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June 14, 2007

I Am Overdosing on Awesome

Ohmigod, you guys. OHMIGOD, YOU GUYS.

There are days when I am watching Days and seriously consider the idea that I must have hallucinated the entire episode because what happens is SO BIZARRE and yet SO BRILLIANT that it can't possibly be real and must instead be something that I dreamed one night after taking cold medicine. Except it's not, it actually happened. It's real and it's spectacular!

Today was one of those days.

It's getting to the point where I am going to have to start watching the show with a paper bag handy at all times because the pure amazingness is making me hyperventilate.

First, there was E.J.'s horrific yet hilarious comment about Coma John.

Then, there was TONY ON A HORSE.

And now we learn that Lexie spent her absence from the show turning into Nell and also a ninja.


I simultaneously wondered "WTF?!?!", asked myself why I still watch this show, penned Hogan Sheffer a love note for writing this scene and laughed so hard that I actually made myself snort.

She was HISSING. And she tried to choke Hope! While HISSING.

And then Julie stepped in to give the righteous smackdown.


"Don't even try it!"

If you ever meet me and I'm silent for a little while, it's just because I'm replaying that scene in my head.

I seriously didn't know what to do with myself when the episode ended. I had no idea what to think. I still don't. Why was she hissing, only to stop when she recognized Hope? Why was she wearing a ski mask when she was living underground for months?  Why am I not at all bothered by the fact that Hope's sister is married to her father? Why can't Julie go around beating down random characters? Why did anyone for one second entertain the notion that Lexie could be right and Bo could really be dead? How soon we all forget the days when Lexie declared an entire town's worth of people dead. Why did Hope's look of disgust when Doug suggested that they call Roman make me laugh for a full ten minutes? Okay, the last one is obvious. But overall, it's the type of episode best summed up with random punctuation !!!!!!!??????!!!!!!<3333???!!!!

And on top of that, Belle showed a personality and bordered on awesome. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?! It's like up is down and left is right.


Oh my GOD. I just watched it, and I am having trouble breathing from laughing so hard. I am never deleting this off my TiVo. I'm going to have viewing parties.

I can't even decide what my favorite part was, but Julie melodramatically screaming "Don't you speak ENGLISH?! Can't you underSTAND anything?!" to NelLexie after jumping into that crazy-ass karate position is near the top.

And Belle yelled "you child-stealing bitch!"!!! Where has she been storing up this personality?

Days almost left me unconscious today. If I die, you will ensure that it is recorded as the first ever cheese-induced fatality, right?

Plus, the start of phone sex with an extremely comfortable Steve Johnson (and Adrienne's "that's mature." JE had some expressions today and yesterday that should surely compete in the expression contest.

That was seriously the most unintentionally hilarous thing I have seen on a soap. I want a tape of Lexies noises to play at random moments....in the bathroom at work, for example.
And Belle? Actually didn't annoy me today. Except for when she used "Marlena Evans" as her fake name on the phone.

Dear soap gods,

Please let Nell!Lex say, "Treaaey in da wiyaand" and confirm that Tek's hotness is still intact and okay, and that he will be showing up shortly.


I loved yesterday's episode. The Steve/Adrienne stuff was hilarious and entertaining to watch such veterans act off each other with ease. (And Adrienne doing Kayla? More of that please!)

The Lexie stuff had the same reaction I had to Tony on a horse. WTH??? But it was a Holy Cow WTH? Not a WTF WTH? So that's good.

Course, Crazy!Lexie or Sane!Lexie, girl still can't properly tell if someone is dead or not.

Oh, I'm so pissed. NBC moved Days yesterday while I was sleeping so I recorded dumbass Passions last night! What the Frak?

The best episode yet and this is what happens. So wrong.

That was THE best soap round-up of the year, and I agree completely. Why on earth didn't the soap mags ask YOU to do their year-end round-ups, on top of being a lot more truthful, yours are also a lot more hilarious.

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