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May 07, 2007

Our Big News

So, we promised you big news. Major news. Huge news. And unlike other people who promise BIG news or GROUNDBREAKING events or LASTING repercussions, we are fans of following through with promises we make!

Every month, you will be able to read our brand of bitterness and criticism in print. That's right; we are completely and overwhelmingly thrilled to let you know that we now have a monthly column in Soap Opera Digest

Starting in the May 22nd edition (available on newsstands May 15th), we--Evil But Twinless (Becca) and Promising Ingénue (Mallory)--are the authors of "My Take" and "My Take, Too."  So be on the lookout when you're doing your usual weekly perusal of the magazine.  Or if you've been SOD-less up until now (if there isn't already a foundation dedicated to eradicating the scourge of SODlessness in America, we will start it) surf on over and subscribe or pick one up at the check-out counter. 

We can only hope that SOD readers are as kind to us as our online ones have been.  It's entirely possible, however, that some people don't want to hear from two chatty viewers about the declining quality of soap writing and fashion.  They may frown upon hotly chronicling the every move of certain of daytime's leading men and ridiculing the superstar status of others.  Seriously, it's possible!  To these poor, misguided souls we say . . . Whatever!  We're in Soap Opera Digest, bitches!

Edited to add: 
We're definitely keeping the blog, everyone!  We're way too verbose to limit ourselves to 1000 words a month.



I consider this news reason enough to pick up Soap Opera Digest.

Congratulations on the column in SOD. I'm definitely looking forward to reading it. I hope you continue to hold the writers and producers' feet to the fire for the things they put us through.

That is so awesome! Congratulations. I hope ABC Daytime listens to your RANTS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALLL SOOO TRUE!

That is so fantastic! I really enjoy your blog, and am glad that you're going to get some more exposure, because you deserve it for speaking the Truth!!!

This great! Now I will definatly be picking up SOD each week

Yeah. You girls rock. Can't wait to read

Now that you're famous, your blog readers can say we knew you when. Congrats! I'm going to have to be on the lookout each month.

Are you guys still going to write the blog? Or is it done?

We're absolutely still going to write the blog! We have way too much venom to limit it to a column a month.

Congratulations, but Crap! I haven't read SOD (or any other soap mag) in years! Now I might actually have a reason to do so. Bring on the snark and the honesty, and please continue to point out all the things hotly being done by certain hot leading men!

If you aren't appreciated by SOD readers, then they are mindless sheep and do not deserve to have such greatness bestowed upon them!

That awesome! You guys are currently the only online blog/ editorial I read. The rest of them are just not as clever as you.

Congrats! I'll keep a look out.

Congrats! I suspected this was the news and I'm thrilled it's the case. I can't easily get a hold of the mag here in Aust, but I'll be reading in spirit. If that's possible.

That last comment was from me - I forgot I was signed in under my other secret web identity!

Congratulations! I may just have to pony up at the checkout now.

Now I will have to buy SOD, which I haven't done in over a year. I thought their hold on me was over, but alas I was proven wrong. I can't wait to read your articles. Congrats and good luck!

I almost pity GH's execs. Almost. If they hadn't been torturing me for over a year now.

Congratulations! Well deserved and it will be nice to see some content in SOD that isn't just sucking up to TPTB at the various soaps and agreeing with whatever they're dishing out that week! I might just pick up SOD for the first time in years now!

Congratulations! Of course this means that I will actually have to purchase SOD instead of reading while the inexplicably slow checker scans the groceries, but it's a worthy purchase just to get to see the snark disseminated to the reading public.

Congratulations! Woohoo! I knew it! I remember seeing that comment from the SOD editor a while back. I thought it might be a hoax, but I hoped it was real. This is great news. You guys are just what SOD needs. Congrats ladies!

I get SOD every week! This is so exciting! Just please promise you won't tone down the snark! The monkeys that run soaps (esp. GH) need to know the truth, and y'all bring it! Keep it up! CONGRATS!

Congrats! Look forward to reading it. I appreciate your fair and hilarious commentary, so I will definitely go buy it. Keep speaking the truth!

I am so happy for you guys, you totally deserved the recognition. We LOVE your posts, and only expect your snarkiest over at SOD. Congratulations!!

Yay! Congratulations! If any pair deserve it, it is you two. I just hope SOD doesn't muzzle you or defang you or anything; they'd be fools to, but you never know with corporate types. I bet Guza & Co. are pissing their pants as we speak. That makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. *hehehehe*

Eeee! Exciting! Like everyone else, I'm totally going to have to start buying SOD now.

THAT'S AWESOME! Congrats! I will definitely pick up a copy!

That's awesome! Congrats ladies! EEEEEE! I'm so excited to have you spreading your snarky joyness! It is not to be missed! I'm totally gonna start getting the mag now!

Congrats ladies!! You guys totally and completely deserve it!

Ladies, please, PLEASE don't censor yourselves, either on the blog from henceworth or in the column! And of course, congratulations! :)

Awesome news! I'll have to buy SOD now. Just PLEASE don't censor yourselves.

You guys are the best! Thank you all so much! We are so super excited! It leads us to abuse exclamation points!!!

And don't worry, we are physically incapable of being anything other than hypercritical and unpleasant, so you won't soon find us saying "Babe Is Love" or anything dreadful like that!

Congrats! Hope the snark continues in SOD.

As a Canadian fan of the hotness that is Jason Thompson, I am disappointed that I won't get to see him in NightShift since Soapnet is not offered in Canada. Maybe you can help our cause by mentioning that Canadian fans will be missing out on the Scrubs goodness that will be on NS.
Thanks! I love your blog!

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