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July 23, 2007

Maybe They Use Soap, or Go to the Opera?

I've apparently been living under a rock, because I was unaware of this new show SoapNet is debuting in August called The Fashionista Diaries.  I've watched the "sneak peek" and . . . what am I missing?  What does this have to do with soaps?  Why is SoapNet airing this instead of an actual soap?  I think they were already stretching the boundaries when they brought in One Tree Hill and The O.C., but have they just thrown the definition out altogether now?  I'm pretty much a SoapNet fangirl, but they're testing me with this.

I love me some fashion, but I don't tune in to the Style Channel to watch General Hospital, so what is this all about?  And is this the start of a bizarre trend?  Will HGTV soon start airing Law and Order reruns?


LOL on L&O airing on HGTV.

However, Soapnet disappointed me the day they cancelled Another World so it could run like three airings of One Tree Hill. Just when JE was about to take over as Pauline!

The world truly is a cruel place.

Hmm. I don't get SOAPnet and tend to hate reality shows (unless they involve a real talent like sewing and design or actual musicality and singing, but even then the cattiness and/or bs factor overwhelms my viewing pleasure) so it's weird that I kind of want to see some of that. I'm positive it'll disgust me before the first eppy ends. I think it's just the fashion biz that attracts me. Now, if I could only figure out why I'm liking Victoria Beckham and the Becks new show....

It really bugs me that SoapNet is playing reality shows. They are everywhere. SoapNet is supposed to be my non-reality home. Fashionista Diaries should be on Bravo or something...

Preach on, sister!

I wish that they would ditch OTH and the OC. Add another 'new' soap to the lineup, preferably ATWT. Then throw in some vintage stuff, such as AW, SB and like Generations or something.

Or better yet, make another channel called SoapNet Classic or something.

A guy can dream, can't he?

What the hell was that? If the mess that is ABC daytime was available this would be proof that Brian Frons is a complete and utter incompetent. In the glut that is reality television you manage to produce something that is unoriginal, (we need another competitive reality show) but, worse, is boring. How hard is it to green light a soul killing, but intriguing reality show and, this is important, have it be relevant to soaps? Isn't Brenda Dickson out of jail? Dumbasses.

Will HGTV soon start airing Law and Order reruns?

Since they show wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel, anything is possible.

"Since they show wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel, anything is possible."

As evidenced by The Ultimate Warrior popping up on CSPAN every now and then.

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