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June 05, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

General Hospital is the gift that keeps on giving to our Day's Dumbest Dialogue category.

Liz:  ...obviously, you haven't heard.
Emily: Heard what?
Liz: Jason's been arrested for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar.
Emily: But Jason's been arrested a lot of times.  He's never been convicted.
Liz: Yeah, but Lucky says the police have a really strong case against him this time.

Well, I suspect Lucky also says two plus two equals six, but that aside . . . The really strong case of a recording of basically nothing, combined with no body, no witnesses, no physical evidence, no murder weapon, and no confession?  Yeah, it sounds airtight.

Isn't it adorable how the writers want the audience to get all angsty about whether the hitman/hero of the show will go to prison for life?  I'll be right here on the edge of my seat, debating the equally close calls of whether 1) the moon is made of cheese and 2) Paris Hilton is a virgin.

I did love how this show is so messed up that Emily's reaction was basically "Oh, my brother's been arrested for killing a guy for money?  Again?  Huh.  Do you have any Triscuits?  And can we talk about last week's So You Think You Can Dance?"


You do know I'm completely stalking this page until I see a post about the Logan insanity, right?

Is poor hot Lucky gonna start drooling in a corner? He is sooooo stupid I just had to ask. And I was surprisingly pleased at Emily's nonchalant response to Jason's arrest. Like she finally sees that her beloved brother is a professional hitman, and is prepared for his arrest at any moment. He has been blatantly trying to kill Lorenzo for years....why be shocked. Plus she'll be in prison soon too if Jerry dies right? Poor dumb GH.

And Logan, setting it up like Lulu is going to be raped by Logan like Laura was Luke...WTF? Sick, seriously sick. TIIC should be arrested for cruelty, stupidity, and complete lack of creative writing skills.

And on Friday the biggest "Who the F do you Think You're Kidding" moment. Carly told Amelia she was glad Sam wasn't spending her life lounging on Jason's couch and spending his money anymore. WTF? You mean your job Carslut? The one you destroyed lives and families for, tried to murder for, went to prison for, ruined Jason's life for etc......

This crapfest is killin' me. I want to round up these idiots and force them to watch GH episodes for weeks on end until they see how evil and stupid they are. It's not like Guza Frons and Phelps are saving GH with these horrible decisions they've been making. Maybe if the show was great again the ratings would improve. Maybe if Soaps were soaps the genre could flourish again. Families, romance, drama, angst, love, rivalries, passion, adventures etc....

I've decided to start watching GH, just so I can quit it disgust.

Well, at least it was good to see Lucky fire off a few verbal zingers at Liz. I'm a sucker, but I liked their scene at the end of the show too. I know many people don't believe this but I think Liz really does love Lucky the way he deserves to be loved -- the feelings are just different from those for Jason. Lucky idolizes Liz; Jason sees her (mostly) for who she is. Lucky is the life she wants; Jason is the fantasy she *thinks* it's okay to have as long as she doesn't act on it. She's an idiot, of course, because these things always bite us in the arse. Fantasy, if unchecked, has a tendency to impinge badly on real life. But I still like her and think it's fun for the show to explore her chemistry with SBu. (Incidentally, I'm not a Liaison supporter; I want her to stay with Lucky -- I just want Lucky to catch a clue and have some good soapy angst first.)

Lol, ouch, two days in a row?! Go GH writers! . :)

Okay, so the one piece of dialogue that wasn't awful yesterday? The psycho terrorist telling the over-acting, psycho wench (she was in an asylum twice after all...) that she was more loyal to the mobster and hitman than her stupid (and I mean that) hsuband. And she had the nerve to look shocked. I sort of loved when he said he'd get her if she betrayed Jax...so just do it alreadty b/c EVERYONE knows it'll happen, like 5 minutes after Jax leave town. After all, there is a woman who might show an interest in Eddie Munster

Remember when Lucky was smart and savvy? Remember when Liz wasn't a lying hypocritical biotch? I don't know what that has to do with anything, I just remember those days and miss them very much.

Of course, Emily isn't worried about Jason being arrested. She knows as well as we do that Jason will only be in jail for as long as SBu needs vacation or time to film Night Shift - a show that he should not be on AT ALL.

I personally loved when Emily was like, "Getting arrested is part of Jason's life". As if it were totally normal. So, what, some jobs have mandatory overtime, but this particular job means you go to jail a lot. It's totally the same thing!

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