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June 10, 2007

Yay Anglophilia

Am I the only person who has become completely enthralled with Hollyoaks? I am, aren't I?

If you have BBC America and are not watching Hollyoaks, you are really missing a delicious amount of soapiness. It's fantastic and tawdry and has normal looking cast members and wonderful accents, and a character named Mercedes McQueen which, I think, should tell you all you need to know about how freaking awesome this show is.

BBC America's website has a cast list with character summaries, and there's tons of info online although the US is quite behind the UK, so a lot of it is filled with spoilers. Unlike some shows currently taking up valuable space on the SoapNet lineup that could better go to Another World or Ryan's Hope, this show does not feature Chad Michael Murray in any way, which proves it is way more awesome than our teen soaps.  Remember on Dawson's Creek when they teased us for weeks with JEN'S SHOCKING SECRET and her big secret was that she had sex? Hollyoaks laughs at such pathetic secrets. Plus: fun accents! The really evil Clare Cunningham! The trampy aforementioned Mercedes McQueen!

Consider this a public service announcement. You'll thank me for it later.


Hollyoaks is everything I wish American soaps would be! Even before I knew Hollyoaks would be airing on BBCAmerica, I'd already been following (via uploaded clips on the Internet) a certain storyline that you're definitely not going to see on backwards American daytime soaps (not saying anything more for fear of spoiling someone, but anyone who is already spoiled probably knows what I mean).
I just wish they would show two episodes a day so we wouldn't be so far behind the UK.

Now, I want to find these internet clips. I am JONESING for some decent soap.

Alas, I am still hooked to the Eastenders episodes from 2001 that are playing on my pbs. That is some soaptastic goodness! And because it can't be said enough, Phil Mitchel is an asshole. Anyone who watches will understand. :)

Hollyoaks is amazing. Right now I am catching up on back episodes on BBC America, while also watching new episodes online. And if you really don't want spoliers, do not go to the show's UK website. WOW! I mean, I would move to England just to watch this show.

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