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June 10, 2007

Days of Our Lives Week in Review

Days is really quite good (I mean, soap good, not Six Feet Under good, lest anyone get confused) these days, which means unless you want to read page after page of "wow, that was awesome," these Week in Review posts are getting very difficult.  Thank goodness for some bad fashion, some classic John Black moments, and of course, the RETURN OF STEFANO!


I'm becoming a huge John fan.  We've waxed poetic about Drake Hogestyn's so-bad-it's-good-ness around here before.  But perhaps because he was gone for so long, I had forgotten how cheesily great his scenes could be.  This week, when he rescued the fine wine from Lucas' rage?  "Not the Rothschild!"?  I giggled like a schoolgirl.


And a few minutes later, when he whipped out a huge-ass hunting knife, threatening to cut out EJ's kidney?  If you tell me you didn't find that absolutely hilarious, I'm going to have to question whether you possess a sense of humor.


And then the awful, yet somehow fantastic, line that you just know the writers have had in their back pocket for months:  "Yes, folks, Elvis has just left the building."  And, scene.


There are probably about two instances in the history of human existence in which a vest is okay.  Well, maybe there's just one.  In the right weather conditions, a puffy down vest can provide necessary warmth, along with fond memories of Back to the Future.

In virtually every other scenario, everyone needs to just say no to vests.  Chelsea Brady (does she use Brady?) should have said no, and also set this little number on fire while she was at it: 


Did she steal that off the heretofore unknown Harley Davidson edition of a Cabbage Patch Doll?  What is that?  I was so traumatized by it that I almost missed enjoying her conversation with Bo and her and Nick's conversation with Bo and Roman.  They told the truth and resolved a situation without dragging it out over six months, yet it was still interesting and fun to watch. Who knew such things were possible in soaps?!

(Also:  Willow died!  Yay!)


Suzanne Rogers is great, one of Days' true veterans, and Maggie is usually a fun character that provides a lot of history and warmth.  So I am loathe to criticize (say it with me:  no I'm not), but, what is going on with this hair?


If it's 1989 again and nobody told me, I'm going to be plenty upset.  Should I set my VCR to record Another World and Santa Barbara? Should I use the fancy new cordless phone my mom just got to call my best friend Cath to see if she wants to take the Cabriolet and go see that new movie with Sally Field and Dolly Parton (and that tall redhead that everyone says has a bright future) after school tomorrow?  I'll whip out my Guess jeans.  The zippers at the ankles are so cool.


My feelings about the Belle/Shawn coupling are well-documented. (Summary:  zzzzzzzzz.)  This week, in the face of Marlena's rather rude but actually really understandable questioning of Belle about her feelings for Shawn, Belle busted out with this "passionate" declaration of "love": 

Belle: Mom, Shawn loves me. He’s a hard worker, and he would do anything for Claire.

Well, that settles it then, you should totally keep him around.  As your nanny.

They're setting up a Shawn/Belle/Phillip triangle, right?  Maybe that will change my feelzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  (Sorry, that keeps happening.)  Maybe the fact that they're all looking for a missing baby together will be interestzzzzzzzzz.  (Seriously, I apologize.  I must just be overtired.)  I'm sure these storylines will pick up soozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Because the soap gods have been answering my prayers (well, the Days soap gods; the GH soap gods are apparently either on vacation, or have been taken out by the mob), this week saw the return of Stefano. Stefano!  80s cheesy goodness returns!  Love it.  You go, Stefano:


Get on with your illness-faking, Brady-hating, Tony-loving, bad-accent-having, evil-plotting self.  We've missed you!


Strangely, John seems to be acting rather low key since waking up from the coma. The knife thing unnerved me because there would have been a time he'd have acted (meaning overacted) more menacingly towards EJ but this time he appeared to be holding back. Course, the man did just wake up from a 5 month coma.

Maybe Chelsea hoped she could bury that vest in the sand when she found the brush.

Well, clearly Chelsea has reverted back to her old ways of bullying little people and stolen the Mayor of Munchkinland's vest. She must've decided that less is more and held off on the moniker and watch fob, though.

Speaking of munchkins...Ding Dong, the Witch is DEAD! Willow's finally gonne!! And so is the Jan Brady whining! WooHoo!

Oh, and thanks. Now I have the "Charles In Charge" theme stuck in my head...except that Shawn is now in charge of our days and our nights.

I am now happily watching Days again after a 4 year hiatus (with some sneak peeks in between) thanks to your blog. I totally forgot how how James Scott could be! And I missed John Black and his eyebrow and Marlena's gasping orgasms! It's amazing how great Kristian Alfonso looks, like she hasn't aged a BIT. Thank YOU THANK you THANK YOU for reminding me there is a GOOD soap out there.

"You took my kidney, I'm going to take yours." - was seriously the best line EVER! Although my friend and I kept reciting "It's good to be back," in a fake accent all day long!

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