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May 30, 2007

News & Notes

I totally forgot to comment on the news that Scott Clifton is leaving GH. Well...good riddance!

I kid, I kid. For most of his tenure on the show, he was truly stellar and Dillon was a great, unique character. He and Georgie were a fantastic couple and he pulled off comedy, drama and romance better than actors twice his age, but the producers (and this is shocking) completely squandered his talent by turning him into a buffoon with hardly any screentime. So it's better that he leave now and go onto greener pastures rather than be like his onscreen brother and get trotted out twice a year for emergencies. I wish him luck and I hope he does well outside of Port Charles.

In serious news, James Reynolds had emergency heart surgery and will be off of Days for six weeks. We send him our best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.


I completely agree with you, and also have to add that he completely revitalized the teen scene. Before he came on the scene, the teens (Georgie, Maxie, Lucas and anyone else that came in contact with them) were very painful to watch. He made it watchable, and he should be given a lot more credit for that.

I've actually found him pretty hard to watch since Dillon knocked up his stepsister; sometime after that he really started hamming it up, I think. Maybe a victim of Maurice Benard's school of "acting?"

At any rate, I do think he showed extraordinary talent at the beginning of his run, and hope to see it return (and backed by better writing) to my TV screen some day.

I too think he was great in the early years, but what I also thought was great was his exit statement/interviews and the fact that he basically said he had sucked recently (totally separate from his stories sucking) and therefore had decided it was time to get out. Now that is cool.

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