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May 03, 2007

It's An Invasion!

If you were to ask me what I would suggest doing to give Days of Our Lives  a much needed burst of energy, I'd probably suggest stranding Belle and Shawn on the island of misfit toys forever and taking John out of the coma (if only to give us the eyebrow we've been deprived of for so long!) and banning the word "hairbrush" and giving Steve a normal brain and letting go of the idea that Max is some sort of studly sex god...

But, you know, bringing back all of the freaking DiMeras could be the answer also. Provided that they leave behind their weirdo supernatural Melaswen unfrozen undead pinata stuffed brand of evil. Cold and calculating evil is fine, though!

And Leann Hunley?!?!? Awesome. I'm very excited about that, although I feel sort of badly for her now that Roman is played by Josh Taylor. Pacey Witter to the monotone bag of Botox? Downgrade!


Downgrade is RIGHT. Anna would be much better with Tony!!!

Yes - a good plan indeed. I just hope this means Lexie is coming back as an evil minx. I love me some evil Lexie! And I hope she wears that killer cape with the big collar like she did last time she went bad. Now, THAT makes for a hot summer.

Out of curiousity, what would Steve do with a "normal" brain on a soap opera? Unless you mean that in a relative sense, 'cause then I totally get it. I am definitely looking forward to Anna and the DiMeras... a little old school Days is fine by me.

I'm not sure I will recognize my life if I know what the genesis of the DiMera hatred of all things Brady is. My world will be off-kilter.

Cool. I definitely think Anna has to spend more time with Tony that with Roman, especially if they're not bring back Carrie (and they'd better no be bringing back Carrie).

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