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June 14, 2007

Emmy Week Edition: Expression Hall of Fame

Since we no longer have the Soap Opera Digest Awards around to give out truly meaningful awards to daytime's standouts (Best Couple, Best Villian, Best Catfight Involving Food), we're trying to help out by adding some spice to Emmy week around here.  In that vein, I present our latest edition of the Serial Drama Expression Hall of Fame.  Unlike the Emmys, we have a reliable, scientific, beyond-reproach system for selecting our winner:  online polling!  Join us, won't you?  Here's the poll; photos after the jump.

We have new inductees:

From GH, Sonny's duh face of the year:


From Days, John's famous eyebrow:


From Y&R, Abby's look of pure hatred for her 'rents:


From Days, Bo and John's classic WTF response to seeing TONY ON A HORSE:


These newcomers join veterans that include:

From GH, Cameron's legendary "bitch, please":


It must be hereditary, because also from GH is Cameron's on-screen mom Liz's fabulous "?!?!" look at Sonny being at Carly's wedding to Jax:


From GH, Drunk Sam!:


And there will be more to come!  Remember to drop us an email with your nominees.

So, your verdict?


Cameron's Bitch Please is now a classic!

So hard to choose, just because Liz's "WTF? Sonny?" face was sooooooo awesome, but "Bitch please!" just can't be beat. Liz might be acting like an idiot, but girl can pop out cute little boys with attitude!

Please don't make me choose. Being torn between Bo and John's WTF?! and Cameron's "bitch, please" is hard enough, but now Sonny's looks of pure apathy are cracking me up, especially that wedding photo where he's one blink away from entering a coma.

Evil ... (it's okay if I call you evil, isn't it? Because posting all these YouTube clips is pure evil) ... this poll is pure ... (no, not evil) ... torture! I sat here giggling to myself for five minutes, alternating choices. Still am pissed I had to choose between so many GREAT EHF pics. I haven't been this indecisive since about 1/2 an hour ago at the grocery store when I had to choose between regular and non-fat.

I so had to go with Cameron's "Bitch, please". That is classic. However, all nominees were worthy and it was a tight race. I know that I will be referencing the DOOL "wtf" look for ages to come.

Peace Out.

Haha Cameron's bitch please look is classic I just laugh everytime I see it!!

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