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June 12, 2007

Cringing. Lots of Cringing.

Chelsea:  ...why don't you go put some clothes on?
Jeremy: I would, if I thought that's what you really wanted.
Chelsea:  What?
Jeremy:  Admit it, honey, you're diggin' it ::winks:: I saw you checkin' out the goods.
Chelsea: Oh my god, you really need to get over yourself.
Jeremy:  I'll try, babe.  If you promise to lighten up.  You are way, way too uptight.
Chelsea:  Thank you, but I really don't need to be taking advice from you.
Jeremy: Of course not.  What you need is written all over your face.  And I am more than happy to oblige.  ::forcibly kisses her::
Chelsea:  ::pushes him away::
Jeremy:  What'd I tell ya?
Chelsea: ::slaps him::  You ever do that again and I will rip your eyes out.  [Ed. note:  Aim lower.]
Jeremy:  Oooww.  A girl who likes to play rough.  I can deal.  ::forcibly kisses her, AGAIN::
Chelsea:  What the hell is wrong with you?  I have a boyfriend.
Jeremy: I know, [smarmily] "lab guy."  I was just goofin'.

"Honey"?  "Diggin' it"?  "Checkin' out the goods"?  "Goofin'"?  "I can deal"?  Winking?  Battery?  THIS IS NOT MIKE HORTON'S SON

I'm not sure the "smarmily" bracket was even necessary, because it's implied.  Just as Patrick on GH does everything hotly, Jeremy does everything smarmily. Jeremy, the son of two doctors, smarmily makes fun of a guy who works in a lab while he smarmily tries to force himself on his girlfriend's friend.  Ew.

Days, I guess I appreciate the effort to provide some new male hotness, but come on, this guy is less sexy than, I don't know . . . cancer.


Yeah, the effort to bring on male hotness gets undermined pretty damn rapidly when he opens his mouth and drops his towel in circumstances that basically constitute sexual assault.

And there can be no way this is Mike and Robin's child. Maybe it's another DiMera plot!

GH, DAYS, eyes on your own papers!

LOL, Jess.

I can't even bring myself to watch DAYS. Are writers actually proud of these type of stories? Blah.

Did they address the fact that Jeremy has a strong Jewish heritage? After all, his mother was a practicing Jew and he grew up in Israel, so it should be a part of his character. Or is that all harder for writers to deal with than "creepy misogynist jerk"?

Also, what *is* it with all the Days teens/YAs and their random occupations? I guess it's nice to break from the "everyone's a doctor, a cop, a supermodel, a CEO, or just inexplicably never has to work or go to school" template of the James Reilly years, but come on...is there really that much story potential in being a race car driver or the pilot of a small plane that only goes to Vegas?

He couldn't look less Jewish but I thought the towel dropping scene was so that we could hear Chelsea letting us know, "yup, he's Jewish".

When that didn't happen and he continued to "air dry" I think my skin crawled off my body.

Days couldn't tell a compelling story if their life depended on it. OH THAT"S RIGHT! Their life DOES depend on it.

To say Jeremy is weird is an underestimation of how nasty he is. The actor who plays him must have been desparate for work when he took this cookie cutter jerk role. Even Alice reminded him, that she knows exactly who he is.

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