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June 04, 2007

Fair Warning

Rarely does a single screencap deserve a post of its own, but I hope you'll agree this is a worthy exception.

Of course, Friday's Days awesomely featured TONY ON A HORSE, in the middle of a mansion (the morning room, to be precise). 

But it also featured Bo and John's absolutely hilarious reactions to seeing TONY ON A HORSE, in the middle of a mansion:


Please be forewarned that it is possible that in all future posts, when I wish to express "WTF?!" more eloquently than those three little letters can do on their own, I will be using this glorious excerpt of television.  I cannot possibly improve upon it.

(This reminds me that we are still accepting submissions for the next edition of  the Expression Hall of Fame.  I think you can guess what one of the inductees will be.)


That.Is.Priceless!! Love it...and I can't stop laughing. Thanks for making my day brighter. :oD

LOL that's a great pic! That look isn't so unusual for John but Bo's look is priceless!!


ROFL!! Although IMO John has less a WTF?? expression and more a "Hello Horse, I'm Rico -- Rico Suave!" expression.

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