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May 22, 2007

I Am Going on a Hunger Strike

Okay, that's not true, though soaps have occasionally had me teetering on the brink of that.  But I am going to be missing around these parts for a couple of weeks because I'm skipping town for vacation.  (By "vacation," I mean trying to track down the girls who made this parody of the Brenda Dickson videos to encourage them to run for some kind of public office.)

While I'm not around, as always, please remember to laugh, cry, and refuse to purchase white plastic sunglasses. 


Darn. Well, have a great vacation. I expect you to come back snarkier than ever. :)

OH GAWD! Seriously...that Brenda Dickson link has to come with a warning. I just spent another hour and a half looking through that parody, those girls' website, more Brenda Dickson clips and then the Days and GH clips. Now I have to go look for more Frisco footage and squeel...

BTW, have a great vaca and good look tracking down Julie and Jackie. Like, come back soon, ya know.

Yikes, you just had to put the "BJ's Heart" clip in didn't you? Darn you! It amazes me that over a decade later I still get tears in my eyes as Kristina Wagner (not normally a great actress) collapses and cries, "Oh, no -- not BJ!" Goosebumps still! (Which only goes to show how crappy the show is now.)

Anyway, have a great vacation. Good to see the first column up. It's a keeper (although you'd better invest in more bandwidth -- something tells me your site is gonna be swamped soon!)

Evil But Twinless...come to NY And see Jackie and Julie's show...http://www.ucbtheatre.com/schedule/showdetails.php?showid=1413...I peed in my pants when I watched their video...you should have them do guest commentary while you're away.

Have a great time. Be safe!

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