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June 16, 2007

Daytime Emmys Recap: Best and Worst Dressed

As you may have noticed, we at Serial Drama are fans of the aesthetically pleasing. We love pretty things. And when pretty people wear pretty things, it comes close to making our black little hearts feel something akin to happiness.

And when people wear heinous things, well...actually, it still makes our black little hearts feel something akin to happiness, since we enjoy mockery more than almost anything.

So last night's Daytime Emmys made us happy for one reason or another. There was the sublime, and the ridiculous, and we loved each and every one.

Our Picks For Best Dressed:

Our Picks For Worst Dressed:

And then there was Peggy McCay. I don't even think it qualifies as a worst dressed; it's somehow even more evil than that. It's like the video in The Ring. In seven days, Peggy is going to come out of your television and smother you with her poncho.


That was so hard to choose.

I was completely blown away by how fabulous Genie looked! That dress was classic. It's as though she said "Frons, you think you can tell stories about Laura without actually having Laura there - well suck on this! I look divine!"

In terms of Worst Dressed, I had to go with Gina. Ellen is known for eschewing anything that might smack of glamour and Tyra is/was a fashion model and they're known for wearing things most of us wouldn't be caught dead in. I'm not sure what Gina's motivation was (or what the hell that thing was supposed to be).

I vote for Eric Sarong. Er, Steinberg.

Or was that a kilt, after all?

Best dressed I voted Julie Marie Berman and worst Ellen and tyra tied that up

OK....where are the men? Cuz I mean, I was absolutely LOVING Jason Gerhardt's look. I could be biased, though. I am a moderator on his own fan message board - http://forums.jasongerhardtfan.net/index.php - but seriously, I loved his ensemble cuz that tie looked so GOOD with the whole thing. YUM!

So, can we have some men to vote on, PLEASE?!

(love this Blog, btw)

Peggy McCay looks like a crazy cat lady.

I thought Rebecca Herbst was one of the BEST dressed. I love the dresses she wears, SHE DESIGNS THEM!
Anyone else love her dress?

Leann Hunley rocked her red dress. She looked amazing!

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