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June 16, 2007

Daytime Emmys Recap: Most Awesome Moment


It was a great moment when Genie won. I was in tears. I loved it.. eat your heart our Fronz. Cow my but.

Genie I think looked better last night then she did as a teen.

I'm feeling some pain over GH and all of ABC Daytime not winning lots of awards. I think next year you should consider instituting a few categories for your readers to vote, just to give ABC(not just their actors) a shot at something.

Worst Use of Awesome Acting Talent by a Soap

Stupidest Firing of Awesome Acting Talent by a Soap

Worst Wardrobe Department

Most Overuse of Useless Characters

There are so many possibilities!

This way Frons has a chance to win!

Certainly, my happiest moment came when Genie FINALLY won her much and long deserved Emmy. However, I agree with Bec - if ABC wants to win more Emmys they will have to institute new categories such as "Most Overuse of Useless Characters", etc. They are a shoe-in for those. The real tragedy is that GH is one or two more AWESOME WRITERs away from being truly great (and maybe a new wardrobe department). Ah, a girl can still dream.

ABC has fallen way down, and nothing should be instituted to give them a feeling of self-entitlement. We spend hours a day blogging and commenting, and doing a fabu job at snarking on how bad GH is...yet there is a feeling of let-down? that GH couldn't pull off more trophies than CBS...

What needs to happen is that bad behavior should not be rewarded. ABC sucks like hot buttered arse...GH especially.

The awards received were well deserved.

Genie earmarks to me a 'pass' for shortest air time as a supporting actress to have received a nom and won the trophy.

IMO...that is pass enough.

Genie winning was the best.

A close second was realizing Frons was in the audience, and he had to watch ABC get shut out. Except for the poorly used actor who spins gold from the shit of Frons pet Guza and lets the world know it's shit, and the daytime legend Frons let be treated like yesterday's garbage. Suck it, Fronsie.

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