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July 18, 2007

How Can I Put This, Without Saying "Sucks"?

In general, I try to stay spoiler-free.  I mean, obviously I know about big character comings and goings if they're mentioned in Soap Opera Digest or assault me via ABC's incessant emails, but for the most part I try to watch soaps the way I used to back in the pre-internet dark ages.  Then today, I was innocently browsing MSNBC.com, and came across this article.  Warning:  It contains info about a Days character being killed off, in possibly the most ridiculous way possible since Cassie was fake-killed and put in the pinata.  I don't even care about the character in question, but this kind of stupidity I cannot abide.

I am very worried about the Days writing team.  Are they getting enough sleep?  Are their diets balanced?  Are they working out, staying healthy?  Do they have all their necessary medications?  Are they taking time to remember their spirits Oprah-style, or watch So You Think You Can Dance, or whatever else centers them?  Is James E. Reilly stalking them, threatening to expose their personal foibles unless they incorporate some Reilly-esque plot development every week?  They're on the verge of total awesomeness but now risk slipping back into the abyss, and I'm concerned. 


I'm surprised. Maybe my threshold is low, but I am really enjoying Days these days and don't find this news troubling. I don't even mind the execution. I'm actually curious as to how it will play out. Different strokes, I guess.

Hmm, yes, I'm with ande mcbeal on this one, not particularly fussed. And yes, the execution is unusual, but kind of in keeping with the camp nature of the enterprise. To each her own.

I don't know, I am starting to suspect Bart may die defending Anna or someone else from Andre-as-Tony. We already know Hogan is retconning Cartoon '90s/'00s Tony into being Andre DiMera. Didn't Andre and Tony once battle it out with sabers? I could go for that.

Yeah, scratch that. I am totally behind and was unaware they have already rolled out the Andre twist.

I've always liked Bart for the comic relief he brings to the show. Couldn't they take a sword to Jeremy and/or Jett and/or Stephanie instead?

I will miss Bart terribly. Days needs comic relief.

I love Bart, and this makes me very sad.

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