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July 22, 2007

General Hospital Week in Review

Maybe it's just because I'm comparing it to what I thought was a terrible second episode of Night Shift, but this week GH seemed pretty good.  There were lots of enjoyable scenes, and less focus on Sonny and Jason.  Who I'm not hating lately.  Before you get enraged, let's start off talking about fashion.  Cute clothes make everything better.


I think I might have to disagree with Elle Woods and say that whoever said orange is the new pink might not be seriously disturbed.  Somehow several Port Charles women managed to wear orange this week and look fabulous, instead of like jack-o-lanterns as would be the case for most of us mere mortals.


By the way, I think Megan Ward's hair might be able to cure cancer.


Sure, Becky Herbst is probably genetically incapable of looking bad, but she rocked this outfit.  It would have looked like a maternity top on most people, and peach?!  I didn't think they bothered making clothes in peach anymore, outside of mother-of-the-bride gowns.  But the girl can work it.


This looked better in motion; it was adorable, especially compared to some of the wardrobe they've subjected Julie Berman to.  (Tracy's hair and makeup was also great.  As was Logan shirtless again.  Wait, I've gone off-topic...)


Okay, I know what you're thinking on this last one.  Bright orange polyester jersey; why is this is a "do" and not a "don't"?  Well, it's Carly.  This is a huge improvement.  And for once, the wardrobe department appears to have dropped its vendetta against Laura Wright, because the cut is also totally flattering.


Plus -- and I'm really reluctant to jinx anything here -- she appears to be wearing a BRA!  Hallelujah! 

But my joy was short lived, because Carly's next ensemble was a step backwards:



Oh my.  Now, I am all for a little Asian-inspired look.  I have a black knit kimono top that is among my favorite shirts ever.  But this is way too literal.  And that belt?  With the open midriff?  All with white pants?  I'm getting a headache.

Even Skye looked good this week.


I don't know what we'll do if GH has re-vamped its wardrobe team, though.  Between this and starting to like Sonny and Jason, I'm going to have nothing left to blog about.


Yeah, so . . . I'm kind of liking Sonny and Jason now.  Or at least, not hating them.  For now.  Overall, the amount of screentime Sonny and Jason have been getting lately seems less to me -- I'm not sure whether it actually is or the writers just paying enough attention to others that it doesn't seem like the all mobsters, all the time show. 

Or maybe it's just that Megan Ward is a miracle worker, because her Kate makes Sonny not only tolerable but even likeable. I didn't even mind them making out! 

Kate:  You have always had the sexiest mouth.  [pause] Did I say that outloud?

. . .

Kate:  Can I just give it up for your tailor?  I mean, he really knows how to cut a suit to show off your assets.

Hee!  Megan Ward's delivery was spot-on.  She has really settled into the role and is able to blend but still stand out, if that makes any sense.  I must, however, quibble with this stupid Viagra-makes-you-wasted story.  Since when is that a side effect?  Are they confusing Viagra with Ecstasy?  Could the GH writers please learn to justfuckinggoogleit?

Factual accuracy aside, during these scenes, Maurice Bernard was almost...hot.  I don't know, you guys.  Maybe I'm accidentally on Viagra.  However, if Kate and Sonny hook up while she's all stoned on whatever phony drug she's on that doesn't actually exist, all my Sonny hate will be back in full force. I will give the writers the benefit of the doubt and assume they won't do something that skeevy.  (Yeah, I don't know what's gotten into me, either.)

For his part, Jason's in jail, and now off the merry-go-round of his relationship with Sam, so somehow he's not stirring my hatred much anymore either.  They also keep surrounding Jason with characters who are annoying the hell out of me (Carly, Sam, Liz, Spinelli), so he seems better by comparison.

Speaking of Sam, she and Carly may not like each other, but they share similarly messed up ideas about appropriate attire for visiting correctional facilities.



It's as if there was a Project Runway challenge to modernize a 1960s stewardess uniform.  And Nina would criticize this entry's "taste level."  And black nail polish?  We're back to wearing black nail polish at all, let alone in the middle of the summer now?  I'm glad I'm not that hip.

So anyway, Sam and Jason broke up.  And she was so self-righteous and "I'm such a strong woman and I deserve better" to everyone about it.  What the hell?  The writers really have no idea how to write an empowered woman while keeping her likeable, do they?  Sam's superiority act about Liz is particularly galling.

Amelia:  [Jason] clearly adores his little boy, and it’s no secret he thinks his mommy is pretty special.
Sam: Jake’s mommy is a coward.  She can’t handle the danger that comes when you live with Jason. 
Amelia:  Can’t be any less dangerous than being married to a cop.
Sam: Jason thinks so.  And besides, she’s got two kids to worry about now. And then there is her prissy reputation.  If she admits the truth about Jake then she’d be outed as the lying, cheating slut that she is.  So, no, I don’t think she’s going to admit the truth about sleeping with Jason, and I don’t think that Jason is ever going to claim his son because he thinks that he is safer this way.

I can't even rant again about the ridiculous notion that being a detective is just as dangerous as being a mafia hitman, and I'm bummed they had Amelia spout it, but getting past that . . . Living with a hitman doesn't require courage.  The guy kills people for a living.  Living with him requires either a character flaw or an unhealthy level of denial.

These writers are seriously messed up.


So, just checking . . .


. . . yep, still brutally hot.  I hope they let the Logan/Lulu stuff build for a while before they get together, though.  The pacing with Logan in particular these days is giving me whiplash.


Oh, Liz.  You are really trying my patience.  Taking photos to your secret babydaddy in prison of the kid whose life you've made him promise you won't be a part of was bad, sure


How . . . "touching," I guess?

But worse yet, you confided in Epiphany!  And asked her for advice about your love life!  Are you trying to give me a stroke?


One of the enjoyable things about Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson's scenes together is that they seem to be on the same page (even if Robin and Patrick are arguing -- which is a lot, in case you're not following Night Shift).  This was their reaction to Anna expecting Noah to know who Warren is:


Ha!  And it's not just Patrick and Robin


...he's hotly in sync in general.

Patrick being hotly worried about Noah's sobriety was a nice new dimension for the character.


I know it's totally wrong, because the Eli Love storyline is beyond stupid, but I'm enjoying the Anna/Noah interaction in particular.  I leave open the possibility that I am being unduly influenced by Finola Hughes' fabulosity.  And her wardrobe.


I am cordially inviting this dress to come live in my closet.  I have a charming Nicole Miller and a friendly BCBG that I know will make it feel right at home.

Anna is such a fun character, and Finola and Kimberly have fantastic mother/daughter interaction.  I loved Anna freaking out over Eli and asking Patrick not to let him know that she has a grown daughter, and I loved Robin freaking out over the possibility of her mom dating her boyfriend's dad.  I can ignore the dumb faux-rock-star aspects in exchange for some enjoyable familial interaction, which is usually in short supply on GH.


Nancy Lee Grahn thoroughly entertained me this week.  The scenes with Alexis trying to get Christina into the fancy school were very funny (again, even Sonny was enjoyable), and she rose above the crappy material at the end of the week with the conspiring-to-hide-Carly-from-Jerry stuff.  And her getting hit on by that Keith-Richards-esque rocker was hilarious.  Since Alexis' cancer seems to have magically disappeared, will she be getting another story soon?


Cameron continues to be the most adorable child on GH, and maybe in all of television:


A teenie-tiny fist-pump!  I love him. 


Back on the "why can't the writers figure out Google" tip, can they also not pay a legal consultant a couple hundred bucks before they embark on these stupid legal stories?

Sonny to Jason: Thanks to Ric’s arrogance, we found out what evidence he has against you.

Those genius manipulative mobsters and their lawyers -- way to go, writers!  Uh, actually, Ric would have had to turn that recording over as part of the discovery process.  It's like, the law, and stuff.  Jeez.  Even if they can't use Google or call a lawyer, have none of them ever seen My Cousin Vinnie?

By the way, is the outcome of Jason's trial really in question? Because ABC thinks this is a real edge-of-your-seat moment, according to their weekly email:


Oh ABC email, aren't you precious?  Will Jason, the center of this show, the character around whom virtually every story rotates, survive this trial?[!]  My poor nails are chewed to the quick just thinking about it!  I cannot handle the suspense! 


Far be it from me to quibble with your style breakdown, EBT, but how can you have raved about BH in that peachy outfit (which, yes, she rocked, except that darker-orange stripe ruined the perfection of it) and NOT have been drooling over her hair, make-up, and outfit on Friday? Seriously, I was totally not paying attention to what she was saying to Lulu and Jason (mostly because I already know what she's going to be saying and I don't care and WHEN WILL THIS FUCKING STORYLINE END?!?!) because she was looking so incredibly beautiful. Like you said, BH is almost genetically incapable of looking horrible, but I was about the switch teams, head for California, and ask her dump Juan and marry me!

"I'm kind of liking Sonny and Jason now."
Stop it! Just stop it!

"I will give the writers the benefit of the doubt and assume they won't do something that skeevy."
Three words: Tracy. and. Coleman.

"Living with a hitman doesn't require courage. The guy kills people for a living. Living with him requires either a character flaw or an unhealthy level of denial."
Sing it, sister. Now you're talking some truth!

"I am cordially inviting this dress to come live in my closet. "
Wah! I called it first!!

Yeah, I’m right there with you on the slightly lessening Sonny and Jason hatred, and I feel just as dirty about it. And while Megan Ward does in fact rock, I really didn’t like the whole X-Viagra development because they’d been doing so well up until then.

I kind of liked Carly’s top from Friday, just not, as you pointed out, the way she wore it. Really didn’t like the orange though, even with the bra.

And they do need to slow Lulu and Logan down. The hotness is there but I’m with you on needing a neck-brace to deal with the whiplash.

I also wondered if Sam's dress is what they're wearing for prison visits these days. It looked more like a take-me-back dress than a breakup dress. Or maybe it's a breaking-up-and-rubbing-your-nose-in-it dress. Whichever it is, yeesh.

Can't get with you, though, about Carly's conservative new look. It's a nice change to put her in something that's not trashy, but this went so far in the opposite direction, it gave me whiplash.

On my boyfriends HDTV LCD plasma uber mega screen thingy Carly's orange dress was dayglo! Far beyond orange I'm afraid. Sunglasses were required. But I could handle it because indeed she had breasticle support for once :-) AMEN. And the neckline was classy, you know, it didn't reveal her navel!!!! I was shocked. The Friday kimono wannabe hack job cropped front number ensemble brought the hell right back. Explain that print please, the bird? All around awful and sadly expected.

DON'T HATE ME. I love Patrick and all his many forms of hot hotness. But his wardrobe concerns me a bit. If his shirt is not a button down it is always tight and VERY short sleeved. Friday's top screamed International Male to me. Hot straight men should not wear tops like that. Friday's sleeves were capped at best. And if his pants are not scrubs, they too are almost always insanely tight. He has a lean sexy bod and I love it! But his wardrobe need not accentuate every inch of skin so closely. That's what the naked and towel scenes are for, right?

Your recent fondness for Jason and Sonny disturbs me. Jason is playing the victim to Sam's evil witch kidnapper....Forget Sam for a moment. Jason WAS a kidnapper! He IS a hitman AND a mobster. And he lusts after a married woman. Granted she tortures him, but you like her when all I want to do is slap her silly. SAVE LUCKY!

And Sonny? Poor Kate, she can do so much better. He is always charming in the beginning. It's his MO. Remember him and Alexis dancing and bonding over their childhoods on the island. He'll be torturing her and blaming it on her in no time. When he finally corrupts Kate body and soul he'll dump her for Carly again. NEVER FORGET WHO THEY TRULY ARE!

Cameron kicks ass! His fist pump was so Patrick's dance in the locker room :-)

Finola obviously brings in her own wardrobe. GENIUS and gorgeous and talented. She and Kimber are perfection together. All Devane Drake goodness lives amogst the goofy Eli Love storyline. They do everything brilliantly, even the crap TIIC write for them. I miss Robert though.

Sam's prison dress = Jetson's + Hooker! Total character meltdown. Booze her up and bring it on, I finally find her entertaining. I can't hardly wait for the Carly Sam catfight. DYNASTY, but even trashier! Carly will call her a kidnapper. Like hello!!!!! Remember Baby John, your so called dead best friends baby? This damn show kills me.

Oooohhhhhh. Jason's trial. I'm scared. They'd sooner make Sonny a homosexual in love with Mac then send Jason to prison let alone convict him of anything ever. He's a saint you know. He's a good person who only kills bad people. DAMNIT. I just threw up a little in my mouth again.

Best Line/Expression Combo of the Week comes from NLG, after Carly has just asked Alexis to help her find Jax:

Alexis: I do, but I just really like it when you need me.

Wish I had the screencap. Wish Carly and Alexis had more interaction like this. Laura Wright and Nancy Lee Grahn would make excellent work of it. It would be fun to see some mature girlfriends bonding for a change, sort of like Monica and Bobbie used to be, back in the day.

First, let me make this quite clear, I rarely, if ever, think about other women's boobs. However, in the "Sam breaks up with Jason" scenes, I couldn't take my eyes off Sam's cleavage. I think that has a lot to do with the camera angles and Frons' desire to completely obliterate KeMo's female fanbase. It's as though they dressed her (in their twisted imaginations) as a skeevy flight attendant in a cheap porno. Yuk!

"However, if Kate and Sonny hook up while she's all stoned on whatever phony drug she's on that doesn't actually exist, all my Sonny hate will be back in full force."

Baby, it's back and stronger than ever. Eeewwww! I so did not need a return of the "crusty couch".

On to happier thoughts....NLG rocked it AGAIN. She was fabulous in her scenes with MW about getting Kristina into an exclusive school and I even enjoyed the interactions with LW (I detest Carly but LW can hold her own with the best of them).

The Eli Love s/l is preposterous but I don't care. Seeing Anna Devane be all delicious and feisty while protecting/abetting the seriously hot Dr. Noah Drake makes it all worthwhile. And, as much as I adore the younger Dr. Drake and Dr. Scorpio, it is nice to see them focus on something different than their (getting to be annoying) bickering. As well, it's wonderful to see mother and daughter bonding. They have a great relationship - something rarely seen on GH anymore.

So it is offical. Nancy Lee Grahn and Laura Wright have more chemistry with one another than either have had with a couple in years. Why are they so entertaining together?
I think BH is amazing. I am so mad at Liz, but I just want to stare at the pretty girl.
Umm, this week? last week? Sam and Lucky have to get together. They are one hot duo. And I am all for revenge sex. ;)
I love how Patrick always mimicks that actions of those around him. It really cracks me up.
Cameron Smith/Webber/Spencer (?) is the most awesome soap kid is, like, forever. Does anyone else want a Kristina/Cameron playdate? I would prefer that over a Jason and Liz one!
Oh, and seriously, I want to barf at the thought of Kate and Sonny having sex today. First he thought she was drunk. Then she thought it was drugs. And, wait, what? They had sex? Ugh. That storyline would have possibly been done well. Megan Ward is awesome.

ok was it just me or did jason say that the eviidence was him saying alcazars name and then shooting him instead of the other way around? someone correct me if im wrong, but DUMB.

i love meghan ward and i love her character and i love sonny. they make a lovely couple and should get to there real soon.

i think you people writing are the most scathing speaking people i have ever run into! yes, i think any soap goes thru lulls in thier story lines but dont freaking watch them if you are so diggusted! im sitting here nauseated reading the mean things you have said about every single person on day time!!!!!!!!!! if you had any talent you would be in L.A doing some form of acting on a soap . i think you are troubled pepole that have to completly trash other people to survive !i will not ever read anything on this site again. my hats off to all of teh cast on general hospital !
katie f

"I think Megan Ward's hair might be able to cure cancer." --> lmao...that's hilarious! I totally agree. Her hair is awesome. I'm thinking my next haircut will hafta emulate her's alittle.
And her Kate is totally doing miracles when it comes to Sonny. I am actually liking Sonny, hard to make me do!

sam is a tramp and people need to get a life and stop talking about liz because come pare to sam who not only a con artist but also steal identities and married rich old men just to clean out their bank a count's and skip town and then move to port charle's and try to do it to jax's,sonny and jason but amelia came in town and blow her sceret out to jason and about how sam knows jake being jason son and then when jason make bale sam try and blame liz but jason defend liz to sam and then leave to help carly.

sam new who took jake but lied about it not only to the cop's but to jake parents that's jason and liz and to the other people who also love him and miss him like crazy and sam knew that but she keep her mouth shut about it for days knowing what it was doing to jason and liz the two people who love him the most.sam didn't care what it was doing to jason or liz as long as their weren't anything or anyone getting in her way and sam said she wish jake would disapear because their would be no problem between her and jason wish I believe she have definently lost her dam mind if she tought jake disaperence will fix her and jason problem.

and on 10-31-07 general hospital scence gh fans said that elizabeth were in the wrong but they were serously lost their on that comment and a big hypocrite because they know as well as every body knows including sam that sam was way wrong in this fight with liz because when liz walked in at nik and emily ball and see sam and lucky she was trying keep away from sam so see went out to the back and insted of lucky leaving liz alone he went after her to ask her to dance and that make sam serously jealous of liz.

instead of sam being women enough to ask lucky about the dance he share with liz outside in the back. sam stop watching lucky and liz dancing and went back to the party because lucky was coming inside but sam went outside to back angain were liz was trying not to get all emotinal so she could go back inside and injoy her time at her bestfriends party but sam decided to get all nasty with liz by clapping her hands and calling liz a "con" witch if I were sam I would never call anyone a con.

because sam a con artist and a goal digger and the bigest hypocrite on earth including the gh fans and hater's . who's the one needs to die because if they surport a women who watch someone child gets kidnapped and then pay off two thugs to threaten a mother and her boys life for the sake of a need of revenge they're as evil and sick and also disturbe as sam is .sam think she can come out were liz at and start dissing the women and expect to get away with all the crap sam pull on liz and her boys and expect not to pay.

LMAO! Sam is pretty self righteous for an ex-prostitute. I'm just sayin'....

good stroll on memory lane with elizawhore fans

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