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« The Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Arrivals! | Main | Daytime Emmys Recap: Biggest Outrage »

June 15, 2007

The Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza!

We made it through the fashion triumphs and failures, now it's time to mock admire the life's work of a large room full of professionals!

  • promisingingenue (9:00:37 PM): Effing Constantine!
  • EvilButTwinless (9:00:24 PM):  Well, this year's show isn't opening with Rick Springfield, so it's already a downgrade.  But Constantine?  For real, that is sinking low.
  • promisingingenue (9:01:23 PM): Oh, Genie! I want her to win so badly
  • EvilButTwinless (9:02:37 PM): Genie!!!!!!! Eeeeeee!!!!!!  I could not be happier if I had won myself.  Well, that's not true.  But I'm really, really thrilled for her!  Suck on it, GH showrunners.


  • promisingingenue (9:02:46 PM): Ohmigod! I am so thrilled for her!
  • promisingingenue (9:02:56 PM): The bitches who run that show better be ashamed of themselves right now
  • EvilButTwinless (9:03:44 PM):  Have I mentioned how fantastic she looks?!  And good for her for saying she's been waiting 31 years for this.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:04:12 PM):  Ellen is wearing Col. Sanders' uniform.  Please explain.


  • promisingingenue (9:05:00 PM): Maybe she lost a bet? It's tragic
  • EvilButTwinless (9:06:29 PM): WTF is Cash Cab?  How is there a show on TV I've never even heard of? Bob Barker has this category sewn up, I assume.  Is there anyone on the planet more condescending than Alex Trebek?
  • promisingingenue (9:06:42 PM): I have this weird thing against game shows. I can't explain it.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:07:30 PM):  19 Daytime Emmys seems a little greedy, Bob.  But I'm not mad at ya.


  • promisingingenue (9:08:24 PM): I know, right? What if random guy from Cash Cab doesn't get another chance?
  • EvilButTwinless (9:09:01 PM): Only 11 people run The Price Is Right?  That seems incredibly efficient and capable.  Do you think they'd be interested in taking over a little show about a hospital?
  • promisingingenue (9:09:26 PM): There's a soap about a hospital? I know there's one about mobsters on docks, but a hospital? Are you sure?
  • EvilButTwinless (9:10:52 PM): My TiVo tells me that there's a show about a hospital and the people who work there.  But I don't believe him.  He's been known to lie to me before.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:13:32 PM):  Like that time he didn't warn me that Elizabethtown would drain me of the will to live.  Stupid wrong star ratings
  • promisingingenue (9:14:10 PM): I love the name Forbes March
  • EvilButTwinless (9:14:27 PM):  It sounds like a verb, which is always the mark of a good moniker.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:15:24 PM): Oh man, did Rick Hearst's clip have to be Ric berating a cancer-ridden Alexis?  I guess it did, since that's all the writers have him do.
  • promisingingenue (9:16:13 PM): You know, he deserves it for not vomiting while acting those scenes out
  • EvilButTwinless (9:16:18 PM):  Rick Hearst!  Yay!  I love him!  But this will encourage the writers, won't it?


  • EvilButTwinless (9:16:47 PM):  He'll be sorry he mixed the black and navy, mark my words.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:18:55 PM): Ha!  He totally just passive-aggressively slammed Jill Farren Phelps and the writing.  Marry me, Rick Hearst.   
  • promisingingenue (9:19:19 PM): That was beautiful. I just--I want to cry
  • EvilButTwinless (9:18:45 PM):  I know, right?  Oh, and Morgan Fairchild is made entirely of synthetic materials.  It's actually kind of awesome.


  • promisingingenue (9:18:52 PM): Oh, it's clips from Guiding Light, as if this will make it a real show that actually exists
  • EvilButTwinless (9:19:11 PM):  I know, aren't they cute?
  • promisingingenue (9:20:33 PM): I still can't believe that Thad Luckinbill's name is Thad Luckinbill
  • EvilButTwinless (9:22:11 PM): I seriously thought that was a character's name.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:24:13 PM): Julie Marie Berman was robbed!
  • promisingingenue (9:24:41 PM): Wow, I really thought she had it locked up


  • EvilButTwinless (9:24:45 PM): As the World Turns is another show I'm not actually convinced exists, by the way.
  • promisingingenue (9:26:13 PM): They really need to give me more of a warning before they show Lisa Rinna
  • EvilButTwinless (9:26:23 PM): "KMart Studio Blue with Lisa Rinna" might be one of the saddest phrases in the history of mankind.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:27:17 PM): Oh my god, Rick Hearst just passive-aggressively slammed Brian Frons, too!  I need for him to be president of everything, everywhere. 
  • promisingingenue (9:27:59 PM): Seriously, that was a stunning moment
  • promisingingenue (9:31:57 PM): I really can't look at Cameron Mathison without wanting to kick him in the shins


  • EvilButTwinless (9:33:01 PM): You are really going to have to fill me in more about him, because I evaluate him totally on a shallow level and find him hot.  I promise to assist with the shin-kicking as soon as I'm armed with the requisite knowledge, though.
  • promisingingenue (9:33:37 PM): Can you imagine if Tyra won an Emmy? There would be no living with her
  • EvilButTwinless (9:34:27 PM): Ellen rightfully kicks all their asses.  Thank god.  Still a pity about the KFC mascot outfit, however.


  • promisingingenue (9:34:46 PM): Couldn't Portia help her out?
  • EvilButTwinless (9:35:59 PM): I thought that's what stylish life partners were for, but apparently not.  I LOVE all the passive-aggressiveness tonight.  Ellen praising Rosie was awesome.  And "I think Bob Barker is a quitter" is going to be hard to beat as the line of the night.
  • promisingingenue (9:36:55 PM): I'm sure it will shock you to learn that I was once obsessed with Reading Rainbow
  • EvilButTwinless (9:37:23 PM): Totally shocking.  BTW, I am going to laugh myself into a coma over the fact that Austin Peck does, in fact, have duh face in real life.





  • promisingingenue (9:39:15 PM): It's so good to see him again! My life had a big duh-face shaped void in it
  • EvilButTwinless (9:39:39 PM): I find it fascinating that puppeteers win Emmys.  I also find puppeteers a bit creepy.  I know this is wrong, so please don't shame me.



  • promisingingenue (9:40:15 PM): You're going to hell
  • EvilButTwinless (9:41:31 PM): Well then I might as well add that I vehemently hate the "viewer input" clips.
  • promisingingenue (9:42:50 PM): I know. Like, stop the presses, someone thinks Ellen is awesome. Shocking!
  • EvilButTwinless (9:43:56 PM): Viewer input, as far as I can tell is limited to two categories:  totally obvious (Ellen is funny!) and utterly inexplicable (Dr. Phil is really insightful!).  As a result of the puppet wins, I also just realized that I never see Sesame Street while channel-surfing, which led to my further realization that I have no idea what channel PBS is on here.  Which I momentarily explained by the fact that I only moved back to this area recently.  But then I remembered it has been five years.  So basically, I have no culture in my life whatsoever.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:44:44 PM): I like the two actors, but as a soap couple Belle and Shawn could seriously not suck more if they made a concerted effort to do so.  Also, I must object to Brandon Beemer not being shirtless.


  • promisingingenue (9:45:13 PM): It really should be part of his contract
  • promisingingenue (9:46:14 PM): The guy from Passions is a "younger" actor?
  • EvilButTwinless (9:46:46 PM): He is younger than at least one other actor in daytime, which I believe is the criteria.


  • promisingingenue (9:47:08 PM): Holy cannoli, I can't believe Bryton McClure won. Maybe this means he'll actually get a storyline now
  • EvilButTwinless (9:47:43 PM): You just said "holy cannoli," and it's going to be preserved forever on the internet.
  • promisingingenue (9:48:40 PM): Since my reputation will never recover from that setback, I hardly feel ashamed for being totally excited to see Betty White. ROSE NUYLAND RULES!


  • EvilButTwinless (9:49:16 PM): There is absolutely no shame in loving Betty White.  She is one of the top five coolest people in the history of entertainment.  And possibly life in general.
  • promisingingenue (9:50:22 PM): Those B&B clips actually looked pretty intriguing
  • EvilButTwinless (9:50:56 PM): You are not allowed to start watching another soap.  Especially not one that features Hunter Tylo.  Your insurance won't cover the additional therapy.
  • promisingingenue (9:51:29 PM): I meant intriguing as in "Interesting, but I'll forget about it in thirty seconds. Ooh, look, something shiny"
  • EvilButTwinless (9:51:39 PM): Good girl.


  • EvilButTwinless (9:53:18 PM): Haaaaa!  How awful a person do you have to be for your wife to want to go to a The Price Is Right taping for your honeymoon?  Dr. Phil, your lameness knows no bounds.
  • promisingingenue (9:53:50 PM): And he's oblivious to the fact that he sucks so much
  • EvilButTwinless (9:56:20 PM): I'm sure some people think that's part of his "charm."  But some people are stupid.  Lots of people are stupid, actually.  Which, overall, is an important ingredient in daytime TV programming.
  • EvilButTwinless (9:56:49 PM): Will you lock me out of the site if I say I think Lisa Rinna actually looks really good tonight?


  • promisingingenue (9:57:23 PM): She's less frightening than usual. But god, she needs to take it down, like, fourteen notches
  • EvilButTwinless (9:57:52 PM): True.  She's way too excited about being in a room named after KMart.
  • promisingingenue (10:01:25 PM): These interludes make me really uncomfortable


  • EvilButTwinless (10:01:51 PM): Accountants make me uncomfortable.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:03:09 PM): LUKE AND LAURA!!!! Eeeeee!  Sorry, I momentarily channeled Chandra Wilson.  Genie Francis seriously looks insanely good.  I have about ten problems with what Tony Geary is wearing but I'm not going to mention any of them because I like him too much.


  • promisingingenue (10:04:33 PM): Yeah, I'm all about focusing on what Genie is wearing. Gorgeous
  • promisingingenue (10:04:44 PM): I hope Michelle Stafford wins just because she looks amazing
  • EvilButTwinless (10:05:22 PM): I know nothing about her, other than that she appears to be the fittest human being on the planet.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:07:15 PM): Since As the World Turns doesn't really exist, I don't know who Maura West is.  I hope this Emmy is well-deserved.  I'm pretty much picketing this category because Nancy Lee Grahn wasn't nominated.


  • promisingingenue (10:09:58 PM): Eeeee!!! Peter Bergman! He has the best voice ever. Ever!


  • EvilButTwinless (10:11:03 PM): Okay, I kind of understand your crush now.  He is one handsome man.  And his voice is dreamy.
  • promisingingenue (10:12:01 PM): I'm saying! It's nice that you almost recognize it now--it's nice not to be judged (for that, I mean)
  • promisingingenue (10:12:18 PM): What is with these weird "tributes"? Like "Some cool people did some cool things. That's all you need to know! Bye!"
  • EvilButTwinless (10:13:54 PM): "We salute you!  You are amazing!  You are a pillar of our entertainment community!  We just don't want you to come up on stage or actually address anyone.  'K thanks, bye!"
  • promisingingenue (10:15:21 PM): They could not have taken the camera off of Lee Philip Bell faster if they tried.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:15:52 PM): Did the sleazy professor from GH get a prime-time gig with Jimmy Smits?!  Is there no justice in the world, anywhere?!


  • promisingingenue (10:16:32 PM): YES! No Emmy for GH! SUCK ON THAT, GUZA!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:17:50 PM): Well, thank god.  I would much rather an imaginary show win for best writing than GH.  Guza was already emboldened by the nomination, though, let's be honest.  F'ing idiotic Emmy voters.  They should never get puppies; their carpets would be filled with pee.  You do not reward bad behavior!


  • EvilButTwinless (10:19:48 PM): I'm going to be laughing about Vivica trying to appear relevant to the Daytime Emmys based on her appearance on Generations 20 years ago for many months to come.  I can't believe they indulged her by letting her present!  They should have made her be a seat filler.
  • promisingingenue (10:20:20 PM): At least she didn't use the opportunity to mention how 50 Cent did her wrong
  • EvilButTwinless (10:21:41 PM): Vivica dated 50?  But she never mentions it!!!


  • EvilButTwinless (10:22:26 PM): What the HELL is Elisabeth Hasslebeck wearing?!  Are those giant polka dots?  Who even makes giant polka-dotted maternity wear?  And why did she let Barbara's hairstylist do her hair?  Also, isn't Mystic Tan harmful to fetuses?
  • promisingingenue (10:23:21 PM): I couldn't even look at her. It was so wrong
  • EvilButTwinless (10:31:37 PM): Okay, pop quiz:  Which is the most off-putting:  Tyra's weave, Tyra's dress, or Tyra pimping her own show while presenting an award to other people for their shows?  (Hint:  There is no wrong answer.)


  • promisingingenue (10:32:00 PM): Elmo is hitting on Tyra Banks
  • promisingingenue (10:32:08 PM): ...
  • promisingingenue (10:32:41 PM): Her show won Emmys for hair and makeup? Was the word hair in quotes on the statuette?


  • EvilButTwinless (10:33:42 PM): A puppet with a hand up its ass just totally stole Tyra Banks' thunder, and it was beautiful.


  • promisingingenue (10:35:25 PM): Are they not showing clips? Why are they not showing clips?!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:35:43 PM): It's okay, you can look at the 1500 Peter Bergman clips you have on your hard drive.


  • promisingingenue (10:36:00 PM): Okay, seriously, did that just happen?
  • promisingingenue (10:36:10 PM): DID I JUST HALLUCINATE PETER BERGMAN LOSING?
  • EvilButTwinless (10:36:20 PM): And Tony Geary losing.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:37:16 PM): You watch Y&R -- who is this guy?  Was he involved in that murderous thighs incident?
  • promisingingenue (10:37:27 PM): I just...I need a second to process this
  • promisingingenue (10:37:38 PM): Christian LeBlanc is actually pretty awesome and he's always an amazing performer
  • promisingingenue (10:38:08 PM): But that doesn't make me any less confused, sad or livid!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:38:47 PM): I'm sure Peter appreciates your not-at-all-stalkerish concern.
  • promisingingenue (10:39:33 PM): Um, excuse me, I am confused, sad and livid on behalf of Ricky Paull Goldin, thankyouverymuch
  • EvilButTwinless (10:40:09 PM): Riiiight.  Like how you're rooting for Guiding Light, a show you totally do believe exists, for best show?
  • promisingingenue (10:41:35 PM): Whatever!


  • promisingingenue (10:42:56 PM): Where did they find these presenters? He was on One Life to Live before I was born. Did they just go through old scripts at random to invite people to present?
  • EvilButTwinless (10:45:10 PM): That is so adorable how you think the Emmys are all about relevance.
  • promisingingenue (10:46:13 PM): I can be really naive
  • EvilButTwinless (10:46:48 PM): I seriously could not hate these viewer videos more.
  • promisingingenue (10:46:55 PM): I really like how they are spending all of this time on these clips of random people, but their Lifetime Achievement Award winners got about 30 seconds on air
  • promisingingenue (10:47:07 PM): If I wanted to see boring people acting stupid, I'd go to the mall
  • EvilButTwinless (10:47:29 PM): Gotta love Phil Donahue for having to formally accept people's polite applause.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:49:12 PM): Woohoo, Ellen!  I want her never to pull her name from contention and just kick everyone's butt for decades.  One question, though...the people who nominated Tyra Banks' show as one of the best on the air, do they actually watch television?
  • promisingingenue (10:50:13 PM): I guess they were really moved by the episodes where she went undercover and also told people to kiss her fat ass.
  • EvilButTwinless (10:51:14 PM): Asking others to kiss one's fat ass really is an underappreciated art form.  So I guess what I meant was bravo, Emmy voters.  Bravo.  Your strength and vision inspire me.
  • promisingingenue (10:53:06 PM): I am still laughing over the fact that GH wasn't even nominated


  • promisingingenue (10:53:24 PM): A tie?!?!
  • EvilButTwinless (10:54:04 PM): It's even better that TWO shows won and GH wasn't even eligible to lose.  I love it.  But I must once again state that I'm not sure Guiding Light exists.  I will require further documentation.
  • promisingingenue (10:54:45 PM): I totally forgot that Ellen Wheeler was Guiding Light's executive producer! I remember hearing that once upon a time


  • promisingingenue (10:55:41 PM): Weird, Lynn Marie Latham doesn't LOOK evil
  • EvilButTwinless (10:56:01 PM): Oh hell, did you just pass out in disgust?  Y&R is tied for being the best show on daytime television.  Don't you feel bad about having a side job detailing the myriad ways in which it sucks?
  • promisingingenue (10:56:49 PM): I feel bad that actual talented performers have to be on the same stage as Adrienne Frantz right now
  • EvilButTwinless (10:57:19 PM): I feel bad that Rachel Ray doesn't have a better stylist.


  • promisingingenue (10:58:20 PM): Or even a friend who could say, "Oh, honey, no"
  • EvilButTwinless (10:59:11 PM): We could be those friends.  And we would charge a reasonable rate.  I imagine introductions to Jason Thompson and Peter Bergman might suffice.
  • promisingingenue (10:59:44 PM): I like the way you think
  • promisingingenue (11:00:01 PM): I wonder what the Days cast did all night.
  • EvilButTwinless (11:00:41 PM): Were exceedingly thankful for those two wonderful words, "open bar"?
  • promisingingenue (11:01:38 PM): They didn't even get panned to! What the hell? I know I saw Stephen Nichols and MBE on the red carpet. I hope they didn't get swallowed by Tyra's dress
  • EvilButTwinless (11:02:33 PM): Steve and Kayla were on the red carpet and I didn't see them?  I am freaking out like Chandra Wilson right now.
  • promisingingenue (11:03:43 PM): It was like a split second in one of the small boxes on the screen
  • EvilButTwinless (11:03:59 PM): That is so wrong.
  • EvilButTwinless (11:04:07 PM): Oh hey, are the Emmys over?


Austin Peck is a crazy and somehow robotic at the same time. How does he do that?


Yup.. ATWT does exist. My TiVo and I promise you. :)

Guiding Light exists and is really a great show! IT IS!!! And *was*, very much so, in the 80s and early 90s. Watch some old Beth (young, YOUNG Judi Evans) and Phillip clips on YouTube and you'll see! But it's on at ridiculously early times in most markets, especially on the west coast.... so NO ONE watches it. Including myself. Even though I think it's a great show. Shame, really.

I was shocked Bryton McClure won. Shawn and Belle suck as a couple!!

Bryton?!? Seriously?!?

Maura totally deserves it. Those scenes they put on the reel were probably her best ever. Now, if her partner Michael Park wins Best Actor, all will be well. Well, it would have been if Van Hasis would have gotten Younger Actor. Bryton?! Seriously?!

Girls...let's focus...who is Jason Thompson's date? Or is he there w/ Kimberly McCullough? Is he sitting with anyone?

They showed the two of them together on the red carpet but they were there with f'ing Frons to promote Night Shift, and they didn't even come within inches of touching each other. He just hotly stood there and hotly pimped the new show. I don't know if they're there together.

The pre show is just airing now here on the West Coast and can I just say...I'm a lesbian and totally had a swoon moment over Jason Thompson. Seriously. You gals werent kidding about him!!

What is Tyra WEARING? I think I saw that dress covering a window.

i saw GH winning all these emmys once upon a time and thought wow that show must be great, so when KS migrated over there so did i, and austing pecks duh face has been with me since...

lol who just saw adrienne frantz trip hahaha

Rachel Ray was the WORST dressed of the night. Hands down. Sure, there were uglier dresses...but the fit on hers was embarassing...her boobs looked awful. AWFUL. I'm going to have nightmares.

can I saw Christian is awesome but TONY LOST!!! You ladies are funny I love this site!!

I just wanted to do a big "word" to your comment about Elizabethtown. Yikes.

I totally missed the Emmys. Thanks for the coverage, ladies! I did catch the very end, though - a tie? WTF? And, I saw Genie with her Emmy. Nice.

All I really care about is the pre-show. Fortunately, it re-runs on Soapnet tomorrow a.m.

I want to comment from the East coast.... but I don't want to spoil!

BUT.... GL is a show, andis a actually a REALLY good one (except on SOME Wednesdays....LOL).



The liveblogging (with added pictures!) totally rocked. Thanks so much for doing this!

I agree with Louise. Thank you for doing it. I was watching alone, so I felt like I was watching it with friends.

Still pissed that Bryton won, but I will live. I guess.

Genie Francis is the most beautiful woman in daytime. See, kids? Don't tan your skin to rich corinthian leather and eat a sandwich. God willing, Lindze Leatherman will follow her example.

Rachael Ray needs a stylist and a ball gag.

Rick Hearst rocks. I wonder if Frons, Guza and Phelps realized just how he was verbally bustin' a cap on their asses.

Aw, Louise and J.P., don't thank us, we had a blast! It was really too much fun. And it brought in more daily visitors than we've ever had, so that was a nice bonus.

soapunk, I suspected it might be true, but it is good to have confirmation that Jason Thompson is hotly trailblazing the erosion of the sexuality divide. Also, we added that GL question into our awesome moment poll just for you and the six other people who watch the allegedly real Guiding Light.

Guiding Light is going off the air next year, so I'm not surprised that it won.

But I really can't believe Julie didn't win! A mother/daughter Spencer Emmy win would have been awesome...

Is Guiding Light really getting canceled? (Assuming, for argument's sake, that it is currently still on the air.) Does this mean Ellen Wheeler would be free to assume the helm at GH? Hmmmm.

Well, I guess what they were saying about JB's reel being "yelly" was accurate. Oh, well.

Rick Hearst really is awesome. I just hope they don't can him and hire that replacement they had on this week.

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but was anyone else's gaydar pinging throughout the red carpet? That LeBlanc guy and the guy who plays his brother are FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAMING. It shames me as a gay man to say it, but Frons is obviously an older gay gentleman who probably has a legion of houseboys tucked away in his house. And Tony Geary is all about the gayness. Even Rick Hearst was kinda pinging, as was the guy in the sarong.

A friend of mine works at Guiding Light, and they've been told that next year is the last year. They want to go out big with lots of location shoots.

But there's been no public announcement, so I suppose things could change.

Interesting. I actually just watched an episode yesterday (future post alert!) and it does seem to be a good show. One that does, in fact, exist!

I would be so stoked see Ellen Wheeler kick Jill Farren-Phelps out of the captain's chair at GH. How does JFP stay employed, seriously? And is she genetically incapable of just not commenting on behind-the-scenes stuff? Her post-Emmy comments about Genie Francis are supremely irritating: http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/televisionawards/emmys/2007-06-16-daytime-emmy-usat_N.htm?csp=N009).

I'm not sure what your "imaginary show" digs at both ATWT & GL are about, but they're both much better soaps than two of the ones you constantly comment on (cough, DAYS & GH).

Nobody said they weren't. (Of course, talk about damning with faint praise.)

The "imaginary show" thing started as a joke in the red carpet entry because neither of us has ever seen the shows (which we freely admit). You're not required to find it funny, but you can probably tone down your outrage a bit. If we're not making fun of your show(s) around here, that's probably a good thing.

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