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« Are You Ready For Some Emmys? | Main | The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza! »

June 15, 2007

The Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Arrivals!

Start your hyper-critical engines, the Emmys are here!

  • promisingingenue (7:00:30 PM): Eeeeeee!!!! Chandra Wilson is the best


  • EvilButTwinless (7:01:03 PM): She is, but seriously, why is she there?  I cannot figure out her relevance.  If "longtime soap fan" qualifies you, why aren't we hosting?!?!
  • promisingingenue (7:01:19 PM): Can you imagine? If they were still in NYC, we'd totally be there
  • EvilButTwinless (7:02:51 PM): Ty Treadway is legendary?  I love Chandra, but sweetie, no.
  • promisingingenue (7:03:52 PM): I LOVE Laura Wright's hair. But her cleavage terrifies me


  • EvilButTwinless (7:04:30 PM): I'm beginning to think the braless thing isn't being forced on her by the GH stylists.  Le sigh.  Her hair and makeup are spectacular, though.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:05:16 PM): Chandra says Kassie DePaiva "brings it" every year.  Whatever this is that she has brought, I do not want any.


  • promisingingenue (7:06:09 PM): Gosh, for real. She has an awesome figure and really does look great most of the time, but this year is just like...no.  What is it supposed to be?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:06:15 PM): Oh, of course it's Missoni.  The bane of my existence.  Responsible for easily a third of the fashion world's ugliest fabrics.
  • promisingingenue (7:06:52 PM): Okay, I don't think Kim Zimmer is as wide as her dress makes her look


  • EvilButTwinless (7:07:12 PM): And I don't think she's as 80-years-old as her hair makes her look.
  • promisingingenue (7:07:32 PM): And could she not find oil blotting sheets? Eyes Lips Face has them for a dollar
  • EvilButTwinless (7:08:35 PM): At least there was no crimping involved.  I am still recovering from that clip of her in the old Emmy winners' montage.  Her hair was like 18 inches high.  Who's this club kid that Laura Wright is interviewing?


  • promisingingenue (7:09:09 PM): He plays Ji Min on Y&R and always looks quite dapper in his suits, so I am not sure why he's wearing a freaking sarong


  • promisingingenue (7:10:55 PM): Apparently, Gina Tognoni was the producer's choice to replace Sarah Brown as Carly


  • EvilButTwinless (7:12:34 PM): Seriously?  She's lovely but she doesn't seem very Carly-esque.  Wait, maybe I'd have to see her in a gold halter and crushed velvet palazzo pants to be sure.  [Edit:  At the time I was distracted by the Carly talk, so I forgot to mention that this dress is HIDEOUS.]
  • promisingingenue (7:13:05 PM): I cannot stand Greg Rikaart on Y&R, but I will always cherish his role on Dawson's Creek. I feel very ashamed to admit that


  • promisingingenue (7:13:14 PM): Is Chandra drunk? Or just nervous?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:14:31 PM): I will always think of him as Tiny Elfin Gay David, thanks to Jessica's TWoP recaps.  Chandra might be a little drunk.  Oooh, or maybe she's actually a Soap Crazy! 
  • promisingingenue (7:15:12 PM): Okay, I can't deal with Jason Gerhardt being married and Josh Duhamel continuing to date Fergie. If Peter Bergman loses tonight, I might not be able to go on


  • EvilButTwinless (7:15:53 PM): Hee.  They're just doing it to torture you.  I know for a fact that Josh Duhamel, for instance, is not dating Fergie.  Because he's married to me.
  • promisingingenue (7:16:17 PM): Yeah, whatever, heffa
  • EvilButTwinless (7:17:44 PM): Why must you hate?  I am a good friend.  For example, I would never let you leave the house wearing half the ensembles we've seen so far this evening.
  • promisingingenue (7:19:20 PM): Okay, WTF, Heather Tom?


  • EvilButTwinless (7:19:38 PM): Oh dear god, I think I had a Glamour Gal with that dress.  In 1983. Her Fendi shoes want to come live with me, though. The Shoe Cam is love.


  • promisingingenue (7:20:13 PM): Just because it's Christian Lacroix does NOT mean it's okay to dress like a Pretty in Pink extra.  Her shoes are awesome. But the hair. Like, how do you mess up a ponytail?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:21:31 PM): It takes effort.
  • promisingingenue (7:22:11 PM): Lesli Kay looks really pretty!


  • EvilButTwinless (7:23:06 PM): She is very pretty.  Is everyone on The Bold and the Beautiful contractually required to be either bold, or beautiful?  Because up until now my only knowledge of that show was Ron Moss's mullet, which I suppose is bold...
  • promisingingenue (7:23:46 PM): [comment about Hunter Tylo redacted for fear of lawsuit]
  • EvilButTwinless (7:24:28 PM): She is...a unique individual.  Oh my god, Brian Frons.  Quick, someone, you have a clear shot!


  • promisingingenue (7:24:52 PM): WHY IS HE RUINING THIS MOMENT?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:25:28 PM): Jason Thompson is hotly...hot.  Is that a fauxhawk, though?  And is Kimberly wearing the dress that Robin wore to Jax's wedding?  I'm so confused.


  • promisingingenue (7:26:01 PM): I think it borders on fauxhawk without crossing the line. And I do think she is wearing Robin's dress. But she didn't bother to brush her hair this time
  • promisingingenue (7:26:17 PM): Lindze Leatherman's dress is really distracting me. I feel like a dirty old man right now


  • EvilButTwinless (7:26:18 PM): Holy crap, Lindze Leatherman has a FANTASTIC body.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:26:30 PM): I like how you disapprove, and I am in awe
  • promisingingenue (7:27:01 PM): She's just so young! Won't someone think of the children?
  • promisingingenue (7:27:19 PM): Her body really is awesome though. Remind me why Georgie is on the show every third Tuesday and not every day?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:28:12 PM): Because she is not 1) in the mob, 2) sleeping with anyone in the mob, or 3) a brand-new character with no ties to the canvas that nobody cares about.  Duh.
  • promisingingenue (7:29:00 PM): Yeah, that was a really stupid question
  • EvilButTwinless (7:30:32 PM): Yeah, what are you, a PCPD cop or something?
  • promisingingenue (7:31:24 PM): I love Megan Ward. She is so pretty! And I love her hair


  • EvilButTwinless (7:31:59 PM): She's gorgeous.  Why did Sebastian Roche just tell me about his underwear?  I feel uncomfortable.
  • promisingingenue (7:32:58 PM): Ronn Moss's mullet! I just saw his mullet! And a scarf!


  • promisingingenue (7:33:06 PM): I find him endlessly fascinating
  • EvilButTwinless (7:33:33 PM): I think the scarf is surgically attached.  I have no idea who any of the people onscreen right now are.  I really need to watch more soaps.  Oh god, did I just say that?


  • promisingingenue (7:34:12 PM): You totally did and I am never going to let you forget it
  • EvilButTwinless (7:34:29 PM): Chandra is totally a Soap Crazy.  She calls the actors by their character names first!  I love her.
  • promisingingenue (7:35:17 PM): She is! She's a total soap crazy. I can sympathize, because I always refer to Dan Gauthier as Dick. Dick's death on 90210 was tragic. And hilarious.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:35:53 PM): I don't remember Dick on 90210.  There is a joke in that sentence, somewhere, if only someone could find it.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:36:39 PM): Oh Rick Hearst, I adore you, but you are mixing black and navy!  You cannot mix black and navy!  Why are stylists enabling this trend?


  • promisingingenue (7:37:09 PM): If Rick Hearst can't make something look good, there's just no hope for the rest of the world, I'm sorry
  • promisingingenue (7:37:35 PM): I think my favorite thing about him is that he hardly even pretends to not loathe the way the show is run
  • EvilButTwinless (7:42:29 PM):  Hillary B. Smith, much like Deidre Hall, is too old for barrettes.  I'm sorry, that's harsh, but we all know it's true.


  • promisingingenue (7:43:56 PM): Thank you, Laura Wright, for reading my mind


  • EvilButTwinless (7:44:25 PM):  I LOVE that Laura Wright just basically told Vivica A. Fox she has no business being there.  And Vivica proceeded to refer to herself as "a movie star."  Hilarious all around.
  • promisingingenue (7:45:08 PM): Seriously, she was in Juwanna Man.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:45:13 PM):  Oh my god, I just had a thought:  Someone please keep her away from that hottie who plays Jet on Days!  You just know she'll go after him!
  • promisingingenue (7:45:55 PM): Bradford Anderson doesn't annoy me any less offscreen


  • EvilButTwinless (7:46:53 PM):  Whoever it is that just said she is head-to-toe in Gucci should understand that she is also in head-to-toe ugly.  I cannot evaluate Bradford separately from Spinelli anymore.  I hate that character so much.  I'm sure he's a nice person, and he's talented, but he must unfortunately endure my spillover hate.
  • promisingingenue (7:49:49 PM): Effing Constantine


  • EvilButTwinless (7:50:07 PM):  Chandra did not just call him handsome.  She did not
  • promisingingenue (7:50:23 PM): I feel really violated whenever he looks in the camera


  • EvilButTwinless (7:50:42 PM):  There are hundreds of thousands of street people with better hair than this guy.
  • promisingingenue (7:51:04 PM): She just called him dapper
  • promisingingenue (7:51:09 PM): The word dapper has lost all meaning for me


  • EvilButTwinless (7:51:57 PM):  I have never seen Guiding Light, and I don't know anyone who has ever seen Guiding Light.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:53:28 PM):  Chandra is going to have a stroke interviewing Erica Slesak.  It's hilarious.



  • promisingingenue (7:53:43 PM): I think I love her even more for being an obviously insane fangirl
  • promisingingenue (7:54:44 PM): Michael Grazadei cleans up really well


  • EvilButTwinless (7:55:16 PM):  Jeanne Cooper could do one of those anti-smoking ads.  I never want to come anywhere near smoking after listening to her for 30 seconds.  I might not even ever eat smoked turkey again, just to be safe.
  • EvilButTwinless (7:55:35 PM):  Who is Michael Grazadei?
  • promisingingenue (7:55:41 PM): Jeanne Cooper is so fierce that she could probably knock me out just looking at me, but: the belt. Why?
  • promisingingenue (7:55:52 PM): He's the guy with Jeanne, and he plays Daniel the porn addict on Y&R


  • EvilButTwinless (7:56:13 PM):  And the scalloped neckline.  That's ill-advised too.  Oh, the porn addict!  That poor soul.
  • promisingingenue (7:57:58 PM): Nothing onscreen right now is okay


  • EvilButTwinless (7:58:20 PM):  Oh my GOD, there is so much wrongness, I can't even process it all at once.  To start with, does the American Ballet Theater know that Robin Strasser broke into their costume room?
  • promisingingenue (7:59:08 PM): Ohmigod, every time one of them shifts to the side, there is a new layer of evil waiting to appear on camera
  • EvilButTwinless (7:59:32 PM):  That new head writer is like, what the hell did I get myself into?
  • EvilButTwinless (7:59:50 PM):  Julie Marie Berman looks GORGEOUS.  Yay!


  • promisingingenue (8:00:15 PM): She is beautiful! This hair is perfect for her
  • EvilButTwinless (8:01:22 PM):  Her dress is the improved version of one that Julia Louis Dreyfuss wore to the Emmys a couple of years back.  There's some useless trivia for you.
  • promisingingenue (8:02:01 PM): I can't believe you know that
  • promisingingenue (8:02:13 PM): Maura West looks really great


  • EvilButTwinless (8:03:31 PM):  I don't know Renee Goldsberry, but she has clearly broken into my grandmother's house and re-purposed her chandelier.


  • EvilButTwinless (8:04:55 PM):  Julie Pinson looks absolutely gorgeous, except I don't like the extensions.  And I don't like that I, inexplicably, don't get to see Billy Warlock along with her.


  • promisingingenue (8:05:21 PM): She is so pretty that it's really starting to make me feel bad about myself
  • EvilButTwinless (8:05:38 PM):  It's very selfish of her, really.  She needs to ugly it up a bit.
  • promisingingenue (8:07:23 PM): Kind of like Tyra?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:07:44 PM):  Yes, Tyra was clearly thinking about other people's self-esteem when she got dressed today, bless her heart.
  • EvilButTwinless (8:08:17 PM):  Right now I'm trying to think of something more awesome than Julia Pinson and Linda Dano doing a fashion review of the Daytime Emmys, but I'm coming up empty.


  • promisingingenue (8:09:01 PM): Seriously, I am already giddy
  • EvilButTwinless (8:10:58 PM):  Do you know what doesn't make me giddy?  Jason getting equal space with Patrick and Robin in these Night Shift promos.  F'ing Guza.


  • promisingingenue (8:11:49 PM): Steve Burton's neck is bigger than Jason Thompson's head
  • EvilButTwinless (8:12:14 PM):  Steve Burton's neck is bigger than the Kodak Theater.
  • EvilButTwinless (8:12:49 PM):  The Days crew looks gorgeous!  Except, once again, the extensions.  Rachel Melvin is gorgeous; she didn't need those.


  • promisingingenue (8:13:26 PM): Martha Madison looks beautiful! And Tamara Jacobs is there! I know she has a real name, but come on, it's Tamara
  • EvilButTwinless (8:14:06 PM):  It's totally Tamara.  Leann Hunley got to make out with Josh Jackson, man.  That is the coolest thing ever.  On second look, I hate her dress though.  So I guess things balance out.
  • promisingingenue (8:15:51 PM): "Will the prom musical bring them together?" It's like the SoapNet promo people knew I had a bad day and wanted to make me feel better
  • EvilButTwinless (8:17:06 PM):  It's just so fantastically, awesomely ridiculous.  I have never seen OLTL in my life but I so want to watch for a few days just to see how low a show can go.  I wonder whether Prom: The Musical is at all related to the brand-new head writer that Robin Strasser just mentioned?  I'm sure it's just a coincidence.
  • promisingingenue (8:18:00 PM): EEEEEE!!! Luke and Laura!


  • EvilButTwinless (8:18:21 PM):  Genie Francis looks freaking amazing!
  • promisingingenue (8:18:40 PM): She really, really does. I want her to win this Emmy so freaking badly
  • EvilButTwinless (8:19:14 PM):  There's just no way anyone else can win it, right?  I can't imagine.  "Laura is Luke's humanity." Tony Geary is a divine individual.
  • promisingingenue (8:19:56 PM): Kin Shriner and Josh Duhon are creeping me out


  • EvilButTwinless (8:20:20 PM): Scott and Logan must be father and son.  They are identical.
  • EvilButTwinless (8:21:11 PM):  I love how Kin is just a wee bit bitter when he says he's there to support Genie and Tony and that "Tony, of course, has won numerous times..."
  • promisingingenue (8:21:22 PM): I love this girl's yellow dress


  • EvilButTwinless (8:21:37 PM):  More Guiding Light people.  The show I'm not convinced actually exists.  The yellow dress is gorgeous, though.
  • promisingingenue (8:21:41 PM): I'm sorry, I can't get over how gorgeous Melody Thomas Scott is


  • EvilButTwinless (8:22:04 PM):  How old is she?  She's been on soaps since I was a kid and she looks like a teenager.
  • promisingingenue (8:22:18 PM): She's 51!!! I would sell a child to look like that at 51
  • EvilButTwinless (8:23:18 PM):  Shut UP.  I would sell an army of children to look like that now.
  • EvilButTwinless (8:27:00 PM):  Oh, these are the poor youngsters forced to do the musical prom on OLTL.  "We all just laughed while doing it."  Well, at least we all have something in common!


  • promisingingenue (8:27:47 PM): It's such a soap thing to do. Like "Well Buffy had a musical episode, so we should do one! Woo!" Um, that was like five years ago. Way to be on the cutting edge
  • EvilButTwinless (8:28:26 PM):  Plus I think there was a little movie on the Disney channel or something with a similar theme.  I can't be sure, though.  It didn't get much publicity.
  • promisingingenue (8:29:00 PM): I wonder if it counts as ripping something off if it comes from your parent company?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:29:25 PM):  It's an homage, Mal.  God.
  • promisingingenue (8:30:21 PM): I don't hate Rachael Ray, should I be admitting this?


  • EvilButTwinless (8:31:09 PM):  I think that's a high crime or misdemeanor on the internet, but I'm not sure why.  You know I don't really like cooking.  Or food. 
  • EvilButTwinless (8:32:15 PM):  Those people don't actually play Ricky Paull Goldin's children, do they?  Did he become a father while still at the paste-eating stage?


  • promisingingenue (8:33:09 PM): It's very confusing to me
  • EvilButTwinless (8:35:56 PM): I love this Days promo, because it encapsulates everything I watch soaps for:  Good cops.  Bad girls.  Super couples. 
  • EvilButTwinless (8:35:03 PM):  Well, it doesn't encapsulate why I watch GH, but you see where I was going with that.
  • promisingingenue (8:35:32 PM): And I love this Y&R promo because...well, you know. I sort of like Peter Bergman
  • EvilButTwinless (8:35:45 PM):  You do?!  You should mention that from time to time.
  • promisingingenue (8:35:57 PM): Kristoff St. John just got more screentime than he has on Y&R all month


  • EvilButTwinless (8:36:38 PM):  Then perhaps he shouldn't have dressed as a butler?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:38:40 PM):  Having Night Shift cast members there without Billy Dee freaking Williams (yes, I will refer to him that way every single time in every recap) is just a crime.


  • promisingingenue (8:39:37 PM): I liked how they added working with Steve Burton as a huge afterthought. Was Guza offscreen threatening to kill their pets if they didn't give him a shoutout?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:40:15 PM):  "We love working with all those veteran actors, like Kimberly McCullough and the rest [awkward pause], uh, and Steve Burton."  Awesome.
  • promisingingenue (8:40:56 PM): Lauralee Bell gives me a migraine


  • EvilButTwinless (8:41:52 PM):  Why does her face look completely different than when she was younger?  Becky Herbst, on the other hand, is predictably gorgeous.  But I don't like her dress.  I'm basically anti-lace, and anti-beige.  So she's 0 for 2 with me.


  • promisingingenue (8:42:08 PM): I really love Leven Rambin's dress, but I don't like the hair.


  • EvilButTwinless (8:42:32 PM):  I'm just mesmerized by how gorgeous Julie Berman looks.  Again.  Good for her!


  • EvilButTwinless (8:43:06 PM):  I love how Michael Easton just said OLTL is an inch away from cancelation.


  • promisingingenue (8:43:30 PM): I know! Was that awesome, or dickish, or both?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:44:00 PM):  Both!  He also referred to himself as a "fella."  I think I might love him.
  • promisingingenue (8:47:12 PM): Chandra Wilson is seriously so adorable that I want to give her a hug


  • EvilButTwinless (8:47:48 PM):  I have never seen an individual more excited about flip-flops.  Let alone about meeting soap stars.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.


  • EvilButTwinless (8:48:33 PM):  Who is this Tobias person?  He just said "fabulous!" in the most amusing way.


  • promisingingenue (8:48:55 PM): I don't know who he is, but I suddenly want to spend the day with him
  • EvilButTwinless (8:49:20 PM):  I smell a guest blogger!
  • promisingingenue (8:56:18 PM): Is it bitchy to still be baffled by the sarong if it's part of someone's culture?
  • EvilButTwinless (8:57:04 PM):  You know better than to ask me questions about what level of bitchiness is appropriate.
  • promisingingenue (8:57:32 PM): Laura Wright could barely discuss it with a straight face. I think she would be fun to have lunch with
  • EvilButTwinless (8:58:05 PM):  Totally.  We can tell her how gorgeous she is and how her hair is the 8th wonder of the world, and then maybe we can slip in some constructive criticism about the bra issue.


A sarong? A sarong and sunglasses? What the fug?

Thank goodness you ladies are here! Being a (apparently lowly) Canadian, I do not have access to SoapNet so you are the only thing I have to fill me in on the pre-show highlights.

By the way,loved and watched all the clps you gave us of the previous Emmy winners. Too cool.

The trio that you didn't recognize were from As the World Turns. I have, over the years, watched every soap--except Passions. I don't recommend it--especially given the state of soaps now.

Did Laura Wright really just ask Vivica Fox why she was there? I'm alternating between being horrified and terribly amuse.

Laura Wright doesn't understand how to hold the mic so her interviewees--she only seems to being having a problem with the ladies. Coincidence or bitchiness?

Genie won! Oh my god! This makes me so happy that I am willing to accept any bad choices they make. Seriously, GH could win best writing, and I would be okay with it!

It may be the Daytime Emmys, but Lindze brought the Golden Globes. Damn.

I loooved the two Cassies!


Jason Gerhardt's wife is gorgeous! I used to be jealous of her, now I'm jealous of him. They look so proud to be there and giddy. LOVE them/ And he's got another baby on the way!

laura wright owned. i love her super fab hair and the way she is still amazing with all the clothes the gh wardrobe department throws!

Seriously, Lindze's boobs FREAKED ME THE HELL OUT! Girl is STACKED! And it's all natural, too. I also loved how she wanted to see SC at the Academy Awards. Wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be nice to stick it in Frons and Guza's craws?

That sarong was ridiculous, but, damnit, I find that guy hot (he's been in all kinds of other random stuff, like Stargate SG-1), in a slightly-crazy-but-in-a-good-way way.

I don't care, but I think BA was actually hot in his Gucci (or was it Armani?). And he brings all the adorable geekiness of Spinelli without the baby creepiness, nicknames, and Jason worship. In other words, my future husband!

I agree Bradford is adorable and yummy in his Armani (it was Armani) He just seemed so generally happy to be there. He is really down to earth person.

For the record, I will fight for Brad Anderson. I know you claimed dibs, but may the best woman win. That dude is all mine.

Genie looks fabulous. So nomination is great motivation. Uh, IIC, bring Genie home!

Lindze Letherman is so stacked. I know there's a reason we're all sniffing after Lulu, but I just can't seem to recall it...right...now. My memory is blocked by the Golden Globes of Georgianna Jones. (Could she be related to Indy?)

Regency, I think Bourgeois Nerd is hoping the best man will win. ;) BN, I love you but how can I respect you now that I know you covet ... SPINELLI? And you were my arbiter of good taste too. Sniff.

Regency Sorry Bradford is mine. I am wiling to fight for him. You think my husband would mind?

I'm sorry, Kazou. I just love a hot geek!

You two are TOOO much!!! LOL...Thanks for being so entertaining! I'm glad some of the actors are sticking it to ABC soaps and their horrendous treatment of their veterans.

I'll fight anybody for Bradford and I *will* fight with Lindze's boobs. Those things seem rather perky, and deadly.

*smirk* I'm channeling Liz.

Kassie DePaiva looks like she's this year's Hunter Tylo with the "shelf boobs." Click here for what that means:


I love Lindze's boobs! They're perfect and I think she knows it. I mean, she's got 'em on display. I love it!

Haha, I don't know about perfect, but they're pretty darn nice. A little too small for my tastes, though...

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