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June 11, 2007

Emmy Week: Day 1

We here at Serial Drama don't like much, which I like to think is part of our charm. But we do enjoy some things, chief among them being the Daytime Emmy awards, which are FINALLY here. It is so exciting!

So we decided to celebrate the awesomeness of the Daytime Emmys this week, with special Emmy bonus content, polls and predictions leading up to the Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza this Friday starting at 7 PM.

So sit back, take another look at the nominees and get geared up for the kind of glitz, glamour and tackiness that only the Daytime Emmys can give us.


Thanks for including a poll with Jason Thompson and references to tanorexic, over made-up, sparkling C-list celebrities as options so I could participate, because really, the Daytime Emmy's (and any awards show for that matter) are all about the WTF?! styling choices and hotly attending men. Weeee! Can't wait.

I had to vote for the Jill Farren Phelps option, because last night I saw this clip of her winning (Best Show for GH in '05), and I am dying to see how someone who is that assy when she wins will react to not even being eligible to lose. Aretha Franklin making and uncomfortable "respect" joke and Eric Braeden being drunk or high are also highly enjoyable. Not as enjoyable as JFP getting a sum total of about 7 seconds to accept the award, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Rumor has it that JMB will not win (poor tape selection, according to Michael Bruno aka Soap A**hole who always seems to be right).... but I voted for her anyway.

Bwah! Thanks for the link Evil But Twinless. The parting shot of Dee Hall squintily waving goodbye to the camera makes it extra good.

God bless Eric Braeden.

Well, of course I had to pick Jason Thompson hotly watching the show LOL. Afterall, Jason Thompson viewing is a must :)

Is there ANY other reason to watch the emmy's other than seeing Jason Thompson? Nope. I don't think so.

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