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June 18, 2007

The Day's Most Awesome Dialogue

Hope, to Bo, as he's carefully trying to diffuse a spinning-ballerina-jewelry-box- encased bomb in the secret tunnel underneath the abandoned 1980s nightclub in which the human-and-feral-cat-hybrid formerly known as Lexie had been dwelling in her ski-masked, hissing glory:

Hope: Brady, listen to me, okay?  I have faith in you.  You can do this.  And not to put any more pressure on you, but for the love of god, for the sake of our children, do it, DO IT FAST!

I mean, do you even need any context to find that amusing?  It's unintentional soap comedy of the highest order.


I will try posting this again since it went loopy before:

You are funnier than us and I am killingly jealous of you guys. You do great work.

Insane Ski Mask Grunty McMugger Lexie is made of win. And I can't believe what they've done to Nick, or to Jeremy Horton, who I always envisioned as a Nick type. Motherfucker looks like something out of "The Boys From Brazil."

-jase from The Wreck Center

That was a great line from Hope and is very reminds me a bit of Joss Whedon dialogue!

However, John goes and ruins their scene by coming down with his smell the fart scowl and wondering about some "exploding device" he heard about.

John grows exponentially more entertaining by the day. First of all, Drake has started walking like he's a linebacker in full gear. And second of all, the growly faux-Eastwood voice addition to The Eyebrow and The Squint is phenomenal. It's downright Hasselhoffian.

jase, you are too sweet and too hilarious! And thanks so much for linking to us months ago when we only had 7 readers a day. You guys rock.

Oh, that was Darn. I don't notice anything not directly in front of me or dealing in my ego. After about six months I looked at our links and found that just about all of them were funnier than us. Rest assured, there is now a hitlist.

I'm not sure the comedy was unintentional. I've noticed a lot of quasi-Whedonesque moments over the past few weeks, and I think it's very intentional. Kristian and Peter can pull it off. Drake and Dee? Not so much.

I suppose it's possible the comedy is intentional. I'm just so unaccustomed to such things on Days!

jase, in that case, I am a balding, aging gay man who most days can be found in my fancy executive office at ABC, poking pins in my Genie Francis voodoo doll or "admiring" my poster-size copy of Steve Burton's Playgirl cover.

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