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May 08, 2007

I Have a New BFF

...she's fictional, but she's fabulous.  In just her first few minutes in Port Charles, Kate Howard:

  • had fantastic hair
  • was deliciously bitchy
  • wore a stunning white coat
  • seemed quite bright
  • was revealed to be editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine (Couture, which is "practically the bible of high fashion," according to Diane, a woman I find it hard to believe has even been shopping since the 80s)
  • looked at Sonny as if he were gum on the bottom of her Christian Louboutin heels
  • had an assistant/hanger-on, at whom she bellowed
  • tried to kick Sonny out of his own office
  • turned Diane into a squealing fashion fangirl (even though out of character, it was hilarious)
  • called BS on Sonny's "I'm a coffee importer" cover
  • intimidated Carly

However,  she has canceled out most of the good will, because it turns out she used to be involved with Sonny.  Ugh.  Whose kneecaps do I have to smash to get a strong female character on this show who hasn't slept with that guy?

But Kate is played by Megan Ward, who has basically been on every nighttime drama that's aired since 1990, including Party of Five and Melrose Place. So residual TV affection for the actress and admiration of the character's at least initial awesomeness will keep me from hating her. For now.  Until she gets all hung up on Sonny [again].  Which she will, because they all do. 


My KH hope is crashing to the ground. She is not the strong female we've been hoping to add to the disrespected others...Robin and Alexis. She used to sleep w/ Slimey in good old Bensonhurst and will do so again soon. Carly is desperate to befriend her because she's famous. Like a fashion icon could stomach looking at Carzilla and her doomed braless wardrobe. Soon KH will scold the very funny lookin' Michael and the too adorable lookin' to be Slimey and Carho's kid Morgan for breaking into her property. So then we'll be subjected to another bitchfight Carslut vs. KH. That's right, we're supposed to believe, like Craig is Jerry, that a Manhattan fashion icon and mag. editor is moving to upstate NY. The Hamptons and Connecticut don't exist I guess. Another ruined female character. UCHHHH. As soon as Sonny beds her in his sloppy disgusting way on his black satin sheets or in the hotel room where he meets his whores Carly will get jealous and go after Sonny again. Leaving KH to be "rescued" by Jax. Because he can't be with anyone Sonny hasn't had first or is related to in some way. So, KH was good for all of 10 minutes for me. Now she joins the suckage that is GH.

Her hair is almost--almost!--as sleek and shiny as Jane Elliot's. Gorgeous!

I adore Megan Ward. When Jill died on Party of Five and Bailey was in denial? So emotional!

For some reason, I thought Kate was channeling Jessica Simpson via the Nick-divorce-hair-cut. I absolutely LOVED it when she called out Carly on her "animal prints and spandex". Kate rocked for a little bit. Still deciding if she's awesome though.

I really liked her, and am willing to give her a chance. But I'm concerned for the same reasons you are and am hoping she'll surprise us all and NOT fall for Sonny again, because it always ends the same. Carly will hate her and try to break them up and get Sonny back, and then yet another triangle go around. The only thing that ever changes is who becomes the third leg.

I actually liked Kate's interaction with Sonny. I won't say anything past that in fear of jinxing it.

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