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June 19, 2007

Why the People Who Run GH Suck, Part 762

Due to the magic of TiVo (I want there to be an audio accompaniment every time I type that word, like angels in the heavens or something), I don't watch commercials.  I think this may be why it took me so long to become aware of Prom: The Musical, and why my understanding of paper towels' absorbency is limited.  Anyway, I fast-forward at warp speed, often not even looking.  Unless I'm directed to.  Reader ElementaryDays commented last night on something and I had to go back and see it for myself.  So I did.  Now, I'm speechless with Soap Rage.

Dateline:  Monday, June 18, 2007.  Three days after the portrayer of one of General Hospital's two signature characters won her first Emmy.  ABC Daytime runs a "congratulations on your Emmy!" spot . . . For Rick Hearst, who also won a supporting role Emmy.  Now, I think his Emmy was well-deserved, and of course the network should congratulate him on the win, but did I mention THAT'S WHERE THE SPOT ENDED?  Not a word about Genie Francis. I don't care that she's not on the show anymore--it's not like she was fired, they brought her back knowing it was just for a few weeks (please don't take that as an endorsement of that)--she blew the doors off the place, and for GOD'S SAKE she is Laura, as in OF LUKE AND LAURA YOU MINDLESS, HEARTLESS BITCHES.

Ahem.  If one were to want to commission very specific voodoo dolls, where might one do so?


Oh I noticed that and I was shocked. You would think they would be just as proud of Genie's Emmy.

ABC's complete snub of Genie Francis does not surprise me in the least. Brian Frons and his bottom feeding friends have treated Genie like gum on their shoes for years, and by acknowledging her at all makes them look like the true idiots they are. It is simply WRONG.

It's not the least bit surprising that they would snub her. Look what they did to Stuart Damon. It's atrocious the way they treat their stars, past and present.

Outrage (emphasis on the "rage") is just about right. This is truly unforgiveable. Yet what are our options? Stop watching? Many before us have done that and it hasn't improved the quality of writing or Frons' treatment of daytime vets and women over 40. Frons believes we're all either "trainable" or expendible and sadly, experience and GH ratings have proven him right. So perhaps "impotent rage" best describes my emotions -- knowing there is no sanction I can foist upon those bastards because THEY ARE GOLD right now. If ratings stay the same, they win. If ratings dive and they have an excuse to get rid of daytime entirely for something more "lucrative," they win. (Witness NBC's exec saying he doesn't believe NBC will invest in daytime drama past 2009; witness Steve Burton's interview in SOD paraphrased "Things are changing ... this might be the way of soaps in the future." The trend is to DESTROY daytime. You thought your post about "How to Destroy a Show" was satire? It's a damn PLAYBOOK for these monkeys.)

Yeah ... outrage is just about right. Sigh.

I'm thinking we should send horses' head to Fronzie's office. Oh, and Jill Farren-Phelp's since she's the one who made fun of Genie's weight back in 2000. She was wrong once, she's wrong again. Horse's head & ass!

Outraged? Of course. Surprised? Not. One. Bit. Genie is the embodiment of poise, grace and talent - everything that Frons and his puppet showrunners are not, therefore they hate and envy her and use every opportunity to try to publicly humiliate her. NOT WORKING!

People still think that Genie is the greatest and that ABC Daytime is run by incompetent idiots so no matter how many public digs and slights they send Genie's way, it only reinforces our view.

Like others have commented, I am not surprised at all. If Genie had been GH's only Emmy winner, I have no doubt that they would have run a banner across the screen saying, "Here's Where We Were Planning To Place A Congratulatory Ad For Our GH Emmy Winners, But Since Genie Is The Sole Winner, We Didn't Bother. You Understand."

And they did it AGAIN today! Un.real.

It's just such poor business practice. No matter what grievances you have with an associate, for whatever reasons, you just don't air them in such a public manner ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Especially, if you're the recipient dependent upon viewers liking your product. This isn't fucking High School. These people are making decent money and they should excercise some freakin professionalism. Nevermind that the person they're passive-aggressively denouncing to the public is half (if not more) of the reason the business was built! People need to be fired.

The worst part was that they ran the RH congratulations banner twice during the episode. Like they couldn't have run one for him and one for Genie. It's just petty and ridiculous.

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