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June 04, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Carly:  Where’s Jason? 
Lucky:  He’s in the interrogation room.  Whoa, where do you think you’re going? Nobody’s allowed in there except Jason’s lawyer.
Carly: Well, it’s a good thing I have a cousin that’s a cop.
Lucky: Oh, forget it, I can’t let you go in there.
Carly: What are you talking about? All you have to do is look the other way for five minutes.  Fine, I’ll pick up the phone, I’ll call Sam, I’ll bring the TV crew down here, I’ll make a loud scene out front, they’ll replay it and replay it and –
Lucky: No publicity in the world’s going to save Jason.  He is charged for [sic] murder.

Oh, show.  Why do you suck so?

  1. What the hell would Sam's show about heroic...ish stuff have to do with a hitman being held by the police on a charge of murdering another mobster?  "Breaking news!  My boyfriend the hired killer has been arrested for murdering a guy for money and they won't let his harpy friend in to see him!  Community, please express your outrage!"
  2. What value, exactly, does Carly add to Jason's situation?  I will give these writers a big basket of homemade cookies if they can write a single storyline -- no, a single episode! -- without involving Carly.  (This offer is not entirely genuine, as 1) I don't cook, and 2) there is absolutely no way the challenge could possibly be met.)  I do love that the first thing she did when she got in there was to try to get him to tell her all the details.  That's genius!  Good thing you're not in a place that could be bugged or has a thousand cops running around who could overhear.
  3. Remember when Lucky was a smart character, all crafty and Luke 'n' Laura-esque?  Good times, those.  I don't know why Carly even bothered manipulating Lucky into letting her see Jason; she could have just distracted him with a shiny object.


OMG. It so pissed me off when Lucky let Carly in. I mean, OMG, why the hell did he do that. First off, they aren't close cousins. The only time that word is even mentioned is when Carly wants something. Ew. Secondly, IT IS AGAINST POLICY - and isn't Lucky's character supposed to be a by the book cop? hmm...
While I hate these writers, it isn't fair when they do shit like this.

Oh, and stupid Lulu and Logan are RUINED for me. How dare he man handle her like that, only after beating up Spinelli. They had so much damn potential.

GH and I are no longer on speaking terms. For now.

Also, re point 2, has Carly actually met Jason? In what circumstances does she think he'd tell her the details even if they weren't in the middle of the cop shop?

Yeah, I think I do remember when Lucky was all crafty and Luke 'n' Laura-esque. Has Greg Vaughan ever played crafty Lucky? They are totally wasting his hotness, dumbing him to the point of absurdity. I mean, I haven't really watched this show regularly for a while, but I've tuned in just to look at his hotness. I even used to do it when he was on Y&R.

GH has so many cute guys rounding out their cast, more than any other soap, and they're either written like morons or hardly ever on. WTF?

BTW, what's up with Jason's hugeness? He used to be so cute...a long time ago.

Do we know for certain Greg Vaughan is *capable* of Luke 'n' Laura-esque-ity? Maybe he's just dumb. (Hot ... but dumb.)

Really not liking the SBu 'roid look. It's suddenly become very noticeable and it's not his best look. He's got such purdy eyes -- why'd they have to bulk him bigger than Max?

Really disturbed about the devolution of Logan's character. I don't care about Spinelli and *hate* his GH-manipulative puppy-dog eyes but the ruination of Logan, a potentially interesting character made me throw things and frightened my dogs. This monstrosity deserves a post in further exploration (excoriation) Serial Drama gals.

Oh, believe me, as soon as I recover from the trauma of that last scene, there will be a Logan post. Jesus, that was disturbing. Nothing new for this show, but still.

And, way to read my mind, I was actually going to post about Jason's hugeness, but decided it warrants a post of its own later this week, after I can collect sufficient photographic evidence. Seriously, where did Steve Burton's neck go? Is this an effort to distract us from his hair?

Jason's hugeness? It's not an effort to distract us from his hair; the hair is part of the effort, which is to demonstrate his grief for his dead father, Alan, by looking as much like Alan ca. the late 90's as he possibly can.

Brett? ROFL. Your Alan observation literally made me laugh out loud.

BTW, codicil to my "is Greg Vaughan's 'Lucky'" just dim -- loved today's performance where he finally caught a clue and fought back. Don't even mind Liz pimping Jason because both Lucky and Em slapped her down.

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