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June 15, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Emmys?

Tonight's the night!  The Daytime Emmy awards ceremony is tonight, and the Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza starts at 7 PM with red carpet arrivals.  We're so excited, we could almost imitate Nell in a tunnel underneath a 1980s nightclub, or ride into a morning room on a horse.

To get the Emmy Day festivities started, I thought I'd link to a bunch of previous wins for the two shows I watch.  Well, it turns out that the last time Days won something videotape hadn't yet been invented, or something, or maybe no obsessive, tape-stashing Days fan has a YouTube account.  I don't know.  Anyway, that leaves GH.  Therefore, here are some of General Hospital's many, many previous wins.  Most were deserved.  Most.

  • Tony Geary kind of kicks ass at the whole Emmy-winning thing.  Here he is winning for best actor in 1982 (I still need some help understanding that perm), 1999, and last year.
  • Back when it was still kicking ass, General Hospital wins for best show in 1997.
  • Steve Burton wins for best supporting actor in 1998.
  • Stuart Damon wins for best supporting actor in 1999.
  • Sarah Brown wins for best supporting actress in 2000.
  • Maurice Benard wins for best actor in 2003. 
  • Vanessa Marcil wins for best supporting actress in 2003.
  • GH wins for best writing in 2003.
  • Chad Brannon wins for younger actor in 2004.
  • Rick Hearst wins for best supporting actor in 2004.
  • Natalia Livingston wins for supporting actress in 2005. 
  • And my personal favorite (which I've already linked to in a comment this week but I swear I think it's worth adding to every post), a win which falls into the "not well-deserved" category in my humble opinion, is GH winning best drama in 2005.  The clip is awesome because it features Eric Braeden blessing himself, Aretha Franklin being forced to make a terrible "respect" joke, and Jill Farren Phelps bellowing and then getting cut off after like 7 seconds.

Okay, I lied, there is one thing for Days fans.  It's not a win, though this tribute to MacDonald Carey might be even better than that.  Sniff.  Dr. Horton.


I'm ready!

You seriously have to check out Ingo Rademacher as Vanessa Marcil's date in her 2003 emmy vid. He makes Kim Zimmer's hair look sedate -- and he's wearing the CHEESIEST blue porn sunglasses ... indoors! So many things wrong with that picture. Yikes.

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