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June 10, 2007

Phew! Technical Problems Resolved

Thanks for your patience, everyone, as we resolved the many technical glitches.  One glitch became two became ten became one hundred.  Maybe this is what happened to All My Children?  Anyway, we're back up and running, but if you find any bugs please drop us an email.

Huge, huge thanks to regular reader and commenter kazou, who spent hours (seriously!) reviewing HTML code and various other heinously awful things trying to help us resolve the issues.  That is above and beyond, and given that she's also a regular viewer of General Hospital, we think you'll agree she deserves many kudos, props, e-hugs, and whatever other good things are still left on the internet.

By the way, with our re-designed layout comes ads in the left sidebar.  Please click on one or two and show our inaugural advertisers some love (at least some browsing love).  Thanks!


Well done, kazou! Now that I know you are adept in HTML, I may be bugging you to help me with something, though. No good deed goes unpunished! *LOL*

Kudos to kazou.

I blush. However, I think it was more a "Wizard of Oz" type deal -- I floated in wearing a ghastly prom dress, waving my wand busily about but you guys fixed it yourselves, having the power in your ruby red Manolo Blahniks all along. ;)

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