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« Kudos, Writers. Yes, You Read That Right. | Main | General Hospital Week in Review »

May 12, 2007

Days Week In Review: Surprisingly Good Soap!

Something has happened the last couple of weeks on Days of Our Lives.  After months of sluggish plots and frankly, almost nothing of interest happening, boom!  It got good.  Really good!  I can't capture all of the goodness, but I'll try to hit some highlights.


Breaking news!!! EJ is still hot.


EJ discovering Steve and Adrienne's wire and then talking to Kayla and Bo through it was great.  "Can you hear me now?"  Hee.  I love him.


Yes, he's evil and he tried to ruin Sami and Lucas' wedding,  but . . . so gorgeous.  It's distracting.

I did love that Kayla punched him, and from the previews it looks like he's going to turn into quite the depressed little sociopath, which should be really entertaining.  I am totally fine with them keeping him as a borderline-insane villain.  Just as long as they keep him.


Sami and Lucas' wedding was great.  They aren't a supercouple, exactly, but there were some vintage 80s greatness vibes, especially in the long history the two characters--and more importantly the two actors--have together.  There were lots of awesome aspects to the nuptials.

First, of course, Lucas became a Good Guy.  So well done.  And unexpected, which says something both about the character and about the writing recently.

Second, Sami's Monique Lhuillier gown was gorgeous (though there were unfortunately very few good shots of it):



Third, Marlena was a decent parent!  She stood up for Sami!  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  Fab.  However:


There is an age past which you should not wear barrettes.  I do not know precisely what that age is, but I do know that Marlena could be its grandmother.  However, I won't harsh on her too much because she was so good to Sami (while doing almost none of her now-trademark dramatic gasping/moaning), plus she yelled at Kate!  Let's all send an e-hug her way: 

((((((Marlena and her inappropriate hair decorations))))))

Fourth, OMG Lucas smashed the cake in Kate's face! 


That was the second hilarious Vengeful Lucas moment in as many weeks, and I had to rewind and re-enjoy the brilliance a couple of times.  Kate is loathsome.

And finally, the couple themselves were adorable (and seriously, I don't think I've ever cared one way or the other about them before). 


The montage with actual shots from their 15 years on the show rocked.  GH could learn from Days about giving good montage.   

There were a couple of non-awesome aspects too, though.  Where was Sami's twin brother?  The show really needs to re-cast Eric and get him back to town because it's just weird that he's stuck in some remote part of Colorado without phones or transportation.  Why no mention of the various other missing family members?  And the green theme was ridiculously un-subtle and completely out of character.  When had Sami or Lucas ever mentioned the environment prior to this?  I guess I'll give the show credit for trying to address an important issue, but sometimes you can do more harm than good if you don't address it well.

This isn't specific to the wedding, but there is another non-awesome theme with Sami and Lucas, which leads me to this request:  Could the writers  stop with the cheesy sex talk?  "Oh I'll carry you.  I'll carry you all the way to the promised land!"?  It makes me laugh and cringe all at once. They had that pretty graphic sex scene a few weeks back, and their lip mics are always turned up to 11.  It becomes a little too porn-in-the-afternoon for my taste.  Ick.  Here's an idea:  Write them as convincingly hot for each other instead of having them tell us constantly how hot they are for each other.  Subtlety is fun!


It pains me to say this, because she's Steve and Kayla's daughter, but:  I hate Stephanie.

I really hate her.  I hate her trashy clothes, her 80s big hair, her stupid rebel without a cause attitude, the fact that she looks absolutely nothing like either of her onscreen parents, and the fact that she's trying to hook up with her uncle.  Top to bottom I hate her.  I want her to go drive one of her stupid race cars on a road that leads far, far out of town.  Why did they bring her back?   


Chelsea and Nick are adorable.  The actors are both standouts, and for the first time in I don't know how long, I'm actually rooting for one of the younger couples on the show.


I love that Nick is geeky and not the typical soap leading man, and that Chelsea has really done a 180 in a relatively short amount of time.  Rachel Melvin has done a great job (aided by good writing, obviously) in reversing our opinion of our inaugural Worst Character in Daytime.


I'm not accustomed to including this much positivity in a post.  So let's close on a more traditional note; bitching about a plot that is draining my will to live.  I can't even talk about the Tinda Lau storyline anymore.  On Friday Bo got there, so maybe they'll be something worth writing about next week, but for now, it provides a good workout for my fast forward button.

Some screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Ah, the great mystery of Days. Just what the heck happened between mid-February and the end of April. There was so much good stuff in December and January and then . . . it just stopped. Shelle, Steve and Kayla, Lumi all just got stuck in neutral and we got the joy of having these suddenly isolated stories go nowhere while the characters had the same conversations over and over again.

Then, to top it off,the one storyline that needed to be slowed down, Chelsea and Nick, was put into warp speed. I've give a lot to find out what the real story is behind those 2.5 months of the "deadly stall."

I adore Chelsea/Nick. I adored Lucas/Sami. I adored Steve/Kayla/Adrienne. Geez, I think I liked everyone (well, not Kate). All of Days has been good this past week (you're right, what a weird thing to say out loud) and I hope the trend continues.

Now if just more people would tune in and watch!

Yes, fingers crossed for it all continuing like this week, with a side dash of depressed EJ. Mmmm, brooding (and not of the Shawn type).

I have loathed Sami and Lucas since the day i started watching the show in 1998 .. the very day of John and Susan/Kristen's wedding with little EJ in hand. Maybe it was fate.

But back to Sami and Lucas their cheesiness and 5th grade attitude is gross. Rebuild homes in N.O? Who are you Sami? Oy she's maing me sick she needs to blackmail or ruin someone's life [other than EJs] because she is becoming boring. If she says "I want to make them proud' ONE MORE TIME..

Which by the way EJ is becoming a problem for me. I find myself having to watch the same scene 2 or 3 times since EJ's presence puts me in this weird drooling trance to where the sound stops on my TV [or atleast in my head] and it is just him moving oh-so gracefully across the screen.

i can't help it. i hate lucas and his mouth-smacky kisses and the lifts in his shoes and how he gets sami when ej should get sami. HATE. HIM.

OK, so I have to jump on the bandwagon with the kiss noise and the 3rd grade innuendo...it's most definitely cringe-worthy. Maybe it's just having James Scott around...he does subtle well, and gets the awesome lines as of late, and I'm not trying to pimp the Ej/Sami thing, BUT he definitely brings up the "tone" AND the temperature. Here's hoping the psychotic obsessive depressive can be filmed in a towel as soon as possible...

I have to agree: James Scott's stares, laughs and smiles are the highlight of any Days episode. Lucas pales in comparison. Moreover, Lucas and Sami have just never been that into each other, especially from a fan perspective. Many of the years he knew her, he was a heartless jerk, including when she had the eating disorder. Also, let's cut out all this political correctness, i.e. green wedding and honeymooning in New Orleans. Sami would be caught dead doing either; those pursuits wouldn't even occur to her. I can't wait until this farce of a marriage is over, so she can be with EJ which will maximize by EJ time: yeah!

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