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July 12, 2007

I Am So Easily Manipulated

This effing show!

I hate it. I hatehatehate it.

I hate how Greenlee has morphed from self-centered yet fabulous to completely deranged because she can't have Ryan.

I hate how we're supposed to think it's sweet that Jonathan is cute and cuddly with his new girlfriend, the identical sister of his autistic, virginal, teenaged ex-wife.

I hate the fact that Krystal actually asked Adam why he was sad while he watched the baptism of the child that he thought was his for months and months because of her lies.

I hate the completely juvenile Erica/Jack/Barbara story that wouldn't be out of place on Two and a Half Men.

I hate Babe.

ME: I'm done. I am soooo done with this show.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Oh, yeah? Let's see you resist clips of Jenny Gardner.

ME: ...

ALL MY CHILDREN: Or how about having baby Jenny's baptism on the anniversary of the Martin family adopting Tad?

ME: Sniff.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Ha! Are you crying?!

ME: No! I just have something in my eye.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Uh huh. See you tomorrow!

ME: ...damn it.


I stopped watching AMC about 2 months ago when I decided I just couldn't take it anymore. It's virtually unrecognizeable from the great show it used to be. If Phoebe was resurrected some how, and came back to Pine Valley, she wouldn't know where she was. Brooke vaporized. Ruth is in the Martin attic, oh except when allowed out to celebrate the baptism of Jenny, and crown the baby-stealing Krystal as their new family member. Tad is a torturer/murderer. Dixie suffered the dreaded "Death by Pancakes" fate. Jonathan is living in the home of the man he murdered.......the list of reasons is endless.

I'm even easier than you. All it takes to keep me watching is one Zach and Kendall scene where Zach looks longingly at Kendall's posterior or where they do something really cute like make personalized baby clothes.

I keep it simple by only watching Zach and Kendall. That keeps me from getting suckered into anything else.

Though I even have a back-log of unwatched stuff with them because of all the annoying Greenlee/Ryan influence.

The whole Babe reveal into St. Babe turned me off AMC. I've been enjoying my freedom for what feels like forever! Now you tell me they named St. Babe's new baby sister after Jenny and had the cojones to show old clips? I loved her, I used to buy clothes she wore on the show. I still have a black sweater with large multi colored stars on it from Nina Ricci. It's 80's insanity, with a boat neck, shoulder pads, and its long and hip hugging, but I loved it because Jenny wore it in a scene with Gregg and Angie. Seems like TIIC of AMC are as manipulative as Carly on GH. I won't go back, I love the free time. But I will always have Jenny! Damn jetski explosion.

I'm AMC free for six months now and don't miss it a bit. Well, okay, every once in a while I see a commercial that looks intriguing, like Adam going up against Zach ... but ... must ... resist. Nope. Never going back. Tad turning into a torurer and murderer was bad, the canonization of Babe was worse and babynapper Krystal duping Adam (after skanky sex with Tad) was the trifecta. Worse though, I was *bored* by most of the show. Annie, Ryan, the endless retread storylines. I think it's worse to be bored by a soap than to hate it. (Hey, I've watched GH while frothing at the mouth -- but I *watched.* Can't say the same for AMC. It got too easy to "forget" to watch my Tivo'd eppies, then delete 'em, then finally just remove it from my taping schedule. Thankfully I quit watching before Dixie was sentenced to death by pancakes. However, that and the shoddy treatment of Julia Barre ensured that I will never tune back in. Have loved the free time and am looking forward to switching to ATWT to visit with Cady McClain and renew my appreciation of Roger Howarth now that he's not playing a rapist. ;o)

I enjoy that as the years have gone on, Tad Martin looks less and less like he's young enough to be Opal's son.

PI you are my becoming my favorite blogger. I totally agree with you. I don't even watch AMC any more. I hate Babe. I mean, what kind of name is "Babe?" Did her mom think she looked like a pink pig when she was born?


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