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« The Day's Dumbest Dialogue: GH on a Roll | Main | Phew! Technical Problems Resolved »

June 07, 2007

Please Bear With Us - Technical Problems

If you're reading this it's probably in a crazy place on the page and below a header you don't recognize.  We're working on the problem and will get the regular layout back up and running just as soon as we possibly can.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  We blame the GH showrunners.  Just because.

Update 6/9:  Yep, still f'ed up.  We're working on it.  Some server somewhere did something that caused something that nobody seems to be able to figure out.  We'll get the design squared away and update just as soon as possible.  (Any css experts in the house?  Drop us an email!  Our reaction to most of these computer issues can be summed up thusly.) 


I blame global warning.

I blame Brian Frons for everything that goes wrong in my personal life. It's fun.

But the site looks fine to me!

OMG! The Jackal has hit the site! Damn you, "Stone Cold" Guza!

It can't be Guza or Frons....I can still read the snark. On second thought....they're just inept enough to launch an attack that only changes the way the site looks--not what it says.

Did either of you girls sleep with Sonny? That'll fuck things up real fast.

I blame the GH showrunners, too.

Lucky Spencer must be your webmaster.

I blame Robin. And Alexis. Because the show's PTB have made it clear that everything is always their fault. When it isn't poor dead AJ's.

Sign me up for blaming Guza, Frons and Phelps...if for no other reason than that seemed to have given one of my favorite characters ever a lobotomy (poor Lucky).

Completely unrelated, it's a shame that neither of you guys watch OLTL because this coming week they're doing...I kid you not...a musical. "Prom: The Musical." Featuring silly dancing and romance between the son of a rape victim and the daughter of the rapist. There's a music video promo on the ABC website which is more than snarkworthy, even if you've never seen OLTL.

Oh no. I just watched that OLTL music video, and now I'm scarred for life.

I can't help but laugh, when I see how embarassed some of the actors OBVIOUSLY are. The young man that plays Cole obvious wants to be anywhere BUT there. Hah.

Hey! It seems to be getting better.

Thanks for the support, guys! We were seriously freaking out

Everyone's thoughts about who caused this clusterfuck cracked me up. Brett, "Lucky Spencer must be your webmaster" is still making me giggle.

Cori, I cannot even bring myself to watch the video because now that Days is getting good I kind of do need a sucky show to take its place, but getting caught up on a new show could take years. "Prom: The Musical" sounds absolutely dreamy, though.

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