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June 11, 2007

Mike, Robin? Can We Talk?

About how your kid is an asshole?

For me, Days of Our Lives' Mike Horton is forever and always Michael T. Weiss.  He was Mike number, I don't know, 27?  And he wasn't the last, but he was Mike when I started watching so he's Mike Horton.  I had a bit of a crush on him.  And yes, I'm aware of the mullet, and the terrible shirts and cheesy ties, and the unfortunate Three Stooges-esque sense of humor.  But Mike was adorable!  And charming.  And a smart doctor.  And a good big brother.  And a fun boyfriend.  I was in junior high, and he was dreamy.  Shut up, you know you thought so too.  (Also, he dated April, played by Lisa Howard, and I so coveted her hair.  I tried to give myself her layered cut.  That...did not go well.)

Anyway, he and Dr. Robin Jacobs, another smart, charming doctor, had a kid.  Named Jeremy.  He was just adorable.  Fast-forward 17 or so years.  This kid has reappeared and, how can I put this politely?  He's a total dick.  Are we supposed to believe Robin, and part of the time Mike, raised this sleazy idiot?  After making a "charming" debut as Stephanie's oversexed boyfriend who runs some shady airline that flies only the Salem-Vegas route (?!?!?!), today he showed up half naked and oily (which I'm pretty sure I was supposed to think was hot) and tried to force himself on Chelsea.  Who he's like an inch away from being related to (Chelsea's mom Billie's half-brother Lucas is Mike's half-brother too, right?).  Ew.  And from the preview it looks like he forcibly kisses her tomorrow.  Great.  If the Days writers are going to start copying other soaps, could they not choose GH?  I think I'd even rather they go with Passions and have witches and magical little people roaming about.


Michael T Weiss is definitely Mike Horton forever for me too. And I have no concept as to how this Jeremy is meant to be Robin and Mike's kid. Makes no sense whatsoever.

"Great. If the Days writers are going to start copying other soaps, could they not choose GH?"

LMAO! I could not agree more!

And how many men does Chelsea need in her life? Throw in Stephanie and Max (and Abby should she ever return) and you have yourself one cozy love hexagon.

Or something.

I was so hoping that when they added Jeremy he'd be channeling the Michael T. Weiss version of Mike. As soon as he called Stephanie "sweet cheeks" I vomited.

The Days casting director is on my hit list.

Are you kidding me? I want to be the Days casting directors?

Actor: Hi, you want me to read my lines?
Casting: No, Can you just take off your shirt?
Actor: My shirt? Then do you want me to read my lines?
Casting: We don't care about the lines but you are going to be shirtless the entire time you are on the show. So show us what you got.

Yes, so true! The hate grows the more I watch his scenes. All I can think about is what a tool this guy is and want to bash his head against the wall! At least in yesterday's episode someone acknowledged it when Adrienne called him an ass(!) so I don't have to think the writers are morons who think his behavior is somehow charming or hot.

Loved Michael as Mike. Favorite Michael as Mike line? When picking up the phone he said, "Horton summer home. Some 're here some are not." Loved him. LOVED.

Now, I was a Jack fan first and formost. Jack and Jennifer.

But Mike. And Mike and April. They were a close second.

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