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July 24, 2007


I find it COMPLETELY disturbing that someone was like, "You know what daytime doesn't have enough of? Scenes of a horrible car wreck that prominently feature a child's car seat thrown from a car onto a jetty of some sort. Bonus points if the scene has a baby's anguished crying in the background! Uh, can we say RATINGS BONANZA?!?!"

As I've said before, I find it completely awful and exploitative when All My Children goes to the "baby in jeopardy" well (um, no pun intended), and they do it far too often. Has there ever been a baby on this show who had a happy, normal childhood that didn't include some sort of injury or near death experience? Because as far as I can remember over the past few years, it's been tragedy after tragedy

SPIKE was almost killed before he was born when JR botched his attempted murder of Babe

MIRANDA was babynapped by Babe and Krystal

ADAM III AKA LIL'A was presumed dead and babynapped by Babe and Jamie

JENNY was babynapped and sold on the black market

KATE AKA KATHY was stolen by Greg Madden and Tad didn't know she was even born

LEORA died

Let's just go ahead and rename this show "All My Maimed and/or Deceased Children"  because obviously these writers don't know nothing about birthing healthy babies.

Also, this tragic event fully highlights the fact that Spike needs an actual, human name immediately. Because whenever someone let out a tormented "What happened to Spike??", I found myself completely taken out of the scene, tsk-tsking about how the child deserves a real name. Even worse, when the newscaster solemnly discussed "Fusion mogul" Kendall going into the hospital while her son Spike Lavery went missing, I burst out laughing. I know I'm going to hell for it, but...come on. Worst name ever.


I have to give Sabine Singh a ton of credit, though.  She came into a role of a beloved character who, as written, has few redeeming qualities and who was played by a hugely popular actress. And almost immediately, they have her kidnap Kendall's kid. It's a no-win situation for her, but I think she's doing a really good job with what they've written. Also, she's super pretty.


Did my ears deceive me, or did Jamie and Babe have a heart to heart where they discussed how it was wrong of them to kidnap Adam III? That's the most shocking thing to happen on this show in ages.

Thankfully, they stopped short of having them discuss Miranda's kidnapping; if that had happened, I swear my heart would have given out. Still, this was a remarkable display of self-awareness and, dare I say it, morality.


Did Tad seriously lecture Ryan about roughing Derek up? I mean, I understand that it's bad to assault police officers, but...remember what happened when Tad was grief stricken about not knowing where his daughter was? I'm pretty sure it involved trapping a man in a box and burying him alive (and then allowing the love of his life to go on trial for the murder). Shut it, Tad.


I think what this show needs (besides new writers, less tragedy, someone in the wardrobe department to tell Susan Lucci it's not okay to wear low-cut tops when we can see every bone in her chest and the writing out of the Lavery family) is more Colby. I know that a year ago, I thought Colby was the most obnoxious and poorly acted character on any television show ever, but she's pretty much awesome now and I think she might actually be my favorite non-Kendall character. I'd be totally okay with her being on every day in adorable skirt and cardigan combos, throwing "Say what?" looks at the assorted lunatics in Pine Valley.


Too cute, and hilarious. I have even found myself invested in her romance with Sean. That's how cute she is.


I dunno, "Little A" is a pretty lousy nickname to saddle on an innocent kid, too. Unlike "Spike" (which, thanks to BTVS, isn't just the name of that dog from the cartoons anymore), there's just no way to make that moniker sound cool.

And the fact that the characters are being phased out soon is probably the only reason that Jamie and Babe sound even remotely sorry about all the crap they've pulled on JR. But a quickie three-minute throwaway scene or two doesn't make up for years and years of their hypocritical two-facedness. What I wouldn't give to have Myrtle Fargate tell those two off once and for all before they slither out of Pine Valley this fall. And maybe she can slap some sense into Tad, too.

What happened to the screen caps?

Two things TV's Tim:
1) Lil A is a lame nickname, but it's still a nickname. That child's name is Adam Chandler III. Spike's name is Spike it's his legal name because his mother, who I normally love, is a dumbass when it comes to this kid's name and no one, not even her mother has seen fit to blast her for this idiotic moniker. As a love time Kendall lover, I never thought the day would come when I would be hoping for Erica's special brand of parenting that doesn't involve listening, but dictating terms and nagging until she gets her way or wises us. Also, for those of us who came to loathe and despise the platinum haired vampire who overstayed his welcome in Sunnydale and Los Angeles it is certainly NOT cool, even for a nickname.

2) Babe is not leaving. AMC announced that they are recasting after Alexis Havins' contract is up.

Oh, I don't disagree about Spike being a dumb name, nick or otherwise. But somehow, I've gotten used to it in much the same way that I'm getting used to "Elvis DiMera". After all these years, however, I still shake my head in disbelief whenever someone calls that poor boy "Little A" instead of "Little Adam" or something else more plausible that doesn't sound like a veiled insult.

The whole baby in peril thing really grates. And they've clearly used it so often that now they can't even leave it at "baby in peril" they have to also go to "wait, his Mom's pregnant again, so let's put that baby in peril too!"


AMC isn't the only one with too many babies in jeopardy. The vast majority of children born on GH within the past ten years have either been kidnapped, shot at or both. It's practically a rite of passage: baby's first words, baby's first steps, baby's first mortal peril.

It sucks that we are so nonchalant about little children in danger on soaps--that's how commonplace it's become.

"2) Babe is not leaving. AMC announced that they are recasting after Alexis Havins' contract is up."

Really? Man, what poor sucker are they going to try and con into taking on THAT thankless role?

"Really? Man, what poor sucker are they going to try and con into taking on THAT thankless role?"

I know. I weep at the thought. As to casting, I'm sure they'll find someone. Alexa Havins' is stupid enough to think her character has "climbed the ladder of redemption" and those meanies keep pushing her down. Being on TV is enough for a lot of people.

ITA about the babies-in-peril stories, enough already. I'm even sick of baby stories, trying to have a baby stories, sperm and egg talk, etc. It's so repetitive I just FF through it all. Spike is a dumb name even for a dog, and I believe Erica did make a funny remark like..."I wonder what you'll name the dog". Can you just see LIL A in school someday with bullies after him about his name, or maybe they can call him BIG A.....good lord. I remember when they used to call JR "Junior" until he was old enough to change it himself.

I flove Spike and I never thought he overstayed his welcome in Sunnydale.

Buffy OTOH.

The irony of the "All My Children" title isn't it? When all the children seems to be in peril. I guess they're the future generation Pine Valley screw ups..LOL.

I agree on the tidbit regarding Sabine. I was hesitant at first coz I love RB but Sabine is brave for taking on this character especially with this horrible storyline they put her into. Greenlee always had redeeming qualities but now she's just really need a shrink, stat. I'm not surprised RB didn't come back.

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