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June 26, 2007

Where Is His Halo?

Oh my god, GH writers, I give up.  I GET IT.  Jason is good and pure and a hero and a savior and ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD and is not at all tainted by his job killing other human beings for profit.   All hail, Jason Morgan, Superstar.

Liz's dream today was just beautiful.  Oh, if only I had an imprisoned hitman/babydaddy/confidante/rescuer to help me in my time of need!  And weren't burdened with some dunderhead/detective/loving father/husband instead.  Every girl should be so lucky.  Well, not "Lucky," because he sucks.  And Jason rocks.  Speaking of things that rock, can we talk about those scenes with a big scary dude beating the snot out of 90-pound Sam yesterday?  Moving and not at all disturbing.  This show loves women, and totally doesn't glorify violence. 

This Kool-Aid is delicious!


Woah. Those scenes with Sam, yesterday, where waaaay too graphic and gratuitous for Daytime. Even a half-ass watcher, like myself, GOT THE MESSAGE. Women weak, men strong. Must.be.punished. ::grunt:: Gahd. I left the room and came back and it was still going on. Why is this allowable when a glimps of a woman's nipple (which is only really visible upon a rewind and freaze-frame) is considered "digusting" and "an outrage"? Fucking priorities, people.

Oh dear. What the hell happened?

In an effort to keep my blood pressure down, I am not ranting about this crappy storyline anymore. We'll see how long that lasts.

All I can say is Bravo! Oh and as always, freeeeee Lucky!

Guza likes to kick the shit out of women but he seems to rough up KeMo more than most. I still remember the *extremely* violent beating she took outside the Penthouse elevators a few years ago -- the pounding lasted longer than most dialogue scenes on GH. And lets not forget pregnant Sam being shoved down a set of concrete stairs in the monastery.

Unpopular Opinion about the "dream." I took it more to be about Liz finally realizing that she's literally got *nothing* now. Her marriage was based on lies and telling herself she would make a good life with lucky. That's pretty much wrecked, and although she fantasizes like crazy about a life with Jason, in her heart of hearts she knows it wouldn't work (which is why she turned him down before when he asked her to marry him in the elevator). She opens the door and gets ... nothing. But then, this is Guza we're talking about so you're probably right -- it was just Liz wanting Jason because *everyone* wants Jason. ;o)

I actually started screaming obscenities to Liz AND Jason when he appeared in her dream. Just leave Lucky alone, let him get with Sam (cause they WOULD be smokin together!).

BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed Angry Sam yesterday. Why can't she be full of spine all the time?... oh wait that would make her Carly.

Apparently, I'm not drinking the right flavour of Kool-Aid because I still refuse to worship at the altar of St. Jaysus of Borg. The constant pimping of Jason being the greatest of the greatest beings of all time gets tiresome - okay - annoying to the point that I scream at my tv. The Hitman with a heart of gold.......awwwwww.

The scenes with big scary dude beating the crap out of Sam were disturbing to say the least. However, I've got to give props to KeMo for (literally) throwing herself into it. Does ABC really, really think this is why we watch Soaps? Are Frons&Co that twisted that they believe women everywhere secretly fantasize about being beaten to a pulp as some form of foreplay? Because that sure would explain a lot about this show.

This is my thoughts after seeing Tuesdays' epi (btw, I am COMPLETELY in love with you two... you guys are soo funny, and more importantly, wicked).

I don't know. I saw the last episode of GH, and when Lucky & Liz had that kissing scene in their bedroom, I just fell in love with them all over again. I do not like the character assassination that the writers are doing to BOTH Liz (for lying & being stupid) and Lucky. The Lucky that I know and love (as played by JJ) would NEVER accuse Liz of doing something with/to the baby... whether he was scared or not. I just don't appreciate the way they are trying to make it like "Jas is the only one to ever always support Liz (& of course, rescue her)"... I mean can Lucky EVER catch a break? If the baby MUST be Jas', then why can't it be LUCKY who finds the kid, and b/c of that, Liz & Jas are BOTH grateful to HIM, and so they don't want to hurt him (so they decide to keep the secret). Why must Jas A L W A Y S be the freakin' "hero" (you know, as much as a hitman for hire can ever be). I just don't like it.
...Speaking of hero: Why is SB bulking up like the Incredible Hulk? When Same got into Jas' lap about 2 weeks ago, I thought his massive body was going to engulf her... reministant of an amoeba. I understand that Jas is supposed to be the "hero" of the show, but is he trying to be the SUPERhero of the show with super human strength?! It's sorta funny when he holds a gun now, heh, cuz he like totally doesn't need it. All he needs to do is to pick up a lamp post and just throw it at the guy.
...Back to the topic at hand: Also, I do not know how they are going to convince me that once the truth comes out, somehow Liz will now be okay with Jas' dangerous lifestyle, and that they will share custody. I remember their love from before (I hadn't liked Jas with anyone so much since he was with Robin), and it was awesome. (I still don't like how they broke up the last time... again, I don't understand how now she is okay with the fact that Jas will be lying to her again on a daily basis, or at the very least, still killing ppl for Sonny... I mean, isn't that why she left? Cuz she couldn't handle his life & the fact that he kept the fact that Sonny was still alive from her?).
Therefore, the ONLY way I want the two of them to be together again, is if (and ONLY IF!!) Jas leaves the mob world.
He can go get a job at ELQ, or go into a legit coffee business, or sell balloon animals in the park for all I care... but I don't want him in the mob anymore. It is just stupid, pointless (the mob has "outlived" it's usefulness... pun intended), and will not make any sense. If he really loves that kid (& Liz) he will let that life go... and if Liz really loves her sons [yes, she does have two contrary to popular belief... was ANYONE else appalled at the way she just THREW Cam to the side when she saw Jas & (possibly, she didn't really know) her other son in that dream that she had??! I was like WTF?] she wouldn't stand for it either.
(Super side note, just when I was starting to like Sonny with Kate, he goes and says that Liz not being like Carly & actually CARING about the safety and the welfare of her kid(s) was "her problem." I like threw up a lil' bit when he said that. Just when Sonny takes two steps forward, he takes 2 years back).

At this moment, I like Liz and Lucky. Perhaps if Jas is willing to get a new career my opinion will change (cuz that Summer Lovin' they had last year was smokin'!).

Oh, Jason does have a halo, you just can't see it through that rat's nest that is currently living on his head.

I disagree! The kissing scene between Lucky and Liz was like ewwwww! Your child was just abducted, and you are all alone together at your house?,generously giving your wife a foot rub, who then sits up and kisses you because she needs comfort etc. At which point you find yourself incredibly turned on by this combo of events and you feel like getting busy? Then after gently carrying her up the stairs, you practically force yourself on her by kissing her multiply, until all she can do is kiss you back so that she may breathe? Then you do it and she wakes up to a dream of another man? sad icky and wrong.

Well, I must concur, I did not like her dream, that was icky, yes, and tacky (thanks Guza).
However, I must gently disagree with your disagreement of their kiss.
I really do not see that kissing scene as being wrong, or forceful on Lucky's part. It was just them comforting each other & trying to take their minds off of things (I know you have seen it on endless shows a thousand times... the whole idea of them wanted to just "feel something else," well, that is what I think happened here).
There are two things that you should keep in mind while viewing that scene (in order to perhaps obtain some 'enjoyment' from it-- that is of course, contingent upon you even liking L&L2 together to begin with):
1.) They are married... but it's rocky. I know that the (non)writers want us to forget that at times, but Lucky & Liz do share that bond (her dreamy professions of love aside), though lately they have been at each other's throats (playing the blame-game). So, I saw those kisses as them trying to let that go and re-connecting.
2.) I don't think that they actually had sex. Unless someone can tell me otherwise; I saw Lucky with a black wife-beater on & Liz was FULLY clothed (jeans even) as she ran down the hall &, subsequently, those stairs to see if dreams really do come true. So, even if you don't buy the "let's get our minds off of the greatest tragedy of our (recent) lives by having some mindless sex," then perhaps you can rest assured knowing that they just intensely, yet oh-so gently, made out a lil'.

*Looking back at what you were saying... I totally thought that Liz was into it, it didn't seem to me that she had a problem with what was happening.

...I do appreciate a good debate though, so thanks for the reply! ;0)

Sorry ETB & PI for the long rants... they just seem to flow from me... but these are yall's (opps, Texas!) blogs, so I'll try to edit myself.


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