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June 19, 2007

Why the People Who Run GH Suck, Part 795

So, if you're in the mood to build on your anti-GH-rage (and who isn't?), pick up the latest Soap Opera Digest.  Among other things, there is an interview with Genie Francis.  An excerpt:

“The truth is, I haven’t been asked.  I don’t know why I haven’t been asked, but I haven’t been.  If it were a nice offer, I would be open to another short visit.  I have heard that if they’re able to tell Laura-based stories without Laura, thereby using the wig, they can get their bang for a Laura story but not have to pay me.  And believe me, money is not an issue here.  I don’t know if there will be [an offer] or if so, what it would include…[but] bury that damn wig!  It doesn’t match my color anyway [laughs].”

Kudos to her for being able to maintain her sense of humor, but seriously, the idiots behind the scenes at ABC Daytime and GH are trying to replace Genie Francis with a coat rack and a bad wig.  When she is willing to come back herself, and money is not an issue.  I can't really articulate what a stunning combination of stupidity and disrespect that is.


Vengeful, spiteful idiots! That's all I can say. They know that they don't dare let Genie come back because she will show the world the "mob follies or General Mobspittle" for what it is - the misogynistic, homo-erotic fantasies of Frons&Co.

Days needs to snatch Genie up. NOW! I love Laura and Luke, but fuck it. Bring back Diana and let Genie rock some emotionally gripping story. (I'm fully aware that Days has yet to be able to tell a REAL dramatic story, but humour me. I'm also aware that Corday has not the brains nor the backing to financially put her on recurring or contract, but she did say that money was not the issue, so a girl can dream. Right?)

Not to mention ABCD is giving Genie a big F U by not airing a congrats to her for her Emmy win. There has been one for Rick Hearst (well deserved) for two days and yet nothing for Genie.

ABCD, Guza, Frons, JFP...they can all kiss my ass.

I don't even have words. There is not an adjective strong enough to describe the accurate level of disrespect that this show and network have shown to Genie Francis.

As much as I want Laura back, I hope GF tells them where they can shove it if they ever get around to calling her.

F*ckwits, they are all F*ckwits!

I am seriously upset that they only aired Rick Hearst win nad not Genie's she is from GH right and she did win right so why is GH being so dumb.

ABC & GH suck BIG TIME! They are totally snubbing their noses at Genie and the fans of GH as well! I hope that this snub gets a mention in your next SOAP OPERA DIGEST COLUMN. In the meantime, all the exasperated fans can call and voice your opinions at: ABC Daytime Feedback : (212) 456-7777*
*Ask for the viewer comment line. When connected, press 4, wait to leave a message, or press 1 if you want a written response to your comment. You are only allowed to speak for 30 seconds!
Or, you can write & complain with this link:

My dream is to have her back on AMC as Ceara and win an Emmy for that role. Then she can tell them where to go.

Genie Francis is made of awesome.

Guza, JFP and the rest of the cronies are made up of fail. Just flat out fail.

These people wouldn't know talent from a hole in the ground. Genie is too damn good for them.

TPTB at GH are so full of it! I am so sick of them and their crap! The way they treat all of the vets is terrible! When Genie came back in November the show had found it's heart again, which it has been sorely missing since they rudely ditched Anna Lee before her death. This show needs Genie back ASAP and the fact that they don't realize it just shows how stupid these people are! Right now, the only thing good on this show is the Quartermaines and they don't show them nearly enough! I've gone from having to tape it everyday no matter what, to not caring if I miss an episode anymore. Heck, sometimes I tape it and don't even bother to watch it. When Tony Geary comes back from vacation, he needs to have Genie with him!!!

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