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July 30, 2007

I Am A Horrible Person

I wasn't sure what to think of Tammin Sursok's debut as Colleen Carlton today. I tried to go in with an open mind, really I did, I swear! All I could muster was "Woo! Another Fivehead club member representing. High five!"

And that quickly led to "You know, it's not so much Tammin Sursok as it is Tammin Sure Sucks"


I am truly a horrible person, aren't I? And I should give the poor girl a chance, no? After all, it's not her fault that they fired Adrianne Leon and forbade her from attending the Daytime Emmys on a Friday and had her replacement in the next workday. And it's not her fault that she has a fivehead. And it's certainly not her fault that the producers were dumb enough to hire a relatively inexperienced Australian actress without a firm grasp on accents to play a girl who spent most of her life in Wisconsin and New York.

I really shouldn't take my anger over Adrianne Leon's firing out on her. She had nothing to do with it. Perhaps I will blame it all on Don Diamont instead, just for kicks.


Don Diamont's responsible for global warming, trans fat in french fries and Aquafina really being tap water.

Don Diamont was the real driver of Lindsay Lohan's car.

I don't watch Y&R, but she reminds me of Amber Tamblyn, so if I did watch I'd constantly be reminded that Tamblyn isn't on daytime anymore and neither is Jonathan Jackson or Genie Francis and . . . well, it's just a very good thing this woman isn't on GH.

I was just about to say she resembles Amber Tamblyn. Judging from your comments, she doesn't have any of the talent though.

"Fivehead"? You are wonderful!

I quit watching this show last week. I can't stomach how it's become The Amber Show. It's pointless for me to watch when I FF through all but a few minutes every day. I miss AL!!

You know, I just had a really horrible thought: they're recasting Babe Carey on AMC when Alexa Havins leaves, and it's pretty clear that this idiotic Amber storyline is finally coming to an end soon...could we be seeing Adrienne Frantz and Jacob Young reunited onscreen? Yikes.

And Amber II isn't going to last long on Y&R. Mark my words.

I meant Colleen II. But the point stands.

Quick recasts (one actor on Friday, another on Monday) are unfair to the new actor, the old actor and the viewer! It's just too jarring. The best recasts have a bit of time in between and have the actor ease in. I'm very used to the new/old Phillip on Days now.

"And Amber II isn't going to last long on Y&R. Mark my words."

Ahh. I hate being the bearer of bad news for you Tim, but Adrienne Franz was put in the credits yesterday.

Lynne Marie Latham sucks ass.

I have ZERO interest in adjusting to this new Colleen. ZERO. I'm still infuriated by the way they handled AL's firing.

My secret theory is that they had to recast Colleen with a pouty-lipped non-actress so that she wouldn't blow CK's Lily out of every scene they share. Unfortunately, she's not going to be able to match Eyal Podell, so goodbye to that pairing.

"Ahh. I hate being the bearer of bad news for you Tim, but Adrienne Franz was put in the credits yesterday.

Lynne Marie Latham sucks ass."

Well, I meant the new Colleen, but I guess I had ol' Amber on the brain. Still, I guess this means that she is out of the running for the Babe recast (which is probably for the best).

Why are they turning Daniel into a complete and utter unredeemable loser? Wasn't one per show (Kevin) enough for LML?

Y&R is really just kind of holding on by a thread, aren't they. When Amber (AMBER!?!) of all people is a core character, you know your show is heading to Shitsville. Now with Colleen, this is the second really unpopular recast they've forced upon the younger generation, they lost a truly AWESOME core character in Dru, they've forced us to take Nikki Newman as a serious threat to Jack Abbot in a Senate race (she was a stripper), and did I mention that Amber (AMBER!?!) is a core character.

I'm not gonna lie, I find Cane beyond dreamy. Any excuse to get him on screen (preferably without a shirt) is fine by me... but Amber (AMBER!?!) as his wife. Truly terrible. Have him become an underwear model or something... maybe Devon "Playing deaf for two weeks won me an Emmy" Hamilton could be his manager or something. Just get my future lover away from Amber (AMBER!?!). She's just a really unappealing character played by an actress who has mistaken speaking breathily as a good substitute for sexiness and emotion.

Colleen and Korbel were about the only new couple that fans were actually interested in, and that's saying something as Colleen is not a popular character. Firing AL was stupid, Y&R, but I can't really pretend to be surprised.

Just a small point, I believe AL stated that her not attending the Emmys had nothing to do with the show, she has a stalker and that's why.

Oh and TV's TIM, this is actually Colleen III.

yeah she is awwwwwwwwful.

Why on earth could we expect that anything LML did would make any sense.

Why on earth could we expect that anything LML did would make any sense.

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Why on earth could we expect that anything LML did would make any sense.

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