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June 21, 2007

As the Scalpel Cuts: Not That We Mean To Imply Anything With That Title

Seeing Hunter Tylo at the Daytime Emmys reminded me of an article I read recently, the brilliance of which I had to share with you.  However, before we begin, let's assess how we all feel about Ms. Tylo's appearance of late, shall we?   Here she is at the Emmys. 


So, I had never previously read Soap Opera Weekly, but I recently picked up a copy (for research!), and...is it always this awesomely, slyly bitchy towards unlikeable stars?  I might have to subscribe. 

Let me back up for a second.  Neither of us here at Serial Drama watches The Bold and the Beautiful (Please don't bother commenting to tell us how we should therefore shut up about anyone on the show, because have you ever read this site before?  Shutting up is not what we do here).  But, both because of her [thankfully] brief tenure as Marina on Days and because she is all over the soap press, through the years we have nonetheless been exposed to Hunter Tylo.  Promising Ingénue has explained some of the reasons Ms. Tylo is a bit of an oddball (please especially note "agent of the devil" reference).  So imagine my delight when I saw on the cover of SOW that Ms. Tylo appeared to be coming clean about her myriad nips and tucks!  That kind of candor could make me get past the whole seems-to-be-a-whackadoodle thing.  But alas, the headline "Hunter Tylo:  Surgery Snafu" was about no such confession -- how silly of me to have misunderstood what was clearly not an attempt by the magazine to get in a dig at Ms. Tylo!  Here's the article itself:

Plastic Surgery SNAFU for B&B Star

A Web site devoted to celebs' plastic surgery claims to have come under fire for implying that The Bold and the Beautiful star Hunter Tylo (Taylor) went under the knife. 

The unnamed Webmaster of www.awfulplasticsurgery.com recently posted an e-mail, allegedly sent on Tylo's behalf, threatening legal action for what its author deemed libelous statements regarding Tylo -- unless those statements and the corresponding photos were removed from the site immediately.

"It has recently come to our attention that your Internet Web site . . . has posted at least one false and defamatory statement about Ms. Tylo," wrote the person claiming to represent Tylo.  "Specifically, an article entitled: 'Hunter Tylo and her shelf boobs.'"  [Ed. note:  This is the "article."]

The offending commentary (posted Aug. 1, 2005) included, among other things, "They jut out like a shelf and look strangely out of place on her small petite frame."

Nothing could be found regarding the supposed law firm cited in the e-mail, "Grecon Associates," and no one involved wanted to talk about it.  A spokesperson for B&B responds that it is the show's policy never to comment on actors' personal lives.  Tylo's manager, Marv Dauer, also declined comment.

Things I love about this article:

  1. it is accompanied by four photos of Hunter Tylo (dated 1989, 2001, 2005, and 2007), entitled "Tylo, beautiful through the years," and she looks pretty much like a different person in each one. (Note to Grecon Associates:  That's in my personal, sarcastically critical opinion, which is in no way an assertion of fact!)  It's something along the lines of:  1   2   3   4
  2. that the 2005 photo is this one, which 1) is a version of the one Promising Ingénue linked to last year, and 2) so obviously disproves the aforementioned vicious "shelf boobs" allegation!  (Much like this one does as well.  And this one.  And this one.)
  3. that it doesn't even attempt to dispute the accuracy of the allegedly libelous statements on the website
  4. that it highlights that this issue allegedly came to the alleged attention of Tylo's alleged lawyers "recently," while the article has been on the website for nearly two years
  5. did I mention the "Hunter Tylo: Surgery Snafu" and "Plastic Surgery SNAFU for B&B Star" headlines?!

I'll give Hunter Tylo the benefit of the doubt -- as I am not an agent of the devil -- and assume the cease and desist letter is a hoax.  Because truth is a defense to libel, and she has to know that it's totally obvious she's done more tune-ups than the average Jiffy Lube, right?  Regardless, my hat is off to Soap Opera Weekly's sly bitchiness.  I need to see more of this in the press. I would totally start reading newspapers if they would just incorporate something along these same lines. 


Disclaimer for me personally: Hunter who?

Disclaimer over: That woman is clearly on the crazy juice. It's one thing if she was unattractive before, but she wasn't. She was breathtaking. Now, she's not taking any breaths. Those boobs are keeping it from happening. My god, there they are! That's them. Don't you see? The WMD's that the President's been so ineptly searching have been hiding under Hunter Tylo's plastique tarp (see 'skin') all along! Victory!

Hey, Serial Drama(TM) girls, I have no way to reach you ladies personally, but I thought you'd be interested to know that there's a very serious grassroots effort underway to bring Genie "The Angel" Francis back to GH where she belongs. We would love it if you'd be willing to get involved since we know you love Genie too. If you're interested, feel free to stop over at the Luke&Laura Unrevised Message Board (linked in my name) for more information or give me a shout at [email protected]. Thanks!

I know. She scares the shit outa me, too. I remember thinking she was so beautiful back in the day, but DearLordMotherOfGod it is horrifying to see what she's done to herself. I still have a hard time understanding it. When I first saw her a few months back, after years of forgetting about her, my jaw dropped. Ushering people to come and see what a freak she'd become was kind of amusing, though sad. I understand the double standards and pressures women in the industry feel, but there is just no logical reasoning behind...that.

Off-topic, but I wanted to update you: "Prom: The Musical" has finally reached its triumphant conclusion - the steroid-induced attacker and his victim are back together! Hooray!

What's brilliant is that there have been ads for buying the soundtrack off the ABC website. I'd give anything to see the sales numbers and how many of those sales are from people over 70 who were trying to find a "hip" gift for their teenage grandchildren.

Since Hunter Tylo has changed her name about a bazillion times, I'm not surprised by the suggestion that she gives her plastic surgeon a workout. She seems to want to change everything about herself. (If it wasn't so entertaining it would be sad because *something* fairly traumatic must cause that highly elevated level of self-loathing.)

Also, I don't think the lawsuit letter is a hoax at all. I suspect her publicist or lawyer they have on retainer popped off a "scare" letter thinking they could bully the webmaster into removing Tylo's pics. Whether Tylo herself knew of her publicist/lawyers actions is questionable (although I personally think she did) but they probably figured they'd have nothing to lose. Unfortunately for them, the webmaster wasn't easily intimidated and instead brought the whole thing public. Now it's garnered the attention of a leading trade paper and given even MORE people the chance to see what the pictures so clearly show. Stooopid PR flacks. The truly sad thing is that Tylo doesn't have to have the law on her side -- she has lawyers on retainer and can absorb their cost -- hell, they probably did the letter as a favor to her or charged her 1/2 hour's time. That's nothing. However, for Joe Schmoe publishing on the internet, it can cost easily $10,000 to get a lawsuit thrown out of court. (And those are low estimates -- the Judge who sued the drycleaner for several million dollars over a pair of pants nearly drove those same drycleaners to bankruptcy; the Duke students wrongly accused of rape spent nearly $1 million in defense costs. Lawsuits will KILL ya!)

It doesn't help the poor thing that she has to go to work and face Katherine Kelly Lang every damn day. It should, however, demonstrate how much she has screwed up.
KKL is a year older and looks better now than she did when she first started on B&B.
She was so fresh faced and cute! Even the 80s were sorta kind to her.

She has managed to mature and is, IMHO, drop dead gorgeous and does not look plastic or insane. The woman is 46! http://kkl-fans.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=1&pos=5")
She has also spent most of her adult life on a soap opera! I'm sure she's had some help, but she doesn't look like a duck billed platypus. All I'm saying.

Oh Hunter!

I feel so bad for this woman. What on earth was she thinking?
She was a truly stunning girl back-in-the-day and was maturing into a breathtakingly beautiful woman when she went and got her lips puffed. I was shocked when I saw that. How could she not see that she was the last person who needed "fixing".

It was all downhill from there.

omg, I never have cared for this woman, crazy juice is mild to what she has to be on and to claim NOT to have had plastic surgery...wth, no one ages that horribly. I could go on for days, but I won't. I will just stop and and LMAO cause this cracks me up!

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Hunter is kind of a train wreck at this point. But hey, this is more free publicity than the lady has probably ever recieved so maybe she's a genious. :)

There's nothing wrong with a little work under the knife so long as you find a true artist with a scalpel in hand... I'm sure she's had her "work" done...

Really liked this post. I will have to bookmark this site to tell my friends.

This post is very informative. It's best if didn't had any cosmetic/plastic surgery, it's actually a mess.

The actress who plays Brooke totally had work done especially around her eyes and cheeks. Thes stars who have plastic surgery and can afford the best always come out looking totally different. A face lift is supposed to make a person look 'refreshed" and a good surgeon makes sure his patients don't look "pulled" and fake. Joan Rivers is a prime example of a what a bad facelift looks like. You want to look normal not like a wax figure with the majority of your face not being able to move whenever you talk. I had weightloss surgery and found a great surgeon in the Buffalo , new york area and he did a great job. No one can tell I had work done. I was in my late 30's and no one who meets me can tell i had anything done or that I lost 145lbs. I am 42 now and a male and have had a full tummy tuck and a face lift an dupper eyelid surgery and I had a very gifted surgeon who was board certified in Plastic and reconstructive surgery and had the work done at a fraction of what these celebs paid for theirs. He was voted one of the top surgeons in the country 2009. It just baffles me when I see stars like Mickey Rourke, Kenny Rogers, Bruce Jenner etc. I thank God I did my research and made sure I found a Master Surgeon. If any stars are reading this I wouldgladly give you his name. His father is also a Plastic/reconstructive Surgeon so My guy knew his stuff!

Lots of stars have really overdone it in the last few years. OMG Heidi Montag has destroyed herself. The one woman who is timeless in the Daytime Soaps thanks to a good surgeon and not overdoing it is Susan Lucci.

You evidently haven't looked at Susan Lucci lately. She has definitely had face work.
If K. Kelly Lang had surgery, her eyes don't show it. I saw her on Italian DWTS and she has crow's feet.
But agree Hunter Tylo is freaky.

omg-Hunter Tylo has such a creepy face now....she is a strange strange person though. So I am not surprised. She has quite the history also......

Get it together Hunter

Check out Hunter as Robin McCall on All My Children. You won't even recognize her compared to how she looked on The Bold and the Beautiful. She had lots of work done even before she appeared there.


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