


I was kinda digging the song that was playing over the montage, though.

BTW, I've added Serial Drama to the links in my blog. You guys are just too funny not to be shared. Between you and TWoP's board, you actually make GH fun!

I could not agree more!! GH is killin' me here. Ingo looks way too old for his age too. If Clink Boom was pair of limited edition Manolo's. Todays montage is a pair of 79 cent jellies on sale at Drug World in Hallandale FL. in 1985 that your Grandma insisted on buying for you. Even though at a tender age you knew it was shoe cruelty. Or if GH montages were frozen treats......Clink Boom was a fresh one batch at time hand crafted gelato from a gelateria in Florence or Rome, like the peach from Harry's Bar in Venice. While todays montage is the protective icy scum layer of yellowish muck that covers the remainder of a pint of Walgreens spumoni that has been in your weird uncle's freezer for 22 years. Love your site and commentary in a big bad way!!! I'm hooked.

You forgot to mention Elizabeth's contractions...

Lily's death still makes me sad...Damn you Frons! You took a good show--a great show and made it trash.

Clink Boom may be my favourite soap montage ever, and while Thursday's was pretty bad it still wasn't as bad as the stupid Church shoot out montage featuring many of the same characters back during the stupid kidnapping, goddammit Michael's not actually dead in a swamp, story of 05 (I think it was 05 anyway, I'm still trying to block it out).

They may well be trying to set the record for worst montage ever.

The kidnapping saga of '05 also gave us the montage of the Good Friday Massacre. That was the one where Sonny and Jason - good, wonderful men as we've been told over and over - orchestrate and have carried out the murders of nine people in a public place during Chunky's not!memorial service. Sonny and Jason discussed that no witnesses were to be left alive. And it aired on Good Friday.

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