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July 09, 2007



Ohmigod, you guys. Remember in our first Soap Opera Digest column when I said "I love soap operas. I always have, I always will, unless one of them names an unspeakably awful character after me (and even then, I’d probably be secretly pleased about it)"??

And now Days introduces a tertiary character named Father Mallory? Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO.

Okay, so there's a chance it is entirely coincidental. Sure, they might have chosen that name randomly. Perhaps they were watching Family Ties on DVD during a writer's meeting. Or maybe they chose the name because it means "one who is unlucky", meaning that something bad is going to happen soon. Both are entirely possible, if un-fun. As a devoted lover of the fun, though, I am sticking to the shout out theory, because I can, damn it.

I was so excited by the introduction of Father Mallory that I was like, "The entire episode is awesome. The end!" without even thinking. But it turns out that it was, actually, mostly awesome.




Because I am a jaded, unpleasant person, I was convinced that the flashback storyline of Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera was going to be awful. Not even awesomely awful. Just really, virtual Garden of Eden level of awful. I actually watched much of this episode with my fingers covering my eyes because I was so nervous and self conscious on behalf of Alison Sweeney and James Scott. Because, really. It had all of the makings of a disaster. Accents? A mustache so fake that it would look out of place and embarrassing in porn?


But! But! It was legitimately good! I totally admit to being a faithless bitch and will stand up and say that I was wrong. Because the two of them were actually really, really good. I was so proud! Which sounds totally weird to say about people that I don't know, but it's true.

I can breathe a sigh of relief and go back to looking forward to watching this storyline unfold this summer.



Jett isn't engaged!

Maybe this is a sign that I'm not at the top of my game, but I really didn't think that Jett was sketchy. This is mostly because I never thought of Jett and when I did, I considered him bland, boring and a waste of my time and energy. But lying about a fiancee? Out of left field.

I have no faith that the coolness of that reveal will lead to a story about, like, Jett being closeted and in need of a beard, but, you know, it was fun while it lasted.



I seriously can't handle it anymore. And I don't know why it is even an issue. Roman knows about the stupid hairbrush, so how can Kate use it to blackmail him? What the hell?

It's enough to make me follow Rachel Melvin's lead and just stop brushing my hair all together.



Oh, the Santo & Colleen stuff was so GREAT! Historical romance, soapy goodness. i thought it had a great cinematic quality to it that, obviously, the directors should be pulling off more often, especially on a soap like DOOL. James and Ali rocked their accents, and I'm so looking forward to more epis. Can you imagine the day Colleen dies? And James, playing Santo, so heartbroken?!? ACK!! Oh, the soapy goodness....

Great blog, per usual! :)

The Colleen and Santos scenes was an awesome start. I too cringed waiting for them to open their mouths but the accents? Were pretty good. I mean they dropped hear and there but way better than I expected! And I too noticed the character of Father Mallory! I hope you don't take swipe handkerchiefs from star struck novices.

I want Jett to be so gay because I can't imagine any logical reason to have a fake fiancee otherwise even if he was undercover. But when has that show been logical?

Plus, talk about the karmic bitchslap that would happen if Chelsea wound up leaving Nick for gay!Jett? At least he would take care of her hair!

I totally loved the Santo Colleen scenes as well! I also love that we get to see the vetrans debate the letters as they are reading them. How cute were Bo and Hope today when she was all "Brady, Seriously?!" I love how everyone in Salem, with the exception of the idiot teenagers, have gotten caught up in the unraveling of the fued. Fab Soapiness! I agree with Lucas, bring on the "quickie in the confessional"!

I am totally awed at the power of James Scott's hotness! When I first saw the picture of Santo, I could not stop laughing at the pornestache, but in the flashback scenes he was so hot that he actually made it work.

I don't get understand how Days can not see what they have in the chemistry between Allison Sweeney and him, and instead insist on making us watch the brother/sister makeout grossness that is Sami and Lucas.

Just so I'm clear, is this level of awesomeness yellow or orange?

My God how highly you must think of yourself. Mallory is a common Irish name and you are just some silly chick that blogs. Could you be any more conceited?

I admit I went into watching the Colleen and Santos story line with great trepidation. I mean it had the potential to be very corny and bad butI have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. So far I'm loving it!It is sweet, romantic and touching. Ali and James have done a good jobs with the accents. And it is a true testament to the hottness of James Scott that he can pull off the fake stache and still be smoking hot! The man truly is a sex god.

Uh Kasie, I'm thinking she was kidding.

Yeah, I was kidding. At least 97% of what I say shouldn't be taken seriously. Maybe even 98%...

I'm so glad that other people are enjoying the Santo/Colleen story as well!

I was unsure of how it would play out also...but the santeen scenes are wonderful. I love them so much. James and Ali are great in the. And when will that father let colleen keep a damn gift from santo....i mean my god let the girl have it.


After all the bashing I've read becaues the "vets" aren't the sole focus of DAYS, I'm glad to see someone else who is loving Santo's and Colleen and is judging the storyline on it's merits and not on who is playing the leads.

I would like to know how many years one has to be on DAYS before they're considered a vet (AS has been on 14 years?) where before we had Chloe/Shelle show and they certainly are newbies.

Yes, yes, yes. I was so nervous for them, and watching with bated breath hoping they wouldn't A) eff up the accents and B)be forced to act out a totaly lame storyline. But I too was pleasantly surprised and have hence resumed my regularly scheduled apointment with Days...although it would have had to be really, really, really bad for me to pry my eyes away from anything JS related...

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